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Iron Pound is a Level 7 Burst Linker who accompanied Green Grandé to the main base of the Acceleration Research Society. He is member of the Elite group of the Green Legion know as "Six Layered Armour".


Iron Pound is also a boxer in the real world, thus his boxing skills in the real world perfectly apply to the Accelerated World as well — a so-called "Perfect Match". However, this unique characteristic also has its disadvantages. Because of the rules of real-life boxing, which prohibit attacks from the back, Pound is especially weak to such attacks in the Accelerated World.


Iron Pound is a male Burst Linker with a dull metal color. His helmet, body armor, and boots resemble boxing gear, while his fists are shaped like boxing gloves.


Iron Pound doesn't seem to bear any grudges as evidenced when he had confronted the Disaster-fied Silver Crow.

Plot Outline[]

Sixth Chrome Disaster Arc[]

When Silver Crow fully transformed into the Sixth Chrome Disaster, Iron Pound confronted him at the top of a high building. There, he fought Crow, using rapid-fire basic skills such as high-speed punches to overwhelm him. However, once Crow managed to come to an agreement with the Beast within the Armor, Pound was quickly defeated by the two's teamwork, with the Beast predicting Pound's attacks while Crow defended and countered. After the two managed to come to a consensus, Pound expressed that it was strange how Crow could still retain his sense of self even after he merged with the Armor.

Later on, during the Six Kings Conference, Pound was the one in charge of speaking for the Green King. He was also the one who explained the whereabouts of the ISS Kit Main Body, as well as the dilemma with the Archangel Metatron. Furthermore, he was the one who had suggested for Silver Crow to learn the light-resistant defense ability known as «Theoretical Mirror».


With the color name of "Iron", Iron Pound's characteristics lie on the far right of the metal color spectrum. As such, he specializes in basic rather than special attacks. This is evidenced by his fighting style, which is characterized by straightforward boxing punches. His armor is also highly resistant to physical attacks, able to deflect Chrome Disaster's Wire Hook.

Pound is also an experienced Incarnation user; his Hammer Rave can be cast in a tenth of a second without even uttering its name.[2]


  • Rocket Straight – This Special Move allows Iron Pound to fire his forearm as a projectile. His forearm separates near the elbow, then propels itself with a rocket.[2] This unique skill, which seems like something that would be chosen by an amateur rather than a Perfect Match, was taken specifically for the purpose of shooting his rival Sky Raker down from the sky.[3] However, the skill sometimes backfires with Raker catching the fist instead. In such cases, she would tickle and pinch the dismembered fist, much to Pound's chagrin.[4]
  • Eruption Blow – This special move causes flames to erupt from his gloves, strong enough to push him back.[5]


  • Hammer Rave — A power- and range-enhancing Incarnate attack. When active, his fists glow blue, and he jabs repeatedly with his left fist, interspersed with straights and hooks with his right. He punches more than 10 times per second, and each punch hits like a bullet.[2]

Iron Pound also possesses a variety of special skills, including Eruption Blow.


  • Iron Pound's duel avatar is based on the sport of boxing. Both his appearance and his skills are oriented as such.
  • With the color name of "Iron", Pound lies on the far right of the metal color spectrum with basic-attack oriented characteristics.
  • Pound is one of the rare "Perfect Matches", whose real-life skills match perfectly with their duel avatar's capabilities.
  • Viridian Decurion threatened to call him anpan, a Japanese sweet roll commonly filled with red bean paste.[1]


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