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Graphite Edge (グラファイト・エッジ, Gurafaito Ejji) is a Level 8 Burst Linker and a former member of Nega Nebulus' Elements until he joined Great Wall following Black Lotus' disappearance. He is Lotus' former teacher and is widely regarded as the greatest swordsman in all of Brain Burst, whose power exceeds even that of the Kings. He is an Originator, as well as an Isotope.


Graphite Edge is a laid back person, often being dismissive of imminent danger. When faced with difficulties, he rarely exhibits signs of tension, instead remaining as loose and carefree as ever. This trait may arise out of his great confidence in his own abilities.

However, although Graphite Edge acts irresponsibly most of the time, he can call upon extreme willpower and determination at crucial moments. For example, after the Five Kings were trapped in Infinite EK under the Sun God Inti, Graphite Edge voluntarily stayed within the Unlimited Neutral Field for eleven straight months to observe Inti’s movements.

In correspondence with his laid back personality, Graphite Edge uses very informal speech with many contractions. Furthermore, he gives bizarre nicknames to the people he meets, calling Black Lotus “Lotta”, Ardor Maiden “Denden”, and Metatron “Shoulderina”.

Graphite Edge is known to act unpredictably as the “wild card” of the "Elements", the executive group of Nega Nebulus. Coming up with unconventional and bizarre – albeit genius – ideas, his feats are known across the Accelerated World.


Graphite Edge was the "Earth" of the Elements, the elemental-themed executive group of Nega Nebulus. After Black Lotus reached Level 9 and the Sudden Death Rule was revealed, Edge, who also had enough points to reach Level 9, decided against levelling up.

After Black Lotus’ assassination of Red Rider, Graphite Edge was among the legionnaires who persuaded her to attack the Imperial Palace. The moonlit night of the attack, he carried Ardor Maiden on his shoulders as the legion marched towards the impenetrable fortress. In the massacre that followed, Graphite Edge was trapped in Infinite EK at the northern gate of Genbu. However, unlike most of the other members of the Elements, he managed to escape by himself. Using a third-stage incarnate skill he invented, he cut through the gates of the imperial palace and got inside. However, he essentially just exchanged one prison for another, as his Unlimited Field avatar was now stuck there.

After the fall of Nega Nebulus, Graphite Edge met with the Green King, Green Grandé, to conduct negotiations. The two made a deal that if Graphite Edge joined Great Wall, the Green Legion would harbor the surviving Nega Nebulus members as a safe haven. Effortlessly defeating Viridian Decurion, the former First Chair of Great Wall’s executive group, Graphite Edge was appointed the First Armor of Great Wall.

While stuck inside the palace interior, Graphite Edge took in a protégé by the name of Azure Heir, who was also trapped within the Imperial Palace. Taking advantage of the situation, Graphite trained him in the Ain Style using the palace's Enemies as practice dummies.


Graphite Edge's real world appearance is currently unknown.

Plot Outline[]

White Legion Arc[]

The Black Dual Swordsman[]

In the midst of the Nega Nebulus and Great Wall negotiations, Graphite Edge leaps off a two hundred thirty-meter-tall building directly into the middle of the convention. Landing in a prostrate position on his hands and knees, he immediately begins to apologize to Kuroyukihime for no apparent reason. At this anti-climactic moment, the “Elements” of Nega Nebulus could only shake their heads in exasperation.

Questioned by Kuroyukihime, Graphite Edge explains what he had been doing the past three years. After the fall of Nega Nebulus, he had met with the Green King, Green Grandé, to conduct negotiations. The two made a deal that if Graphite Edge joined Great Wall, the Green Legion would harbor the surviving Nega Nebulus members as a safe haven. Effortlessly defeating Viridian Decurion, the former First Chair of Great Wall’s executive group, Graphite Edge was appointed the First Chair of the Six Armors. As such, he is now the highest ranked officer in Great Wall.

