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Kuroba Sayuki (黒羽 早雪, Kuroba Sayuki), also known as Kuroyukihime (黒雪姫, Kuroyukihime), is one of the main characters in the Accel World series. She is the Black King (黒の王, Kuro no ō), Black Lotus (ブラック・ロータス, Burakku Rōtasu), and the leader of the Black Legion, Nega Nebulus. She is the one who gave the Brain Burst program to Haruyuki and now works together with him to reach Level 10 and meet the creator the Accelerated World by defeating the other Pure-Colored Kings.


Kuroyukihime with ponytail.

Holding true to being "the most beautiful girl in school," Kuroyukihime is a very attractive and slender young girl with long black hair that has two strands of hair extended from the top of her brow, resembling the antenna of a butterfly and large hazel eyes. When Kuroyukihime was hospitalized, she had her hair in a ponytail. Her wardrobe is usually her school uniform consisting of black tights, a dark green skirt with a brown trim, a navy blue blazer, and a light blue bow tie. As she moves to her final year at school, her uniform alters to a red bow tie with all else being the same. It is extremely rare to see Kuroyukihime in casual clothing. It is somehow known that she prefers to wear black colored clothes.


Kuroyukihime has virtuous tranquility and patience. Like any human, however, Kuroyukihime can sometimes be rude, angry, or even jealous — especially when other girls flirt with Haruyuki. She is also shown to be somewhat impatient, having created an app that maps the shortest path through a supermarket to get all the required items, even considering adding an automatic payment function so users can walk right out of the supermarket.[1] She also has a habit with hypnotizing wordplay, which others find to be an annoyance.

She shows wisdom and experience, being deeply knowledgeable about Brain Burst due to her time as the "Black King". Brain Burst is not her only area of expertise, however, showing proficiency with the infrastructure of networks and deducting information, even knowing the steps undertaken by the networks that have been used. Unsurprisingly, she is also a good strategist.

Kuroyukihime boasts of herself, confident in her nature. During her time as the "Black King", she killed the previous "Red King" and also tried to kill the other members of the "The Six Kings of Pure Color" in order to reach level 10 and find out who the creator of the Brain Burst game is. When she doesn't know someone's name, she will address them as "boy" or "girl", as she did with Haruyuki when the two first met and for a time afterward. She seems to be a hardcore gamer, especially simulation games, as she defeated Haru at his favorite game of squash by achieving more points than him. However, she later admitted to using Brain Burst to beat his score.[2] She also loves Haruyuki, and their friendship grows to the point where she acts as his spouse despite her role as Legion commander and Silver Crow's parent. The two are so close, in fact, that she has promised to stay by Haruyuki's side forever in spite of the unfathomable risks that exist in Brain Burst. However, even though they show romantic feelings towards each other, they become serious when fighting against others or giving each other information.[3]


EXTREME SPOILER WARNING (Volume 23). Click to show Spoiler

In the late 2020s, Soul Translator Technology (STL-T) began to arise. Through this miraculous new technology, the souls of human beings, also known as "Fluctlights", could be read. Seeing the vast potential of STL-T, two competing companies researched the field at the same time: RECT and KAMURA. Using this newfound technology, RECT created and released the Neurolinker.

However, the other company, KAMURA, took things one step further: they sought to copy and paste the human soul. Disregarding all ethics, one researcher by the name of Shikimi Kamura did exactly that. Combining an egg and a sperm through In Vitro Fertilization, she and another researcher birthed a baby inside an artificial womb. However, once the baby reached the turning point of its development, Shikimi rewrote the baby's soul.

Using another Fluctlight taken from somewhere else, she inserted the foreign Fluctlight into the baby's brain, overwriting the existing one. After the baby was taken out of the womb, a barcode containing the numbers 20320930 was imprinted on the newborn's neck, symbolizing the birth date of September 30, 2032.

This "machine child" with a foreign Fluctlight later became the girl known as Kuroyukihime.[4]

Kuroyukihime is a mysterious and popular student who also happens to be the Student Council Vice-President at Umesato Junior High School. Her Brain Burst Avatar is Black Lotus, in which she was a burst linker only when she was eight years old. She formerly was the "Black King" but was driven into hiding after killing the previous Red King while she tried to defeat all other kings to reach level 10 and meet the person who created the game. She values Haru as more than a subordinate and is often the voice of reason to him when he is willing to go to extremes to protect her. Prior to her hospitalization, she confesses to Haru that she fell in love with him.[5]

Plot Outline[]

Return of the Black Snow Princess Arc[]

Kuroyukihime is first seen in her avatar in the school's network where Arita Haruyuki first notices her appearance. She later meets Haru for the first time after she beat his score in his squash game with an LVL. 166. She then asks him if he would like to accelerate to the next level. She goes on saying if he wanted to, then he is to come to the lounge during lunchtime and then leaves. After Haru appears, Kuroyukihime gives him the permission to come sit with her. Kuroyukihime signals Haru to have the seat in front of her. She then pulls out a cable for a Direct Wired Connection between her and Haru, surprising everybody in the lounge. Haru is surprised by this and questions her on why she wants to do this as wired connections are for lovers. However, she continues on while talking through mental communications to keep their conversation private. Kuroyukihime then states that she is sending Haru a program called Brain Burst to his Neuro Linker.

