In order to measure a person's worth you must do more than push them. The real way to test their worth is to give them power. When they gain the freedom to act outside the boundaries of law and ethics you can sometimes see their souls.”

Fūko Kurasaki (倉崎 楓子 , Kurasaki Fūko) is the Burst Linker who teaches Silver Crow how to use the «Incarnate System». She was a former member of the old Nega Nebulus, but after reuniting with Kuroyukihime, she rejoined the Legion.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Fūko is shown to be very polite to others, even to people that she has just met. She is willing to help other people even if she gains nothing in return. Her eyes always depict a hidden sadness, as if always subconsciously regretting her separation from Kuroyukihime / Black Lotus. She whole-heartedly believes in the light side of the Incarnate System.

In contrast to her usually polite demeanor, Fūko is also described as sadistic, enjoying teasing her friends and even pushing them into dangerous situations. After Haruyuki recalled how Raker had pushed him off the Tokyo Tower without any warning, Kuroyukihime simply laughed and responded that was just like her. She is also known to have threatened and carried out tying her rivals to high places with a smile.[1]

Fūko also has an obsessive infatuation with Utai, enjoying embracing the young girl and spouting nonsensical desires about her, to Utai's dismay. Conversely, in the Accelerated World, while she still cares deeply for her, Raker has no issue in taking Ardor Maiden and dropping her in the middle of a group of enemies in territory battles, to the point of Maiden being described as Sky Raker's personal equipment.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Fūko is a gorgeous young girl, whose beauty, according to Haruyuki, rivals Kuroyukihime's. She has long, flowy, light brown hair and brown eyes (light blue in the anime) as well as a curvy, slightly tall figure. She also has a pair of artificial legs beginning from just above her kneecaps, which she normally hides by wearing high knee-socks, though this is to prevent the artificial flesh from being damaged.

Background[edit | edit source]

Early into Fūko's mother's pregnancy with her, her parents were informed that their child had a hereditary genetic defect that would afflict them upon being born. However, rather than abort the pregnancy, Fūko's parents ultimately decided to give her the chance to be born. Fūko was thus born without legs around her knees, and at infancy was granted a Neurolinker to monitor her health. While she would later receive biocompatible prosthetic legs, Fūko grew up quietly questioning and resenting her parents for allowing her to be born as she was.

During her early elementary school years, Fūko happened across a science-fiction novel featuring children genetically engineered with arms instead of legs to survive in a weightless environment, and while she struggled with the advanced reading, Fūko felt a kinship with the characters. Halfway through reading it, the book was taken off her by a librarian, and as the novel was removed from the library, Fūko pleaded with her parents to buy a digital version, only to learn that there wasn't one. While Fūko would eventually forget about the book and its title, she subconsciously developed a desire to visit a weightless world like the one she had read about.

When Fūko later received the Brain Burst program, her subconscious wish was given manifestation through her Duel Avatar Sky Raker and its accompanying Enhanced Armament, Gale Thruster. However, having forgotten about the novel that had birthed her deepest desire, Fūko failed to realise that her Duel Avatar was born to fly through space, instead believing that her desire was to reach high into the sky through the use of her jet pack-type Enhanced Armament. Sky Raker thus spent much of her level-up bonuses increasing the reach of her highest jump and short-distance "flights", earning her the reputation of being the closest of any in the Accelerated World to being able to fly.

Sky Raker later met and befriended Black Lotus, joining her legion, Nega Nebulus, though the nature of their first meeting was apparently embarrassing enough that Lotus would threaten to use the Judgement Blow on her if she shared the details of it. Sky Raker soon became the legion's deputy, and the leader of the high-ranking members of the legion's "Elements", becoming the Air Element of the group. As the legion's deputy, Raker ended up coming into conflict with many of the other legions' deputies, such as Cobalt Blade, Manganese Blade, Iron Pound and Aster Vine, usually defeating and humiliating them.

Sky Raker developed a fondness for her fellow Element Ardor Maiden, and often used her in a combination attack during the territories in which she would fly up to enemy strongholds and drop Maiden in amongst the enemy Burst Linkers, a tactic that earned her the nickname ICBM. During one such manoeuvre in a battle against the Red Legion Prominence, Sky Raker met Blood Leopard, admiring her form and speed before soundly defeating her. Following this encounter, Raker and Leopard developed a rivalry with one another, battling on many occasions.

Under unknown circumstances, Fūko ended up meeting Black Lotus and Ardor Maiden in the real world despite the taboo of knowing another Burst Linker's identity, learning their real identities of Kuroyukihime and Utai Shinomiya. While Fūko and Kuroyukihime's friendship grew as a result, Fūko's fondness for Utai became borderline obsessive when she learned of her young age and cuteness, being overbearing with affection whenever they met.