Since the other four Armors hadn’t known the identity of the First Chair, they were greatly shocked that the highest ranked officer of Great Wall was actually ex-Nega Nebulus. Furthermore, it wasn’t just any member of the fallen legion – it was Graphite Edge, also known as “The Anomaly”, who was commonly regarded as the strongest swordsman in the entire Acceleration World.

After Graphite Edge’s flashy introduction, the meeting got down to business. After Kuroyukihime explains the treachery of the White Legion and the Acceleration Research Society, she states their request: they wanted Great Wall to return Shibuya I and II so that they could challenge the White Legion to a Territory Battle. In order to obtain these essential territories, Nega Nebulus would pay any sum of Burst Points.

Graphite Edge challenges Nega Nebulus to a Territory Battle

However, Green Grandé immediately responds that there was no need for payment – they had already received compensation. Graphite Edge explains that, predicting Kuroyukihime’s strategy, he had already paid the Green King a massive amount of Burst Points for the two territories. However, Graphite Edge proclaims that there was one more condition that had to be met: Nega Nebulus had to defeat Great Wall in a mock Territory Battle.

Changing the mode to “Battle Royale”, the battle between the Green and Black Legions commenced. Out of sheer luck – or bad luck – the ultra-rare, newly implemented “Space” stage was chosen. Assessing the situation, Silver Crow judged that Great Wall was at a huge disadvantage, as they had no long-ranged avatars.

However, Graphite Edge immediately closes the distance in a split second, destroying Nega Nebulus’ range advantage. Using the special attack Vertical Square, he cuts apart Nega Nebulus’ platform, throwing the legion into disarray.

In the skirmish that ensued, Graphite Edge’s opponent was the Black King, Black Lotus. Holding back and using only one sword, Graphite Edge challenges his former student. Initiating the fight, Black Lotus charges at him. Striking upwards, she manages to knock Graphite Edge into the air. Taking advantage of Graphite Edge’s disadvantageous position, she immediately follows with her Death by Piercing special attack.

Graphite Edge cuts off Kuroyukihime's arm

However, Graphite Edge effortlessly catches her full-powered thrust with his bare hands. Even though Lotus’ blades were given the attribute of “Terminal Sword”, allowing them to cut through almost anything, Graphite Edge was not damaged at all. Proclaiming that he was the one who had taught Kuroyukihime the Way of the Flexible in the first place, he then cuts off Kuroyukihime’s right arm.

Graphite Edge explains to the shocked Kuroyukihime that the zero-gravity environment had greatly increased the Way of the Flexible’s effectiveness. Thus, he was able to catch her sword with no damage. Getting serious, Kuroyukihime activates her ‘’’Overdrive, Mode Blue’’’ ability. Seeing this unfamiliar technique, Graphite Edge draws his second blade as a precaution.

Once again, Kuroyukihime initiates the skirmish with a dash. Seeing her draw her swords in preparation of an overhead slash, Graphite Edge activated his most powerful defensive ability, Cross Block, just in case. However, the Black King’s strike was a feint – immediately changing her momentum, she struck out with her right foot. Reacting with miraculous speed, Graphite Edge manages to block the strike with his swords, cutting off her right foot. But Kuroyukihime’s motive lay elsewhere.

With Graphite Edge now in an unstable position, she activates her level eight special attack, Death by Embracing. However, Graphite Edge once again reacts with amazing speed, stopping the execution with his two swords. But the outcome was something that neither of them had expected.

In an “unstoppable force meets unmovable object” scenario, their blades ate into each other. Locked together, neither of them could move. As such, they could only helplessly float in space. Meanwhile, the other members of Nega Nebulus had won their respective battles. Surrounded by his former “Elements” without any defense, Graphite Edge is forced to surrender the mock Territory Battle.

Pull of the Dark Nebula[]

When Haruyuki and Fūko infiltrate the Imperial Palace, Graphite Edge leaps out of the shadows and stands next to Trilead Tetroxide. Trilead explains to the shocked Nega Nebulus members that Graphite Edge was his teacher – as well as his Parent.

