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The ISS Kit, otherwise known as the Incarnate System Study Kit, is a pseudo-Enhanced Armament developed by the Acceleration Research Society. Those who use it are called ISS Kit Users.

Background and Description[]

The ISS Kit is a mass-produced item that allows a Burst Linker to use two Incarnate abilities, Dark Blow and Dark Shot, with little effort. It was created by a copy of Red Rider's memories and distributed into the Unlimited Neutral Field, and, like the rest of Red Rider's created items, it features his dual gun emblem on the item icon.

Magenta Scissors distributed many of these items to various Duel Avatars. If a Duel Avatar is unwilling to accept it, she injects it into his or her body by force. Examples of this are Mint Mitten and Plum Flipper of Petit Paquet, Ash Roller, and Cyan Pile, the last of which sought it out for himself.

Its purpose is to feed on the negative energy collected by the Burst Linkers using it and transport it back to a main body. The ISS Kit Main Body is a large mass of flesh, blood vessels, and a single large eyeball that resides in the upper levels of Tokyo Midtown Tower.[1] When Silver Crow and Lime Bell accidentally traveled into Brain Burst's main server, they saw it as a giant black mass covering up the infinite starscape behind it. Many Duel Avatars, all of which had the kit, could also be seen walking to it like zombies. Crow and Bell, with a copy of Saffron Blossom's memories, manage to damage it enough for Cyan Pile to break free of its spell.

The master plan of the Acceleration Research Society was to use the dark energy it collected in tandem with Scarlet Rain's Enhanced Armaments and the artificially-created metal-color Wolfram Cerberus in order to create a second Disaster. However, the ISS Kit Main Body is destroyed by Black Lotus, Sky Raker, Aqua Current, and Ardor Maiden before it gathers enough energy, leading to the Disaster Armor Mk-II's eventual defeat at the hands of Nega Nebulus and Metatron.

As it died, the ISS Kit Main Body was revealed to have actually been a Burst Linker that had no points left. In addition, the ghost of Red Rider, which had appeared to fight Black Lotus and the Elements, had promised to deactivate the ISS Kits when the main body was destroyed, and he kept the promise, releasing all the other ISS Kit Users.


The ISS Kit takes the appearance of an eyeball in a mound of black flesh. It typically glows a dark red.


The ISS Kit grants its user two different Incarnate abilities, both powered by the user's negative emotions.

  • Dark Blow – A first stage attack-power-enhancing attack.
  • Dark Shot – A first stage range-enhancing attack.

It may also grant the user other attacks as seen with Cyan Pile's Lightning Dark Spike.[2]

Because they are Incarnate attacks, they cannot be defended by normal means. However, Nega Nebulus was easily able to defeat a numerically superior team of ISS Kit Users by countering it with stronger Incarnate attacks.

ISS Kit Main Body[]

The ISS Kit Main Body is located over the Tokyo Midtown Tower exit portal on its 45th floor. It looks like a brain made of black flesh, albeit separated into top and bottom hemispheres rather than left and right like a human's, but it is actually eyelids, which open to reveal an eyeball with a slit-like pupil. Within the eyeball is the exit portal, whose light can be seen through the pupil.[3]

It is a Duel Avatar,[4] and can use stronger versions of the Incarnate abilities it grants its users.[5]

  • Dark Blow – It grows two tentacles ending in knobs to strike its targets.[5]
  • Dark Shot – A much wider version of Dark Shot, which can be curved to hit its targets.[5]

Former Users[]

Before the ISS Kit's main body was destroyed, a great number of ISS Kit Users were confirmed.