In spite of all that she had accomplished with her Enhanced Armament, Sky Raker continued to feel a compulsion to reach higher into the sky, developing an unhealthy obsession in attaining true flight. Eventually, Raker decided that she would lighten her Avatar by permanently cutting off her legs. After obtaining a wheelchair from the Shop, Raker repeatedly pleaded with Lotus to cut her legs off, and Lotus eventually gave in to the request. As she bisected Raker's legs, Lotus ended up using Incarnate, implementing her feelings of sadness and anger into the blow, which indeed ended up permanently removing Raker's legs. Both Raker and Lotus would later come to believe that it was because of their own feelings at the time that Raker's legs were never able to regenerate. Despite her wish being granted, Raker found that she was no closer to being able to fly than she had been before, instead achieving a maximum height of 300 meters with Gale Thruster.

Despite the rift that had formed between them as a result of pressuring Lotus into removing her legs, Sky Raker continued to serve Nega Nebulus as its deputy until Lotus defied the other Kings of Pure Colors' wish to maintain a non-aggression treaty to avoid the sudden-death penalty thrust upon the level 9 Kings, beheading Red Rider. Though Lotus was now a fugitive and proposed disbanding the Legion, Raker and the others protested, instead suggesting an assault on the Imperial Palace in the hopes of unlocking an alternative way of clearing Brain Burst. Raker and Lotus co-led an attack on the God-class Enemy guarding the West gate to the palace, Byakko, however they were completely outmatched, and while the other Elements would become trapped in an Unlimited Enemy Kill ensuring their comrades' escape, Raker and Lotus avoided this fate.

With Nega Nebulus thoroughly defeated, Lotus officially disbanded the legion. Soon after, Fūko lost touch with Kuroyukihime and Utai in the real world as well as the Accelerated. Having no desire to join another legion, Raker decided to retire from dueling and instead spent most of her time in the Unlimited Neutral Field living in a home she purchased that was situated atop the old Tokyo Tower. Rather than physically make her way to the Tower every time she dove into the Field, Fūko decided to circumvent the need to use a leave portal and set up a timed network disconnection in order to ensure that she would always return to her home upon accelerating.

Nearly two years after the disbanding of Nega Nebulus, at a time while she was still attending junior high school, Fūko was in the Shibuya hospital as a patient when Rin Kusakabe accidentally spilled iced water on her lap. Fūko was not mad at the younger girl, instead feeling as though she knew Rin was destined to become a fellow Burst Linker. After forming a friendship with Rin, Fūko eventually offered her the Brain Burst program, which Rin received on her comatose brother Rinta's Neurolinker. While Rin's Duel Avatar, Ash Roller, was unexpectedly manifested primarily out of Rinta's personality rather than Rin, Raker proceeded to teach her child the ways of the Accelerated World, including the basics of the Incarnate System, before Ash set out to take part in duels and join the Green legion Great Wall.

Eventually, Raker heard of Lotus's own child, Silver Crow, who had emerged as the only avatar capable of true flight thanks to wings on his back, and became while she was intrigued enough to want to meet him, Raker made no move to do so.

Plot Outline[edit | edit source]

Dusk Taker Arc[edit | edit source]

After Silver Crow lost his wings to the ability-robbing Dusk Taker, Ash Roller sympathised for his disheartened rival and decided to take him to meet Raker at the Tokyo Tower in the belief that she could help him. Upon their arrival in front of her home, Raker says it is a pleasure to meet Crow and greets Ash Roller as well, who responds with a pleasant demeanor towards her. Crow then asks her if she can help him get his wings back to which she replied that she could not. She states that once a duel avatar loses a piece of themselves, it is for a reason and that alone cannot make that reason go away. She does, however, tell Crow that he can still fly.

She goes on telling him how he is the first duel avatar to fly and wonders what kind of mental scars and trauma he had to face to receive this ability. Sky Raker starts explaining about willpower and uses her wheelchair as an example of it. It is further detailed, and eventually, she tells him the name of this power as the «Incarnate System». Sky Raker decides to show Silver Crow that she had her legs cut off after finding someone to increase her desire to fly. However, she states that even doing this still did not allow her to fly like she had wanted to. After hearing everything she had to say, Silver Crow asked her if she could teach him how to use the «Incarnate System» to which she accepted.