Graphite Edge appears in the Imperial Palace

Emitting a dangerous aura, Fūko begins to question Graphite Edge. The swordsman was supposed to be trapped in Infinite EK at the gate of Genbu, yet here he was, perfectly safe within the Imperial Castle. Slightly nervous, Graphite Edge explains that he had escaped Infinite EK on his own very soon after the failed attack on the Imperial Castle three years ago.

Upon hearing this, Fūko blows up. She begins to shout at Graphite Edge, explaining how Ardor Maiden had put herself through hell trying to learn Fourth Quadrant Incarnation of large-scale destruction. She had done all of this to free Graphite Edge from Genbu – yet here he was, perfectly safe the entire time.

Visibly disturbed, Graph’s tone took on a more serious edge. He explains that he wasn’t actually free – he had escaped from Genbu’s Infinite EK, but he hadn’t gone back over the bridge. Rather, he had escaped to the inside of the Castle. As such, he was still trapped within the Imperial Palace, unable to freely navigate the Unlimited Neutral Field.

However, Haruyuki finds a discrepancy in his story. The four gates were designed to open only under two conditions: the death of the Four Gods, or the destruction of the inner seal. Neither of these two requirements were fulfilled in Graphite Edge’s story. In response, Graph tells them that he would explain more when they found a safer place to talk. Thus, the four Burst Linkers plus Metatron make their way to the interior of the Imperial Castle.

After being fiercely chased by the patrolling enemies, they finally arrive at a safe room. Beginning his explanation, Graphite Edge reveals that a Third stage of Incarnation lay beyond the First and Second stages. However, while the First and Second stages included flashy techniques with large gushing OverRays, the Third Stage was almost inconspicuous.

Fed up with Graphite Edge’s slow explanation, Metatron intervenes and states that the Third Stage was simply the direct interference of information at the Highest Level. Although he had never met the small floating icon before, Graphite Edge quickly deduces that “Shoulderina” was one of the Four Saints. Remarking that he had decent eyes, Metatron names herself as the ruler of the Contrary Cathedral, the Archangel Metatron.

Graphite Edge rants about Metatron

Realizing Metatron’s identity, Graphite Edge begins ranting about how he had fought Metatron’s first form a long time ago. After working ridiculously hard, he had managed to solo-kill the Saint. However, he was extremely disappointed to find the Arc altar empty.

After this short convo with Metatron, the Graphite Edge gets back on topic. He explains that Third Stage Incarnation was exactly as Metatron had said earlier – manipulating phenomenon from the Highest Level. And since distance and power was meaningless at the Highest Level, Third Stage Incarnation, if completely mastered, would give the user god-like powers. With pain in his voice, Graphite Edge reflects that it would be as if the user had administrator privileges

Hearing the capabilities of Third Stage Incarnation, Haruyuki asks if Graphite Edge had mastered Third Stage Incarnation to break through the Castle gate. Rejecting this theory, the black swordsman states that if he had that type of power, he could have simply killed the Four Gods instead of breaking down the Castle gate. No, he had merely skimmed the surface of the Third Stage.

Finally getting to the point, Graphite Edge explains the basis of his Third Stage Incarnate technique. First and Second stage Incarnation simply overwrote the results output by the system. However, the system’s logic still worked against them, weakening the power of the Incarnate technique. In contrast, Third Stage Incarnation worked differently: it directly interfered with the system’s logic at the base level. By substituting one’s own logic for the system’s logic, the system itself would support the user’s Incarnate technique.

Using this “absolute” theory, Graphite Edge had created a Third Stage Incarnate technique which he dubbed Elucidator. By inserting the logic that “a one-atom thick blade could cut through anything” into the Brain Burst system, the system itself supported Graphite Edge’s sword, allowing the graphene blade to cut through virtually anything. Using “Elucidator”, Graphite Edge was able to insert his sword between the thin crack in the Castle gate and slice the seal from the outside.

To demonstrate, Graphite Edge activates “Elucidator” in the safe room. Turning his sword “Lux” into a one-atom thick graphene blade, he smoothly cuts a triangular hole in the invincible floor of the Imperial Castle.

