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Mihaya Kakei (掛居 美早 , Kakei Mihaya), also known as the Burst Linker Blood Leopard (ブラッド・レパード, Buraddo Repādo), is the Sub-Master of the Red Legion, Prominence, under the second Red King, Scarlet Rain.


Mihaya does not often display her emotions, but possesses deep loyalty and trust in her Legion Master, Scarlet Rain. She is known to accomplish any task given to her in an efficient manner.

Like her Parent Himi Akira, Mihaya talks in a minimalistic manner, using internet gaming abbreviations such as "NP" for "no problem", "K" for "okay", and "GG" for "good game".

She asks Haruyuki to call her 'Leopard' or 'Pard' if he must shorten her name.


When Mihaya was just a young child, her father was diagnosed with a terminal heart condition known as idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy. Mihaya loved her father dearly, and the news of this grave heart disease induced deep terror within her, gradually giving birth to a fear of the heart - as well as a fear of blood itself.[1]

A few years later, when she was just twelve years old, her father finally succumbed to the disease. Pushing her feelings deep down, she unemotionally proceeded through the funeral.

The next morning, she sought out her aunt, named Himi Kaoru, who was the pâtissier of a renowned cake shop. Telling her aunt that opening a Western-style cake shop was her parents' dream, Mihaya convinced Kaoru to become the chief pâtissier of her late father's café, which was to be renovated into a new sweets shop. Agreeing to her request, Kaoru quit her original job and became the chief pâtissier of the newly renovated cake shop.

When Kaoru first came to visit Mihaya's cake shop, she also brought along her daughter, named Akira Himi. That afternoon, Akira sat down with Mihaya on her father's red electric motorcycle, which was currently unused. Giving Mihaya the Brain Burst program, Akira, a.k.a. Aqua Current, became her "Parent".

Taking her fear of the heart and blood, which had evolved as a result of her father's disease, the Brain Burst system created Mihaya duel avatar, naming it "Blood Leopard". When Mihaya first dove into the Accelerated World, she felt a powerful desire to simply run. Running through the fields of the "Primeval Forest" stage, she let loose all of the emotions she had been suppressing since her father's death, crying the tears that she had been holding in.

Since Mihaya lived far away from Shibuya, the headquarters of Nega Nebulus, she instead joined Prominence. Through steady work, she managed to reach Level 4. The day after, she was asked to participate in the Territory Battle. That weekend, she dived into the Territory's stage for the first time. Their opponent was a team from Nega Nebulus, and Mihaya was asked to guard the back line.

Suddenly, a sky-blue avatar carrying a small bow-wielding avatar shot through the clouds towards the Prominence troops. With incredible speed, the flying avatar reached the airspace above them in just an instant. Wielding the large bow, the small avatar being carried let loose a barrage of flaming arrows.

Amazed at the flight speed of the sky-blue avatar, Mihaya wove through the flaming debris in chase of the Nega Nebulus legionnaires, and finally arrived at the top of the building on which the two had flown. Greeting her, the sky-blue avatar introduced herself as Sky Raker and the small red one as Ardor Maiden. Sky Raker then quickly dispatched the inexperienced Mihaya with a series of penetrating palm strikes. This first meeting kicked off a long rivalry between the two.

A year after Mihaya became a Burst Linker, the Red King was assassinated by the Black King. In the "Warring States" period that followed, Mihaya joined the team of a newbie Burst Linker by the name of Scarlet Rain. Within only a year, this "newbie" rose to Level 9, taking the throne as the second Red King.

In the newly formed Prominence, Mihaya became the leader of the Triplex, the executive group of the Red Legion, as well as the legion's sub-master.


Mihaya is a young woman with black hair and red-violet eyes. She wears a maid outfit, which her late mother had designed, for work in the pastry shop, but also occasionally wears it while she is working on Prominence business.

