Koshika Tsubomi, duel avatar Rose Milady, was formerly a member of the White Legion, Oscillatory Universe, and had held the prestigious rank of the Third of the Seven Dwarves. She has recently left the legion, however, and is currently on the run with her Brain Burst “sister” Orchid Oracle.

Background[edit | edit source]

Tsubomi was a “child” of Saffron Blossom. Together with the other “children” of Saffron, such as Centaurea Sentry, Lavender Downer, and Orchid Oracle to name a few, they were collectively known as the “Flowers” because of their similar names.

When Saffron Blossom was caught in Infinite Enemy Kill, White Cosmos told Oracle that she could revive her Parent once she finished her research.[1] As such, Tsubomi and Oracle, oblivious to the truth of the situation, joined the White Legion under that pretense.

One day, Oracle disappeared as well. Tsubomi was extremely distressed and asked around the Legion about what had happened to her, but nobody was able to provide an answer. In the end, White Cosmos promised that she would revive Oracle someday, and Tsubomi continued to follow her command under this belief, eventually rising to the rank of the Third of the Seven Dwarves[2]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Despite being a third-year junior high student in the ninth grade, Tsubomi looks extremely young, almost like an elementary school student. She has short hair that reaches her chin, which one side covering her right eye.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Tsubomi is usually very calm and collected. In contrast to the other Dwarves, she demonstrates kindness and mercy even to her enemies. For example, during the Nega Nebulus – Oscillatory Universe Territory Battle, she gave genuine warnings to Silver Crow, Trilead Tetroxide, and Lime Bell, advising them to escape before it was too late, as they faced certain death ahead.[3] Similarly, she shows great respect to her opponents. After being defeated by a combination attack of Silver Crow and Trilead Tetroxide, she merely smiled in admiration for their efforts, closing her eyes and accepting her defeat.[4]

Tsubomi cares greatly for her friends and has been shown to go to great lengths to help them. For example, in order to save her “sister” Orchid Oracle, she betrayed the White Legion in which she had held a prestigious position, risking the possibility of being hunted by her former comrades and losing Brain Burst.

Tsubomi’s voice has been described to be gentle and smooth with a sweetly sour echo, strongly reminiscent to that of Sky Raker[5] [6]

Plot Outline[edit | edit source]

White Legion Arc[edit | edit source]

Volume 21: The Snow Sprite[edit | edit source]

During the unusual Territory Battle between the Black and White legions, Tsubomi stood guard over Orchid Oracle. Near the end of the conflict, she fought against Silver Crow and Trilead Tetroxide and was defeated by a combination attack in which Trilead cut through Crow’s body in order to reach her. Smiling at the beauty of their teamwork, she closed her eyes and accepted her defeat.

Volume 22: The Sun God of Absolute Flame[edit | edit source]

After the Territory Battles between Nega Nebulus and Oscillatory Universe, Tsubomi heard that Crow had told Oracle about how it was actually the White King who had caused the death of their Parent, Safforn Blossom. Wanting to see for herself whether this was true, she requested for the saint Amaterasu to bring her to the Highest Level to talk with Crow. Amaterasu agreed, and she was sent there shortly before the meeting of the Seven Kings.

There, hearing Crow’s narration of Saffron’s death, she was convinced of the truth of the incident after hearing that it had been Cosmos’ special ability “Resurrect by Compassion” that had forcefully revived Saffron over and over again to face death by the Legend class Enemy Jormungand.

Explaining to the Nega Nebulus legionnaires her deep connection with Oracle, she declared her intent to do what was necessary for Oracle’s sake. Thanking the three for their help, she exited the Highest Level.

Volume 23: Kuroyukihime’s Confession[edit | edit source]

Tsubomi arranged an in-person meeting with Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime in order to discuss the matter of Orchid Oracle, a.k.a. Wakamiya Megumi, who had been trapped within the Unlimited Neutral Field by the Acceleration Research Society. After visiting her unconscious body in the hospital, she decided to manually dive into the Unlimited Neutral Field to take Megumi’s body out through a portal.

Together with Haruyuki, they entered the Field, which was currently in the Moonlight stage. In hopes of tracking down Megumi’s location, Tsubomi used her ability “Flower Divination”, which had the function of leading her to whatever she needed most at the moment. Haruyuki offered to carry her using his flight ability, and the two flew in pursuit of Flower Divination’s petals.

The flowers stopped at the Tokyo Midtown Tower — the former base of the ISS Kit main body. Tsubomi and Haruyuki infiltrated the fortress, encountering an Einherjar, a Legend-class Enemy, on the way. After defeating it, they freed the two prisoners that the Enemy had been guarding. One of them was Megumi, and the other one was the Blacksmith — the mythical NPC who could upgrade Enhanced Armaments. With Tsubomi as the translator (the Blacksmith talked in “drone”), Haruyuki tried to enhance his Lucid Blade with heat resistance, but the cost was far too great for his modest sum of Burst Points. However, without batting an eye, Tsubomi paid the huge cost despite knowing that the weapon was to be used against the Sun God Inti.

Exiting the Unlimited Neutral Field with Megumi, Tsubomi and Haruyuki returned to the real world. After a brief delay, Megumi regained consciousness. Recognizing Tsubomi to be Rose Milady’s real-world identity, she called out to her. Weeping, Tsubomi wrapped her Brain Burst sister in an embrace.

Volume 24: Sword Sage of the Blue Flower[edit | edit source]

After reuniting with Megumi, Tsubomi went with Kuroyukihime to Haruyuki’s house. There, they discussed what they should do, now that both Tsubomi and Megumi had resigned from the White Legion. Tsubomi initially suggested for them to simply join one of the mid-sized legions to avoid being attacked by Oscillatory Universe. However, Haruyuki was unhappy with this arrangement, and suggested for Tsubomi to instead join Nega Nebulus and request for Amaterasu to protect her when she was alone. In the end, the matter remained unresolved, but Tsubomi reminded Haruyuki to remember to bring cake for Amaterasu.

Avatar[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Tsubomi’s avatar, Rose Milady, wears a rose-red dress with thorns covering her body.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Rose Milady has the following special abilities:

  • Ornate Skewering — Tsubomi summons dozens of red vines from below, which wrap around her target, restraining them and doing damage over time with the thorns
  • Flower Divination — Tsubomi releases a myriad of flower petals, which fly through the air and lead her to what she needs most at the moment, let it be weapons, vehicles, or even people

She also has the following Incarnate abilities:

  • Secret Garden — As an upgraded form of Ornate Skewering, Secret Garden also releases vines that wrap around Tsubomi’s target. However, they are more numerous, more powerful, and have roses that bloom with a random color. Each color has its own special effect:
    • Red — Damage over time
    • Yellow — Electric paralyzing attack
    • Blue — Unknown
    • Other — Unknown, but Tsubomi instructed Haruyuki to escape as fast as possible if the roses bloomed with a color other than red, yellow, or blue

Enhanced Armaments[edit | edit source]

Tsubomi possesses a whip that she uses with great skill

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tsubomi is a child of Saffron Blossom, and, together with her other children which include Orchid Oracle, Centaurea Sentry, and Lavender Downer, make up a group of flower-themed Burst Linkers called the “Flowers”
  • Tsubomi hates her first name “Tsubomi”, which means “plant bud”, and insists on being called by her last name “Koshika”
    • However, the Yen Press translation uses Tsubomi
  • Tsubomi’s tone of voice has been noted to be extremely similar to that of Fūko

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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