The group then moves on to the next order of business: The Fluctuating Light. Travelling through the hole made by “Elucidator”, Graphite Edge leads them to the empty pedestals of the Fifth and Sixth Arcs. He explains that for all of the Seven Arcs, only the Kanji and English names for the Seventh Arc, “The Fluctuating Light”, correctly corresponded.

After mentioning this bit of trivia however, Graphite Edge claims that he does not know any more.

In response, Metatron immediately speaks up. She asserts that as a Burst Linker with the power to reach the Highest Level and the technique to infiltrate the Imperial Palace, Graphite Edge must know more about the secrets of Brain Burst. In a passionate speech, Metatron questions the age-old Burst Linker about the true purpose of the Accelerated World.

In a grave, quiet voice, Graphite Edge states that he would explain more once they reached the Shrine of the Eight Divines. However, just as they reached the deepest part of the Castle, Haruyuki and Fūko’s Disconnection Timers ran out. Promising to dive back immediately, the two were disconnected.

While they were waiting, Graphite Edge leads Trilead to the Arc hall to train. Finding a patrolling guard to practice on, he instructs Trilead to battle it. When Haruyuki and Fūko return, he tells Haruyuki to help Trilead with the Enemy. After the two novices finally manage to defeat it, the group returns to the Shrine of the Eight Divines to continue the discussion about the Fluctuating Light.

When they arrive, Graphite Edge begins the story of the Accelerated World’s creation:

In the late 2020s, a large-scale war was brought about in a virtual world, with the center of attention being a certain Being – that is, an Artificial Fluctlight. One side of war, led by an individual known as "A", desired the destruction of the Being. The other side, led by an individual known as "B", desired to protect the Being.

Developer B (right) battling Developer A (left) over the Being (center)

After many years of fighting, both A and B discovered a system console that gave them administrator privileges in the virtual world. However, the powers were extremely limited: they could only generate objects and monsters. In other words, the administrator powers did not allow one side to directly annihilate the players of the other.

Thus, as an alternative plan, A tried to lock the Being away in the virtual world instead of directly destroying it. Capturing the Being in question, he created an enormous dungeon and sealed it within an Enhanced Armament as the Fluctuating Light. Then, he created eight extremely powerful monsters to guard the sealed Being. Finally, he guarded the dungeon itself with four similarly powerful monsters. This dungeon later became the Imperial Palace, and the four monsters, the Four Gods.

Arriving a few minutes later, B challenged A to a battle and won. Aiming to free the Being from the dungeon, he and his army attempted to attack the stronghold. However, the Four Gods were hopelessly strong, and B’s comrades were killed one after another. Finally, B was forced to retreat.

After this failed attack, B decided to entrust hope to the future instead. Developing a series of three games – Accel Assault (AA), Brain Burst (BB), and Cosmos Corrupt (CC) – he hoped that someday, players strong enough would penetrate the Imperial Palace, defeat the guardian Enemies, and free the Being trapped within.

With this, Graphite Edge finishes his story.

After standing stunned for a few seconds, Haruyuki begins to ask questions.

First, Haruyuki had always felt that there was a huge disparity between the difficulty of the Imperial Palace and the difficulty of the rest of Brain Burst. Was this because of how the two regions were designed by two different developers? Graphite Edge answers yes.

Second, couldn’t Developer B have just created similarly powerful monsters to attack the Four Gods? Graphite Edge responds that system generated monsters could not attack other monsters.

Third, why were the requirements to reach Level 10 so harsh? If Developer B wanted players to get as powerful as possible, why would he force the highest levelled players to kill the other highest levelled players? Graphite Edge theorizes that Level 9 is actually the maximum level granted by the system – Level 10 went beyond the system limits. If Level 10 gave the player the ability to go beyond the system limits, then such harsh requirements weren’t surprising at all. Or, maybe the Developer was simply testing them with the promise of Level 10…

Fourth, why was Brain Burst a fighting game? If the true goal of Brain Burst was to defeat the Four Gods and free the Fluctuating Light, then wouldn’t a PvE game make more sense than a one-on-one fighting game? Graphite Edge answers that the PvE method had already been tried. Cosmos Corrupt (CC) was a hack-and-slash game with monster hunts as the main purpose. Meanwhile, Accel Assault (AA) was a high-speed-shooter game with player duels as the main purpose. However, both were already closed down – neither of the methods had worked. On the other hand, Brain Burst, BB, which had a balance of PvP and PvE, was still running.