After hearing everything she said, Haru decides to accept the program and starts installing it. As it is installing, Haru asks Kuroyukihime as to what exactly is Brain Burst. She then tells him that she will answer all of his questions only if the program successfully installs. As soon as it has successfully installed into Haru's Neuro Linker, Araya and his gang appear in the lounge since they were looking for him for the food that he was supposed to give. Kuroyukihime interrupts their conversation and tempts Araya into hitting Haru, but before he could, she shouted to Haru to use the Burst Link command to which he did.

Kuroyukihime in school clothes.

After accelerating, Kuroyukihime goes on explaining the details about the Brain Burst program and how acceleration works. Afterward, she conceives a plan to have Araya expelled by telling Haru to let Araya hit him and have it all recorded on the school's camera. They return to normal speed, and Haru is struck by Araya and is flown towards Kuroyukihime, injuring her as well. Araya and his gang are then taken into custody. Before leaving, she tells Haru to make sure he doesn't turn on his Neuro Linker until tomorrow to ensure that he doesn't connect to the global net.

Kuroyukihime's Anger.

Haru returns to Kuroyukihime the following day, telling her that he lost his first duel to which she replied that it is his fault as she told him not to connect. However, they both accelerate in order for her to fully explain the details on how the duels and avatars work in Brain Burst. When they finished, Megumi and the other students asked what the relationship was between the two. Kuroyukihime simply stated that she was rejected by him to which everyone was shocked. Leaving the school, Kuroyukihime decides that Haru is ready and pushes him outside the school's network. Haru once again fights against Ash Roller where Kuroyukihime is watching everything from the sidelines. After the match is over, she congratulates him but is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Chiyu who has decided to confront her in order to get answers.

Return of the Black Snow Princess (Elements Side Story) Arc[]

Return of the Black Snow Princess – Takumu met with Kuroyukihime, who accelerated, challenging Takumu to a duel, she confronted him about his intention to quit kendo and eventually uninstall Brain Burst, Kuroyukihime taught Takumu to stop feeling guilty and trust his friends more.

Crimson Storm Princess Arc[]

Dusk Robber Arc[]

Dusk Robber (Elements Side Story) Arc[]

In Okinawa, Kuroyukihime was on her school trip with her friend Megumi. When the two went souvenir shopping for each other, Kuroyukihime was approached by two local Burst Linkers, Ruka Asato and Itosu Mana, who asked her to help their master fight against an enemy that is plaguing their Accel World community. Their discussion caused Kuroyukihime to lose track of time and forget to buy Megumi a present, which upset Megumi. Kuroyukihime apologized to Megumi by telling her that, since she discovered Brain Burst seven years ago, she is the one who kept her tied to the real world. The next day, Kuroyukihime entered the Accelerated World with Ruka and Itosu to meet up with their master, who turned out to be an old acquaintance of Kuroyukihime's, Crimson Kingbolt.

Kuroyukihime was reunited with Crimson Kingbolt, aka "Crikin", a Burst Linker who moved from Tokyo to Okinawa after his parents divorced. They were then surprised by the mysterious threat, revealed to be a Burst Linker named Sulfur Pot, who had the power to tame "enemies". When it is mentioned that Sulfur Pot didn't appear on the challenge list, Kuroyukihime realizes that he's from Tokyo, using a backdoor program to dive into Okinawa. After defeating Sulfur Pot, Crimson Kingbolt then gave Kuroyukihime the Enhanced Armament that Sulfur Pot used to control the enemy, Mystical Reins, figuring she may use it one day. As Kuroyukihime departs Okinawa, Ruka and Mana see her off. Kingbolt then sends her message informing her that the trail on Sulfur Pot has gone cold. Kuroyukihime can then only wonder about the mysterious faction Sulfur Pot belongs to.


Network Avatar[]

Kuroyukihime's Network Avatar

Kuroyukihime is known to have an exquisite, original virtual character design.[6] Her virtual character resembles that of a butterfly and has been dressed in ballet shoes. The overall look is black and while other parts have red or purple. Her avatar also carries an umbrella. This virtual character is the one she commonly uses whenever she has contact with other people and discusses with them about things that are usually happening around school, or she also uses it to demonstrate the world of acceleration, on how they can use it, or on how they can't use it. This avatar is known as black swallowtail butterfly.

Black Lotus[]

Black Lotus as depicted in the anime

Kuroyukihime's Duel Avatar has a glossy black color. Her helmet is angular, with two wings coming off the sides. Her face-shield is a translucent purple. She has a skirt of sharp blades, invoking the image of a lotus flower. All four of her limbs are swords, which is one of her Abilities. She hovers a small distance above the ground, which is how she moves.