Plot Outline[]

Flight Towards the Blue Sky Arc[]

While Mihaya was on shift at the cake shop, Yuniko Kozuki, Haruyuki Arita and Takumu Mayuzumi arrived to ask the Red King to teach Taku the Incarnate System. While Scarlet Rain and Cyan Pile trained in the Unlimited Neutral Field, Mihaya was assigned to help Haru determine how Seiji Noumi stayed hidden from the matching lists.

Mihaya explained to him that there had been rumors of similar occurrences in Akihabara and took him on her motorcycle to investigate. Their search leads them to an arcade and the dive cafe above it, which is a neutral ground for Burst Linkers. As they made a direct link, Mihaya used a filter on Haru's VR avatar to make him appear as a pink dinosaur so that no one would recognize him. She then asked the bartender, Matchmaker about the rumors. Matchmaker confirmed that someone named Rust Jigsaw showed up a week earlier who was able to hide from the matching lists to challenge others at his pleasure.

Mihaya planned on baiting Rust Jigsaw by pairing up with Haru, suspecting that Rust Jigsaw would challenge them because of the rumors that Silver Crow had lost his wings. She warned Haru to avoid using incarnation abilities unless Jigsaw does, explaining that overuse of Incarnation is what created Chrome Disaster. Sure enough, Rust Jigsaw took the bait and challenged them. Leopard did most of the fighting and won the match. They returned to the real world and went searching for Rust Jigsaw, as the bite Leopard put on his duel avatar's neck would hurt him in the real world.

They lost Jigsaw. However, their encounter gave Haruyuki the insight as to how Noumi was able to hide from the matching list.

Archangel of Savage Light[]

During the "Aqua Current Rescue Mission", the original plan was for Silver Crow to distract the level-draining orbs long enough for Aqua Current and the others to escape the bridge. However, a second, stray orb shot from Seiryuu started to target the Nega Nebulus and Prominence members at the far side of the bridge.

However, Blood Leopard jumped in front of the orb and took the shot upon herself. Here, it is revealed that Blood Leopard had been refraining from leveling up from level-6, building up a stock of points, for this very mission. Seiryuu's level draining ability first drained all excess burst points. Only then will the level dropping begin to occur. Knowing this, Blood Leopard had been building up a large stock of extra burst points to counter Seiryuu's level draining ability for the past few years.

After absorbing the Seiryuu's level-draining orb into herself, Blood Leopard ran to the bridges' exit. Afterwards, all of the members of the rescue mission - including Aqua Current - made it safely out form the gates of the Imperial Palace.

When asked about Blood Leopard's reduced points shortly afterwards, Leopard simply replied "NP", saying that she could just earn more. Here, Lime Bell was suddenly struck by an idea. Seiryuu's stealing of Leopard's points was a form of status change. Thus, Lime Bell's Citron Call Mode II would be able to take back Leopard's stolen points. After doing so, all of Leopard's stolen points were restored.

Now, with the "Aqua Current Rescue Mission" completed, Blood Leopard decided to level up. Using her recovered points, she increased her level from 6 -> 8.

The End and the Beginning[]

After Black Vise captured Scarlet Rain, Silver Crow and Blood Leopard split up to thwart the plot of the Acceleration Research Society. While Silver Crow chased after Black Vise, Blood Leopard chased after Argon Array, Black Vise's accomplice.

Using her sealed-away special attack, "Bloodshed Cannon", Blood Leopard successfully caught up with Argon Array. Blood Leopard then used her life-stealing attack, "Vital Bite", to absorb Argon Array's health gauge. However, Argon Array, while distracting Leopard through her use of small-talk, used her Incarnate Attack "Infinite Array" to escape. This Incarnate skill, which shot lasers in all directions from all over Argon Array's body, severely injured Leopard.

Afterwards, Argon Array used her special attack "Razzle Dazzle" to travel through a "shadow portal" created by Black Vise. After recovering from her shock, Leopard, with the help of Cyan Pile's "Spiral Gravity Driver", followed Argon Array through the portal.

