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Yuuko Hoori (祝 優子, Hōri Yūko) is a Level 7 Burst Linker and currently the president of the Mathematics and Martial Arts Research Club (or "Enbuken") at Seibi Academy. She is one of the main characters of Accel World/dural: Magisa Garden.


Not much is known about Yuuko's personal background, save for her and Kurumi Kuruma possibly being in a relationship and them having a relationship to Touga Toudou.


Yuuko has long, orange hair, and is usually seen in a bikini when acting as the president of Enbuken.


Yuuko goes all-out with everything she does, and she's a goofball that thinks of herself as far cuter than she is. She greatly enjoys playing the "mother" figure to the rest of Enbuken. She is very scary when angered. She likes cute things and considers the Faerie Castle Stage to be her favorite.

Plot Outline[]

Accel World/dural: Magisa Garden[]

Chapter 1 through 5[]

Yuuko and Kurumi approach Chiaki Chigira on the second day of school and, after introducing her to Brain Burst, convinces her to join the Enbuken. She watches Aluminum Valkyrie's battle against Zircon Paladin and is amazed at how cool she is. Afterward, she and Kurumi become her de facto Parents. The next day, Yuuko explains the concepts of Acceleration to her, including the various commands.

The following day, she's shocked when she hears that Chiaki won thirty Duels in a row the night before. She suggests installing Brain Burst on the rabbit that Chiaki couldn't catch, and after Lilya Usachova is brought to the clubroom, Yuuko becomes her official Parent. The next day they check out Lilya's Duel Avatar, but she ends up battling with Zircon Paladin and loses. Yuuko apologizes for not explaining anything.

Chapter 6 through 13[]

The next day, Yuuko and Kurumi enjoy some alone time, and on the following day, a Sunday, they meet up with Chiaki and Lilya at a fast food restaurant. They enter a tag battle as spectators; Valkyrie and Alice go up against Ash Roller and Vanilla Slicer. However, Chiaki reveals she only has eight Burst Points remaining, and Yuuko despairs. However, Valkyrie insists on seeing the fight through. Valkyrie and Alice slip closer and closer to losing after Slicer uses his Special Move, Vacation Plan, but Valkyrie uses her newfound knowledge of Russian to "awaken" Lilya. She activates her ability Two Face, and they end up winning.

Yuuko, however, is angry that Chiaki wouldn't ask her Parents for help and pulls her into a Normal Duel. Though Valkyrie shows close-combat prowess, Raptor uses her tail to slam her back into a rock formation, then she uses Deca Flare to finish her off. Having come to an understanding with Chiaki, she and Kurumi then turn their sights to the Seioh Academy student council – in particular, Touga Toudou, their leader.

They visit his house and demand that he bring out Vanilla Slicer. He refuses and begs them to give him twenty-four hours to resolve this on his own. They leave him afterward. The next morning, Slicer himself runs into them, and Yuuko gets rough. Slicer weakly tells her that if she wanted to uninstall his Brain Burst, then he'd let them. Yuuko was initially disgusted but realizes he's just a huge idiot and tells him to make up with Touga already.

Chapter 14 through 18[]

That day, in the clubroom, Yuuko gives Chiaki and Lilya a guidebook telling them what they're not allowed to do from now on – they're not allowed to do more than 3 Duels in one day, and they can't level up by themselves. A week or so later, she surprises Chiaki (and everyone in the class) by climbing through her classroom window (they're on at least the third story). The two of them go up to the roof, and Yuuko and Chiaki enter the Unlimited Neutral Field.

When they arrive, Raptor builds up her Special Gauge, then uses a Deca Flare to propel her and Valkyrie high up into the air. They spot their destination – the Shop called Burlone, on the back of a gigantic moving Enemy. Valkyrie, in a panic, quickly describes how to tuck-and-roll, but Raptor fails it miserably when they land.

They go into the Burlone and look for an outfit to give Iris Alice, which results in hilarity when she tries on clothes meant for a small, cute Avatar like Alice. Eventually, they decide on an outfit and go outside to a gelato stand to enjoy some gelato. Chiaki explains her thought process in thinking that Lilya was strong in the first place, and Yuuko is impressed.

Afterward, Lilya finally levels up, and eventually chooses her Level-Up Bonus after a party where Yuuko eats far too much trying to compete with Chiaki. They start a Battle Royale again to see what she got, and then she and Valkyrie give her the outfit they picked out. Alice finally summons her new Enhanced Armament, Queen's Astrology, afterward, to complete her new look.

Chapter 19 through 21[]

A while later, Yuuko beats Chiaki badly in a fighting game where the stakes are that the loser has to take off one piece of clothing. Before it gets too out of hand, Kurumi steps in, and they play Brain Burst again (all while Noriko is watching).

Some time afterward, Yuuko mentions to Chiaki that an old friend Burst Linker she fought recently seems to remember about Chiaki's older brother, Glass Monarch. Yuuko promises to bring her to them to ask about him.

Again, some time afterward, she and Kurumi are approached by Lilya, who asks to do more than three battles that day, since she's close to getting to level 4. Yuuko says she shouldn't do it for Chiaki, but for herself, and teases her, saying that she is probably getting a bit cocky, realizing that she's pretty strong. She promises that they'll take a day on the weekend to battle as much as they want. She later manages to get 100 Burst Points by betting Zircon Paladin that she could beat him, and she levels up to 4. During the picnic afterward, Yuuko and Kurumi reflect that a "family" like this is probably what their upperclassman would have wanted and that they should go see her again.

Chapter 21 +[]

With all four members of Enbuken now at least level 4, Yuuko and Kurumi lead everyone to Ikebukuro to complete their Legion Quest. They enter the dungeon and are greeted by a talking statue named Athena, who gives them each an egg and tells them not to let it break.

Raptor ends up pairing off with Valkyrie, and they are stopped by a stone that asks what the egg needs – flame, water, or the wind. They start arguing about which one to pick, and eventually they settle on flame for no real reason. Their choice causes fox-like Enemies to appear, but they are no real threat to the duo.


Orange Raptor[]

Orange Raptor

Yuuko's Duel Avatar is in the form of a dragon, standing upright, and is pure orange, which is said to be a yellowish red color. She wears a red scarf as well.

As her color implies, she can attack at range with her Ability, Deca Flare. However, she has exceptional close-combat skills as well, using her four limbs for quick blunt attacks and her tail to create tricky combos. Her rough-and-tough fighting style has earned her the nickname "The Burning."


  • Deca Flare – A Special Move that blasts a huge burst of fire from her mouth, whose intensity can be controlled. She can use it as an attack or even propel herself into the air, like a jetpack. She uses it to put distance between her and her opponent, and deal immense damage to them, when close combat doesn't work.
  • Primitive Heat Haze – A Special Move that causes a gigantic mirage of Orange Raptor to appear.
  • Raging Inferno – A Special Move that creates a giant fireball which then explodes. She seems to be able to control its intensity as well.[2]
  • Judgement Blow – An ability given to all Legion Masters that allows them to instantly uninstall Brain Burst from one of their legion members.


Cover of Magisa Garden vol. 3

  • She and her Avatar are featured on the cover of Accel World dural: Magisa Garden 03.
  • She may or may not be an Originator, as Manganese Blade does not find it strange that she has two Children.[3] However, it would be very easy for an Originator to find Children and create a Legion, which is Yuuko's wish, and she does not seem to have Children other than Lilya Usachova.
  • She has no family members.[1]


  • Accel World dural: Magisa Garden 01
  • Accel World dural: Magisa Garden 02
  • Accel World dural: Magisa Garden 03
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