  • Unnamed hovering ability – A perpetually-active passive ability that causes her to move by gliding a small distance above the ground instead of having to physically touch it.[7]
  • Terminate Sword – A perpetually-active passive ability that makes her limbs, which are sharp blades, capable of cutting through nearly anything. While a blade usually has cutting power only when it has momentum, Terminate Sword grants Lotus' limbs the highest-level severing force even when the blades are completely motionless, making her a deadly opponent in close-range combat.[8] It also makes her immune to grappling and restraining skills.
  • Overdrive – An ability[9] that boosts a certain aspect of her duel avatar's stats. Overdrive has three modes – Mode Red, Mode Green, and Mode Blue – which bring her stats closer to those a Duel Avatar of that color and cause the lines in her armor to glow with the corresponding color.[10][11]
    • Mode Red – This mode improves her range.[10] When activated, it causes her right sword to lengthen by 1.5 times and creates a diamond shape on the tip that resembles the head of a spear.[11]
    • Mode Green – This mode boosts her defence to the point that her swords are able to take a hit from the Legendary Enemy Nidhogg without breaking.[10] When enhanced with incarnation, she forms a round shield of green Over Rays centered on where her swords cross.[9]
    • Mode Blue – This mode improves her close range attacks.[10]
  • Death by Barraging – Black Lotus' Level 4 Special Move. She uses of one of the Terminate Swords on her legs to slice 100 times per second, lasting 3 seconds. They glow violet while activated.[12]
  • Death by Piercing – Black Lotus' Level 5 Special Move.[12] As its name suggests, it is a thrusting attack that pierces the enemy, acting very similar to Vorpal Strike, albeit with a much shorter range of a maximum five meters.[10]
  • Death by Embracing – Black Lotus' Level 8 Special Move. It causes her swords to glow violet and does a lot of damage, but has an extremely short range. It was used to kill Red Rider, enhanced by the Incarnate System.[13]
  • Judgement Blow – An ability given to all Legion Masters that allows them to uninstall Brain Burst from one of their legion members.


  • Vorpal Strike – An incarnation attack similar to Death by Piercing, which glows red and extends her range greatly.[14]
  • Starburst Stream – Black Lotus' arm swords glow blue-white, then 8 white glowing spots form on each sword, which she throws out extremely quickly. The spots hit hard enough to cause shockwaves.[15]
  • The Eclipse – An incarnation attack in which she spins around with her swords out. Blue-white Over Rays cover its tips, making her look like an annular eclipse when seen top-down. She can perform 27 slashes in 2.5 seconds.[9]

Other Appearances[]

Video games appearances[]

Accel World Stage 01: Awakening of the Silver Wings[]

Kuroyukihime is going to appear in the upcoming game named Accel World Stage 01: Awakening of the Silver Wings (アクセル・ワールド ー銀翼の覚醒ー, Accel World -Ginyoku no Kakusei-) for the Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable. It only contains the same plot from the anime and light novel. She has only been seen at the beginning of the game, but the end is unknown.

Video game crossovers and cross-promotions[]

Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax[]

'Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax – a 2D fighting game involving numerous Dengeki Bunko properties. Kuroyukihime is available as a main playable character, while Arita Haruyuki is listed as a support character option. This game has been released in North America and Europe in 2015.[16]

Sword Art Online: Lost Song[]

Sword Art Online: Lost Song – an action RPG based on the Sword Art Online franchise. The "Weapons Instrumentalist" game update included Kuroyukihime as a guest character.[17]


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  • Kuroyukihime's real name is Kuroba Sayuki (黒羽 早雪, Kuroba Sayuki).[18]
    • In the web version of the story, Chouzetsu Kasoku Burst Linker (超絶加速バーストリンカ, chōzetsu kasoku bāsutorinka, lit. Super-ultimate acceleration burst-linker), her real name is Kuroba Yukiko (黒羽 雪子, Kuroba Yukiko). However, this might not be the same in the published version, as Kurasaki Fuuko calls her "Sacchan"[19] and Arita Haruyuki tries to address her with "Sa-" but then cuts off and calls her Senpai.[20] Several other members of Elements also call her in a different form that all begin with "Sa-".
    • She told her name to Arita Haruyuki, but he still calls her "Kuroyukihime".
    • Her name is derived from a cultivar of Hemerocallis called "Early Snow".[21]
  • Kuroyukihime's Burst Link Avatar name is "Black Lotus", yet her avatar resembles that of a butterfly.
  • Her birthday is September 30, 2032.[4]
  • She lives by herself in Asagaya Jutaku, Suginami.[22]
  • She can't cook.[23]
  • She has an aquarium with tropical fish and the lotus Haruyuki gave her.[22]
  • She met Sky Raker during grade 3 or 4.[22]
  • As a hovering Duel Avatar, it is difficult for her to turn sharp corners.[9]
  • Kuroyukihime is noted to resemble Kirito, the male protagonist of Reki Kawahara's other light novel series Sword Art Online, as both use a high-speed, dual-sword fighting style and prefer black clothing.
  • Even though she is not a hardcore developer, Kuroyukihime is capable of programming. In all applications made by her, a black swallowtail butterfly would appear on the loading bar and would fly away when the loading is finished. According to Haruyuki, this butterfly can be caught with a fast but gentle reaction; when caught, the butterfly will award one point. Allegedly, many wonderful things would happen when 1,000 points are obtained.[24]


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