The Gale Thruster is an Enhanced Armament that was originally owned by Sky Raker. Reminiscent of a jet-pack, it grants the user the ability to fly at incredible speeds. However, as its energy pool is limited, it can only be used for a limited amount of time before the user is forced to land. Nonetheless, Gale Thruster can be instantly recharged through the use of the Incarnate System. For example, during Silver Crow's fight with Dusk Taker, Crow was able to recharge Gale Thruster in midair by incarnating his wish to fly into the jet-pack.

Plot Outline[edit | edit source]

After Silver Crow lost his ability to fly, Sky Raker gave him the Gale Thruster to use in his upcoming fight against Dusk Taker. In response to her kindness, Haruyuki replied that he would give it back to her as soon as he retrieved his wings. After his second fight with Dusk Taker in which he successfully regained his wings, Haruyuki returned with Kuroyukihime to return the Gale Thruster to Fūko.

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