After going through the portal, Blood Leopard, Cyan Pile, and Lime Bell met up with Silver Crow and Metatron. However, right before the group prepared to fight Black Vise and Argon Array, a third avatar, Wolfram Cerberus, dropped down from the sky.

In the fight that followed, Blood Leopard fought Argon Array. On the other hand, Silver Crow fought Wolfram Cerberus, and Cyan Pile, with the support of Lime Bell, fought Black Vise. After Cerberus was defeated by Crow, Argon Array forcefully activated Cerberus' third personality, which is revealed to be the "ghost" of Dusk Taker.

While Black Vise used "Octahedral Isolation" to form a cage around Scarlet Rain, Wolfram Cerberus, now with the personality of Dusk Taker, began to steal Scarlet Rain's Enhanced Armament known as "Invincible". However, before Cerberus could steal the last piece of the five-part Enhanced Armament, Cyan Pile broke through the cage using his "Spiral Gravity Driver". Now, with Scarlet Rain on their side, Blood Leopard, Silver Crow, Cyan Pile, and Lime Bell prepared to fight the three members of the Acceleration Research Society.

However, at this moment, Black Lotus, Sky Raker, Ardor Maiden, and Aqua Current defeated the ISS Kit main body. With its impending death, the main body of the ISS Kits sent out a red ray, which contained all of its built-up negative Incarnation, towards Wolfram Cerberus/Dusk Taker. As Cerberus was hit by the red ray, Dusk Taker's personality was overwritten and allegedly deleted. In response, Argon Array and Black Vise, remarking that "it's too soon", left the Unlimited Neutral Field in order to pull out Cerberus' cable.

Meanwhile, the members of Nega Nebulus and Prominence watched as the "Wolfram Cerberus" duel avatar, the Enhanced Armament "Invincible", and the AI born from the ISS Kits combined to form the "Armor of Catastrophe, Mark II".

Snow White's Slumber[]

During the fight against the "Armor of Catastrophe, Mark II", Pard played an attacking role. When Mark II was crushing Silver Crow and Scarlet Rain in its hands, Blood Leopard saved the two by sniping the Armor's eye, its weak spot, using her special attack "Bloodshed Cannon". Because of this attack, Silver Crow successfully executed a high altitude drop combined with a dive kick on Mark II, defeating it.

Afterwards, Chiyuri used her Citron Call Mode II to take back Scarlet Rain's Enhanced Armament. However, before all the parts of "Invincible" could be taken back, Wolfram Cerberus vanished from the Unlimited Neutral Field, as his cord was pulled out by Argon Array and Black Vise who had returned to the real world. Thus, the fifth piece of "Invincible", the thrusters, was still in the possession of Wolfram Cerberus.

White Legion Arc[]

Blood Leopard, along with Scarlet Rain, persuaded the other members of the Prominence executive group, known as the Triplex, to accept the Legion Merger with Nega Nebulus.

Afterwards, right before the attack on Minato III, the Legion Merger was successfully carried out. Prominence and Nega Nebulus were now merged into a single legion, with Black Lotus as its Legion Master.

During the territory attack on Minato III, the headquarters of the White Legion, Oscillatory Universe, Blood Leopard and the other members of the attacking team were trapped in an Infinite PK trap by Snow Fairy and Glacier Behemoth of the White Legion.

After they were released from the ice cage of Behemoth's "Last Glacial Period", Blood Leopard assisted in the attack on the White Legion members. The other members of the third Nega Nebulus used flashy Incarnate attacks to allow Leopard to snipe Ivory Tower with her "Bloodshed Cannon".

When attacked by Blood Leopard's "Blooshed Cannon", Ivory Tower was forced to use Black Vise's skill Layered Armor to protect himself. Here, it is revealed that Ivory Tower was the alternate ego of Black Vise. This evidence, which was videotaped by Chocolate Puppeteer, was later used to incriminate the White Legion as the headquarters of the Acceleration Research Soceity.

