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Glacier Behemoth (グレイシャー・ビヒモス, Gureishā Bihimosu) is the seventh of the Seven Dwarfs, the executive team of the White Legion Oscillatory Universe.


Glacier Behemoth presents himself as a polite, courteous person, even during a battle. He considers himself the "most gentlemanly" out of the Seven Dwarfs. The only time this fails is when the White Legion is accused of being a façade for the Acceleration Research Society, upon which his tone turns as cold as his abilities.


Glacier Behemoth is a high-ranking member of Oscillatory Universe, and, along with Cypress Reaper, is in charge of training the new members of the legion.[1]

Plot Outline[]

The Rivalry of Black and White[]

Glacier Behemoth was part of the team defending Minato 3, fighting against the former members of Petit Paquet and Silver Crow before they were transported to the Unlimited Neutral Field by Orchid Oracle's Incarnate ability Paradigm Breakdown.

The Snow Sprite[]

Glacier Behemoth was responsible for trapping the majority of Nega Nebulus in his Last Glacial Period.


Glacier Behemoth[]

As befitting his name, Glacier Behemoth is a behemoth that can reach 5 meters tall when standing on two legs. However, he normally walks on all fours, but he reaches 3 meters even in that case. His limbs are thick, with his calves being around 30 centimeters across. On his predator-like head are pale blue eyes and a jaw filled with sharp teeth, as well as two horns. He also has one spike on each shoulder, and long, sharp claws on his hands. His tail has a spiked end. His sturdy armor is white like ice, and he is often surrounded in a white icy mist which heralds his arrival.

While many of his abilities revolve around the use of ice, he is not immune to being frozen. His cold resistance prevents him from being damaged, and he can easily tolerate sensations of coldness, whether produced naturally through low temperatures or artificial means.


  • Unnamed armor regeneration ability – This passive ability allows his armor to regenerate in low temperatures.
  • Sigh of Cocytus – This ability costs no SP. By taking a deep breath and breathing out, Glacier Behemoth can produce a large amount of icy mist, enough to freeze a 20-meter-wide area. This ability synergizes well with the ability to regenerate his armor at low temperatures.
  • Congeal Ray – This Special Move fires a pale blue beam of light from one of the horns on his head, causing large amounts of ice to form. When redirected by Silver Crow's Optical Conduction, the ice produced was enough to freeze himself up to his shoulders.
  • Dissolve Ray – This special move fires a red beam of light from one of his horns.


  • Last Glacial Period – An incarnate ability that causes blue ice pillars to grow out of the ground, forming tall, 1-meter-thick walls around the target.[2] It seems to require a lot of concentration, as Glacier Behemoth was curled up and unresponsive while it was active.[3]


  • Glacier Behemoth (グレイシャー・ビヒモス, Gureishā Bihimosu)
  • Sneezy (くしゃみ屋(スニージー), Kushamiya (Sunījī))
  • Habakkuk (ハボクック, Habakukku)


  • His title of "Habakkuk" is a reference to Project Habakkuk, a plan of the British during the Second World War to create an aircraft carrier out of a mixture of wood pulp and ice.


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