Mihaya Kakei (掛居 美早 , Kakei Mihaya), also known as the Burst Linker Blood Leopard (ブラッド・レパード, Buraddo Repādo), is the Sub-Master of the Red Legion, Prominence, under the second Red King, Scarlet Rain.

Personality Edit

Mihaya is not very emotional, but she has displayed loyalty and trust in her Legion Master, Scarlet Rain. She is known to accomplish any task given to her in an efficient manner. She asks Haruyuki to call her 'Leopard' or 'Pard' if he must shorten her name.

Background Edit

Not much is currently known about Mihaya except that she works as a waitress at a cafe called Strawberry Palace and is a loyal member of Prominence. She is also the real life cousin and Child of Aqua Current.

Appearance Edit

She is a young woman with black hair and red-violet eyes. She wears a maid outfit for work in the cafe, but will also wear it while she is working on Prominence business.

Plot Outline Edit

Flight Towards the Blue Sky Arc Edit

While Mihaya was on shift at the cake shop, Yuniko Kozuki, Haruyuki Arita and Takumu Mayuzumi arrived to ask the Red King to teach Taku the Incarnate System. While Scarlet Rain and Cyan Pile trained in the Unlimited Neutral Field, Mihaya was assigned to help Haru determine how Seiji Noumi stayed hidden from the matching lists.

Mihaya explained to him that there had been rumors of similar occurrences in Akihabara and took him on her motorcycle to investigate. Their search leads them to an arcade and the dive cafe above it, which is a neutral ground for Burst Linkers. As they made a direct link, Mihaya used a filter on Haru's VR avatar to make him appear as a pink dinosaur so that no one would recognize him. She then asked the bartender, Matchmaker about the rumors. Matchmaker confirmed that someone named Rust Jigsaw showed up a week earlier who was able to hide from the matching lists to challenge others at his pleasure.

Mihaya planned on baiting Rust Jigsaw by pairing up with Haru, suspecting that Rust Jigsaw would challenge them because of the rumors that Silver Crow had lost his wings. She warned Haru to avoid using incarnation abilities unless Jigsaw does, explaining that overuse of Incarnation is what created Chrome Disaster. Sure enough, Rust Jigsaw took the bait and challenged them. Leopard did most of the fighting and won the match. They returned to the real world and went searching for Rust Jigsaw, as the bite Leopard put on his duel avatar's neck would hurt him in the real world.

They lost Jigsaw. However, their encounter gave Haruyuki the insight as to how Noumi was able to hide from the matching list.

Avatar Edit

Blood Leopard Edit

Blood Leopard

Blood Leopard

Blood Leopard is based on a leopard. She has a feline shaped head with yellow eyes. Her body is mostly colored in shades of red with armored shoulder guards. She has a blue jewel right below her neck that is shaped in Prominence's symbol and also another blue jewel in the middle of her torso. When she uses her Shape Change ability, she drops onto four paws and appears more like an actual leopard.

Abilities Edit

Blood Leopard's abilities revolve around her speed and power. Red avatars typically use ranged attacks, but she mostly uses her claws and teeth as a proficient close combat brawler. When she uses her Shape Change ability, her speed and maneuverability increase greatly which allows closing the gap to her opponent to deal high melee damage. Her Mental Bite ability allows her to absorb the special move gauge of whoever she bites into.

Her special attack, Bloodshot Cannon, fires herself as a projectile, boasting a nearly guaranteed instant kill if she collides with her opponent. However, if she collides into a hard object or the stage floor, there is almost no chance of survival. The twilight stage's weak structures allowed her to chain shots to catch up to a fleeing Argon Array, as the stage destruction bonus allowed her to fully recharge her special attack gauge every time she used Bloodshot Cannon.

Gallery Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Kakei often uses text-based internet/text-message colloquialisms such as "GG" and "NP" even outside of Brain Burst.
  • Her Avatar, Blood Leopard, is the only avatar known so far to have a full transformation.
  • When Aqua Current selected Sand Duct & Nickel Doll in the list, the above tag team was Platinum Ribbon & Blood Love, this makes Kakei's Avatar, Blood Leopard, and Blood Love one of the two pairs of Avatars with the same color, the other is Black Lotus and Black Vise[1].
  • Kawasumi Ayako, Mihaya's Japanese voice actor, also voices Aki Natsuki in Sword Art Online.

References Edit

  1. Accel World Episode 07

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