After Orchid Oracle changed the Unlimited Neutral Field back into the regular territories stage, Nega Nebulus defeated Oscillatory Universe, taking control of Minato III.


Blood Leopard[]

Blood Leopard

Blood Leopard is based on a leopard. She has a feline shaped head with yellow eyes. Her body is mostly colored in shades of red with armored shoulder guards. She has a blue jewel right below her neck that is shaped in Prominence's symbol and also another blue jewel in the middle of her torso. When she uses her ability Shape Change, she drops onto four paws and appears more like an actual leopard.

Blood Leopard's Parent is Aqua Current, her cousin.


Blood Leopard's abilities revolve around her speed and power. Red avatars typically use ranged attacks, but she mostly uses her claws and teeth as a proficient close combat brawler.

  • Shape Change – Blood Leopard can freely shift from human form to leopard form. In her human form, she has retractable claws, while in her leopard form, her claws are already out.[2] Her leopard form also gives her a prehensile tail.

Human Form

  • Mental Bite – Blood Leopard bites her opponent and slowly absorbs the special attack gauge of her victim. Only usable in her Human form.

Leopard Form

  • Agility – As a passive ability, Blood Leopard's speed and maneuverability increase greatly when in her leopard form, allowing her to quickly close the gap to her opponents to deal high melee damage.
  • Fall Protection – As a passive ability, Blood Leopard becomes immune to fall damage while in her Leopard form. This evidently transfers to those riding her as well.[2]
  • First Blood – First Blood, at the cost of her special-move gauge, allows Blood Leopard to surpass her normal speed limits and run at 200 kilometers per hour, making her the fastest unassisted runner in Brain Burst.[2]
  • Active Wall Running (unnamed) – An old active ability, Blood Leopard had the ability to run up walls, using up her special move gauge.
  • Passive Wall Running (unnamed) – As her level 7 level-up bonus, Blood Leopard acquired the passive ability to run normally on any surface without using her special-move gauge.[3] This ability allows her to freely navigate and attack in three dimensions at high speeds.[4]
  • Vital Bite – When biting an opponent, Blood Leopard can consume the victim's health gauge to use as her own at a 1:1 ratio. This "life-stealing" ability can only be used in her Leopard form.[5]
  • Bloodshed Cannon – Blood Leopard's level 5 special attack, and the one that earned her the title Bloody Kitty. She curls up while a glowing red cannon forms around her, then fires herself out as a projectile. If this hits a Duel Avatar, they will almost invariably die. However, if she misses and hits a structure or the ground, she will almost always die. Missing her target in stages with more fragile structures would allow her to survive while granting her SP, allowing her to chain many shots of Bloodshed Cannon together.[5]


  • Unnamed incarnation technique – Blood Leopard forms long claws on her hands and sabertooth-like fangs from her mouth.[6]


  • Kakei often uses text-based internet/text-message colloquialisms such as "GG" and "NP" even outside of Brain Burst.
  • Her Avatar, Blood Leopard, is part of the Prominence Triplex along with Cassis Moose and Thistle Porcupine, who also have animal transformations. Because of this, the Triplex is also called "Team Beast".
  • When Aqua Current selected Sand Duct & Nickel Doll in the list, the above tag team was Platinum Ribbon & Blood Love.[7] This is likely an animation error.
  • Based on her special attack, "Bloodshed Cannon", Mihaya admits that the "Leopard" in her avatar name "Blood Leopard" can mean the tank as well as the animal.[5]
  • Mihaya possesses a fear of the heart and blood, which had arisen because of a terminal heart disease that had taken her father. This fear later created her avatar "Blood Leopard".
  • Kawasumi Ayako, Mihaya's Japanese voice actor, also voices Aki Natsuki in Sword Art Online.


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