Finally, what would happen when the Fluctuating Light was freed? To this final question, Graphite Edge responds that even he didn’t know. However, he was sure of one thing: the outcome would change the real world.

With this, Haruyuki and Fūko prepared to leave the Imperial Castle. However, Graphite Edge had one last request: he wanted Lead to go with them. In the escape that followed, he stayed at the edge of the Castle gate and repeated sniped Suzaku with Vorpal Strike. With his help, Haruyuki, Fūko, and Trilead successfully escape from the Imperial Palace.

God of Demise[]

As the strongest swordsman of the Accelerated World, Graphite Edge was deemed a necessary candidate for the attack on Apocalypse God Tezcatlipoca. Thus, a joint operation by the Six Great Legions was conducted, sending an army of the highest levelled Burst Linkers to the Imperial Palace’s northern gate to free Graphite Edge. The operation was a success, and Graphite Edge was freed from the Imperial Palace’s captivity.


Graphite Edge[]

Graphite Edge

Graphite Edge has a round black head, not unlike a helmet. On the masculine face mask, he possesses a sharp V-shaped visor. His avatar is equipped with a long black coat with high collars. He also carries two hyper-diamond swords, named Lux and Umbra, on his back.

As a swordmaster of the highest caliber, Graphite Edge is known as the strongest swordsman in the Accelerated World[1]. As such, his skills in close combat are superior to even Black Lotus. Even though she was one level higher than him, she had never managed to defeat him in their training matches. The only time she did "win" was by cutting off the part of the building he was standing on, causing him to fall to the ground below.[2]

In fact, according to White Cosmos, Graphite Edge is stronger than any of the Six Kings of Pure Color in spite of him being a whole level lower. Furthermore, even the Archangel Metatron was intimidated by Graphite Edge’s presence, sensing that he was a being greater than even the Four Saints. In fact, he had previously managed to defeat Metatron's first form in a one-versus-one battle, albeit only after many failed attempts.

Since his Duel Avatar’s potential is completely specialized towards his dual blades, his naked avatar possesses almost no fighting capability. Most of his special attacks are also focused on the use of a single sword. True to his namesake, his defense is so weak that even Ardor Maiden could defeat him in close combat while unarmed. Despite this though, during the territory battle between Great Wall and Nega Nebulus, he was able to effortlessly stop Black Lotus' swords with his bare hands.

His Child is Azure Heir.

Enhanced Armaments[]

  • Lux & Umbra – This pair of Enhanced Armaments are identical swords mainly made of hyperdiamond,[2] also known as aggregated diamond nanorods, with a two-centimeter-thick blade of graphene.[3] His swords are so durable that they allow him to block almost any physical attack, including Black Lotus' Terminate Sword.[4] It is their cutting power and unbreakability together that gave Graphite Edge the nickname "Anomaly".


  • Slant – A Special Move that causes Lux or Umbra, whichever one is being used, to glow blue. Graphite Edge then slashes the sword in a slanted path.[5]
  • Vertical Square – Using a single sword, Graphite Edge slashes four times in the air, drawing a glowing blue lines 3 meters in length that form a vertically oriented square. The square then flies out while spinning, and cuts through its target.[5]
  • Spinning Shield – Spinning his sword at extremely high speeds, Graphite Edge creates a spinning shield of light. Greatly effective against “breath attacks”, Spinning Shield was even able to stop Apocalypse God Tezcatlipoca’s Tlaxochimaco.[1]


