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Iodine Sterilizer (アイオダイン・ステライザー, Aiodain Suteraizā) is a Burst Linker, and is a member of the Red Legion, Prominence.


Iodine Sterilizer is a very passionate person. He likes his titles and will battle the one who he sees as having taken it from him, whether or not they want the title. He also enjoys demonstrating his strengths, peppering his speech with English sentences and clearing a poison cloud during Prominence's meeting with Nega Nebulus.


Iodine Sterilizer has a name that is considered cool by many Burst Linkers. However, the coolest name went to Crimson Kingbolt, something that he hasn't forgotten until this day.

Plot Outline[]

The Rivalry of Black and White[]

In the Nega Nebulus-Prominence Merger Meeting, Iodine Sterilizer disagreed with the merger unconditionally, as he was still hung up on Silver Crow claiming that poison does not work on him in his battle with Nickel Doll and Sand Duct. They then battled, with Silver Crow winning and gaining the title of "Antidote King". Afterwards, Iodine Sterilizer changed his vote to an unconditional agreement.


Iodine Sterilizer[]

Iodine Sterilizer takes the form of a thin stick-like figure embedded in a medicine bottle. His head forms the cap, and can spin freely. The medicine bottle is filled with a concentrated solution of povidone-iodine, which can be sprayed from his hands. He normally wears a wide hat and a long cloak which together cover his entire avatar.

Enhanced Armaments[]

  • Unnamed wide-brimmed hat
  • Unnamed cloak – This cloak is so long that it drags on the ground.


  • Antidote Mist – A Special Move that disperses a mist acting as an antidote. When activated, his hands glow yellow and a yellow mist comes out of his hands, which can clear a 20-meter-wide cloud of poison in seconds.
  • Acid Mist – A special move that creates a rapidly-expanding cloud of dark red mist. The mist is acidic and causes chemical burns.
  • Unnamed iodine spray – He has the ability to shoot a mist of the solution in his body out of his hands. Each shot takes up 1/10 of the liquid.


  • Iodine Sterilizer (アイオダイン・ステライザー, Aiodain Suteraizā)
  • Dine (ダイン, Dain)
  • Stronger Name (ストロンガー・ネーム, Sutorongā Nēmu)
  • Antidote King (毒消しキング, Dokukeshi Kingu)
  • Antidote Mist (アンチドート・ミスト, Anchidōto Misuto)
  • Acid Mist (アシッド・ミスト, Ashiddo Misuto)


  • While Iodine Sterilizer claims that iodine can dissolve gold, iodine can only react with gold very slowly, and requires temperatures as high as 140 °C.


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