Sky Raker says that is all for today and invites Crow into her house. She provides him a warm meal. At first, Crow was unsure he could eat, but then discovered he had a retractable mouth guard. Afterward, they decided to sleep for the night. However, Crow asked if she belongs to the Green Legion like Ash Roller. Sky Raker states that there is only one legion she truly owes allegiance to. She explains to him of how in her early years as a Burst Linker, she desperately desired to fly into the sky. Having spent several level-up bonus points trying to obtain the ability to fly, she eventually asks Black Lotus, her only friend, to cut off her avatar's legs to reduce her avatar's weight and increase her will. However, now she knows she can never truly reach for the sky.

The next day, Raker begins Crow's incarnation training by throwing him off of her abroad, asking him to try and climb back up. Every day, Raker throws down a bundle of food and a piece of advice for Crow to take. By day seven, Silver Crow had finally managed to harness incarnation and made it to the top. Raker then asked to meet him in the real world.

Fuko meets Haruyuki Arita and gives him her Enhanced Armament, the Gale Thruster. She tells Haru that he is different from most Burst Linkers, who abuse their acceleration for selfish purposes. Haru promises to return the Gale Thruster to her once he is finished with Seiji Noumi/Dusk Taker. He also adds that Black Lotus may want to reconcile with her one day.

Flight Towards the Blue Sky Arc[edit | edit source]

A few days later, Haru arranged a meeting with Fuuko to fulfill his promise of returning Gale Thruster to her, bringing an unknowing Kuroyukihime with him. While saddened by her old friend's apparent disregard to acknowledge her, Fūko instead greeted Haruyuki and direct-linked with him to receive her Enhanced Armament back. As she turned to leave, Kuroyukihime calls out to Fūko, pleading for her to come back. Turning around, Fūko then called her "Sachan", and they both embraced each other in reconciliation as Haru looked on.

Floating Bridge in Starlight Arc[edit | edit source]

Having begun reconciling with Kuroyukihime, Fūko agreed to return to the newly-reformed Nega Nebulas part-time, assisting in the Territory Battles but still refusing to take part in other duels due to her own belief that she had not earned that right. Before early June, Fūko met the other two members of the new Black Legion, Takamu Mayuzumi / Cyan Pile and Chiyuri Kurashima / Lime Bell, in the real world, with the latter coming to regard Fūko as a big sister-figure.

After learning of the Hermes Cord Race, Sky Raker suggested that she not participate out of belief that she will be a burden and unable to be of any use to them, but is soon persuaded. Lime Bell then offers to try and use her Citron Call ability to try and restore her avatar's legs, and while Raker agrees to allow Bell to try, the attempt fails, which Raker believes is due to her own subconscious belief that she still does not have the right to have them back.

On the morning of the Race, Fūko goes to Haruyuki's house with the intention of making another attempt to opt out of the race, instead finding that Kuroyukihime had stayed over for the night. After Fūko agrees to keep their secret if Haru invites her to a sleepover later in the month, Haruyuki persuades her to proceed with joining the rest of Nega Nebulus in the race, certain that if she reaches the finish line she will achieve her deep-seeded wish of reaching the sky.

Sky Raker, together with Nega Nebulas, proceeded to the starting point for the race, where she came across her old rival Blood Leopard, exchanging a few words. During the race, Raker attempts to sacrifice herself in the hopes of slowing their opponents, but is instead convinced to use Gale Thruster to hasten their car's speed, projecting them into first place. However, Black Vise and Rust Jigsaw from the Acceleration Research Society reveal themselves during the midway point of the race, and while Vise took his leave, Jigsaw used his Incarnate Attack, Rust Order to disrupt the race. In response, Sky Raker used her own Incarnate Skill, Wind Veil to lessen its effects. Silver Crow in a fit of rage revived the fragment of Chrome Disaster and gave chase to Rust Jigsaw, prompting Sky Raker and Lime Bell to go after him. By the time they reached him, he was almost completely consumed by the armor, and it was only Lime Bell's Citron Call that forcefully unequipped the armor that Crow was restored.

With all of their vehicles wrecked, Blood Leopard and Ash Roller offered to help Raker and Crow reach the finish line with the promise of sharing the points. Clinging to her longtime rival, Raker was carried by the vertical-wall scaling Blood Leopard as high as she could take her while Ash carried Crow. Upon reaching their limits, Leopard and Ash left Silver Crow to start carrying Raker further toward the finish line. When they neared the top, Silver Crow's wings began to stop working in the upper atmosphere, and Haruyuki reveals his belief that Fūko's avatar was not made for the sky, but rather it was made for space. Essentially, Sky Raker was a space oriented Burst Linker. Upon hearing this, Fūko realised he was right, and kissed him on the cheek before continuing to the finish line on her own with Gale Thruster. Along the way, her long-removed legs finally return as part of her realization of her true wish, to fly to space.