  • Vorpal Strike – A second stage Incarnate Attack combining Range Expansion and Attack Power, Graphite Edge pulls his sword back to his shoulder and thrusts it forward with great force, extending for many tens of meters. It is known to create a thunderous jet-engine sound.
  • Starburst Stream – A second stage Incarnate Attack combining Range Expansion and Attack Power, Graphite Edge strikes 16 times in succession using both swords. Hence the name, sixteen “stars” are created, eight on each sword, and strike the target as ranged projectiles.
  • The Eclipse – A second stage Incarnate Attack combining Range Expansion and Attack Power, Graphite Edge strikes twenty-seven times in a mere two seconds, Graphite Edge launches a barrage of slashes at his target.
  • Elucidator – A third stage Incarnate ability requiring the substitution of one piece of logic into the system, which in this case is that an infinitesimally thin blade can cut through anything. This ability, which activates with a metallic sound, causes Graphite Edge's blades to become extremely thin and appear hazy and shadowy. This allows the blade to cut through anything that is not constantly regenerating.[3]

Graphite Edge taught three of these techniques, Vorpal Strike, Starburst Stream, and the Eclipse to Black Lotus.


  • Ain Style – This is Graphite Edge's style of swordsmanship. As his student, Black Lotus also knows this style.[6]



  • Graphite Edge (グラファイト・エッジ, Gurafaito Ejji)
  • Graph (グラフ, Gurafu)
  • Anomaly (矛盾存在(アノマリー), Mujun Sonzai (Anomarī))
  • Lux (ルークス, Rūkusu)
  • Umbra (アンブラ, Anbura)
  • Slant (スラント, Suranto)
  • Vertical Square (バーチカル・スクエア, Bāchikuru Sukuea)
  • Spinning Shield (スピニング・シールド, Supiningu Shīrudo)
  • Vorpal Strike (奪命撃(ヴォーパル・ストライク), Datsumyō Geki (Vōparu Sutoraiku))
  • Starburst Stream (星光連流撃(スターバーストストリーム), Seikō Renryū Geki (Sutābāsuto Sutorīmu))
  • The Eclipse (光環連旋撃(ジ・イクリプス), Kōkan Rensen Geki (Ji Ikuripusu))
  • Elucidator (解明剣(エルシデイター), Kaimeiken (Erushideitā))
  • Ain Style (明陰流(アインりゅう), Ain Ryū)


  • Graphite Edge is ambidextrous.[5]
  • Since Graphite Edge has invited Azure Heir, who is presumably a member of the royal family, into the game, he may have connections with the Japanese royal family.
  • Graphite Edge is an Isotope, a group of Burst Linkers even older than the Originators. White Cosmos and Snow Fairy are also Isotopes.[1]
  • White Cosmos believes that Graphite Edge is stronger than even the Six Kings of Pure Color. Thus, eliminating Graphite Edge is of top priority for the Acceleration Research Society.
  • Metatron is intimidated by Graphite Edge, sensing that he is a being greater than even the Four Saints.
  • Fans have theorized that Graphite Edge is in fact Kirito himself, despite Reki Kawahara stating many times that Accel World and Sword Art Online are supposed to exist in different realities, albeit with some references. However, there is no concrete evidence that supports this statement. He also does not fulfill the criteria for being a Burst Linker.
    • Graphite Edge's sword style, the "Ain" style[7] and its Dual Wielding specialty, may be a reference to the "Aincrad Style" from Sword Art Online.
    • The known skills of the Ain style include Slant, Vertical Square, Spinning Shield, Vorpal Strike, Starburst Stream, and The Eclipse. All of these are sword skills from Sword Art Online.
    • Vorpal Strike, Starburst Stream, and The Eclipse, are Kirito’s signature skills
    • Graphite Edges’ Third Stage Incarnate attack Elucidator is Kirito’s sword in the Sword Art Online game.
    • Edge's fighting style mirrors Kirito greatly, as mentioned by Kirito in Accel World vs. Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight. Instead of confirming or denying this, Edge happily laughs it off as a coincidence.
    • His voice actor in Millennium Twilight is simply credited to ???, and his actual voice in the game is heavily filltered. His behavior and similarity of voice suggests several implications that his voice actor is in fact Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, the same as Kirito. Despite this, Graphite Edge's true identity (and "official" voice actor from the game) remains a mystery.


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