After returning to the real world, Fūko shares the revelation of her legs' return to Kuroyukihime, and the unease between them for the belief that her legs would forever be gone because of their own actions was finally dissolved.

Sixth Chrome Diaster Arc[edit | edit source]


ISS Kit Arc[edit | edit source]


Avatar[edit | edit source]

Sky Raker[edit | edit source]

Sky Raker

Sky Raker normally wears a pink dress with a deep blue brooch along with equally white sun hat. She is most often seen on an ornate wheelchair, which she claims that is moved via the «Incarnate System». Without the dress and hat, she seems to have feathers near the area where her ears should be. She also looks like a Valkyrie. Under her dress, it is revealed that she has no legs, everything below the knees had been amputated by Black Lotus at her own request in her obsession to reach further to the skies. She later regained her legs in Volume 5 after flying in space.

Base on her 'True Form', Sky Raker's Duel Avatar appears like a white female humanoid girl with long silver hair * yellow eyes. She wears a blue-chrome cosplay sailor outfit; gauntlets, chest, skirt, & down her legs to her heel boots. She even wears a winged-ear style headband. She still has her deep blue brooch located between her chest that's embedded in her armor outfit. Noted Fact: The first glimpse look of Sky Raker's true form with her legs restored was seen in Accel World: Infinite Burst.

Her Brain Burst avatar looks like a silvery blue robot with knee amputee and a wheelchair that moves through the Incarnate System. Sky Raker is one of the few avatars in Brain Burst clothes, if necessary, a hat and sundress. She is always seen wearing a white dress in wearing a blue brooch. Also, it carries a wide-brimmed white hat. Moves travez a chair finely decorated golden wheels support the catch is red and carries two blue gems in guardrails. Without her hat, you can see a crown and close to two orejales ears as wings, like the Valkyries . As your body you can see that she has no legs below her knees because they were cut at its request by Black Lotus, then it retrieves.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Before she had her legs cut off, Sky Raker had acquired many titles that indicate she was a powerful Linker. Her primary ability was a power that allowed her to jump extremely high, making her the one "closest to the skies" before Haruyuki gained his wings. When Raker started to play Brain Burst, she could only jump up to 100 meters. Eventually, Sky Raker upgraded her jumping ability to the point where she could jump up to 350 meters, but unlike Haruyuki, she never developed true flight despite her profound understanding of the «Incarnate System» that is because her true aim was not the skies but space itself. She is, in fact, the only space oriented avatar, similar to how Haruyuki is the only sky oriented avatar, meaning she is capable of flying in space.

As opposed to the majority of Burst-Linkers, Sky Raker's fighting style consists primarily of rapid-fire flowing palm strikes [2]. She is also rumored to be exceptionally skilled with kick techniques. In fact, after being defeated by Sky Raker in a duel, Satomi Mito (a.k.a. Mint Mitten) of Petit Paquet was so impressed that she began calling Raker "Professor Fuko" [3].

Enhanced Armaments[edit | edit source]

Sky Raker's main Enhanced Armament is Gale Thruster, which can be called by shouting the command: "Set On - Gale Thruster". The Armament takes on the form of a jet pack that gives the user a leaping ability that is close to flight. However, it can only be used for a limited amount of time as it has a finite amount of energy to use. Sky Raker claims the will to fly itself powers the Armament.

The re-charging time of Gale Thruster can be greatly shortened through the use of "Movement Expansion" type Incarnation [4].

Incarnation[edit | edit source]

  • Wind Veil: A 1st Quadrant, Second Stage Incarnate System ability used Sky Raker. It creates a barrier of wind with her in the middle, which shows it's use as a defensive Incarnate Attack. It takes on the appearance of a sky blue overflowing light that blows all around the user & her companions.
  • Swirl Sway: An Incarnate ability used by Sky Raker. It creates a powerful, sideways tornado that erupts from her hands. [5] Although she mainly uses the ability to defend herself and her comrades, the ability also possesses great attack power. [6] In contrast to Wind Veil, which creates a "force field" spread around her in a circle, Swirl Sway can only be shot in one direction. However, the blast of wind generated is more concentrated and harbors more attack power than Wind Veil.
  • Wind Bullet: An offensive Incarnate ability that shoots an immensely powerful bullet of wind. In contrast to Fuko's other Incarnate attacks, Wind Bullet stems from Negative Incarnation.[7]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the light novel, Fuuko is illustrated with brown eyes while the anime illustrates her with blue eyes.
  • She met Black Lotus during grade 4 or 5.[8]
  • She does not experience motion sickness[9]

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