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Frost Horn (フロスト・ホーン, Furosuto Hōn) is a level 5 Burst Linker and member of the Blue Legion, Leonids.


Frost Horn acts like a muscleman while being quite smart about battles, as seen from his boring but practical ability Icy Slide. He also knows not to underestimate strong enemies like Wolfram Cerberus too much, as he charged up his Special Ability Gauge prior to their confrontation.


Frost Horn[]

Frost Horn is a large Duel Avatar covered in angular translucent ice-blue armor. He has a horn on his forehead and two more spikes on his shoulders.[1] His build makes him look like a knight.


  • Icy Slide[2] – This ability creates a thin layer of ice on the ground beneath his feet, allowing him to move quickly across the battlefield.[1]
  • Frosted Circle – This Special Move causes frost to form on surfaces within an area. This increases the weight of all avatars, making it significantly harder for lightweight speed types to use their full potential, while heavy-types who rely on pure strength see an increase in power, similar to sumo wrestlers. It also obscures the line of sight of all long-range attackers and disables heat seeking attacks, also reducing the accuracy of laser based attacks by 30%. Furthermore, the frost covers the horn on his forehead, increasing his attacking power as well as constantly changing its size, making it even harder for fighters like Silver Crow to dodge his attacks. However, its main weakness seems to be that due to the frost layer this ability generates he cannot make sudden turns or slow down effectively, as seen when he was unable to stop himself from stepping on a giant beetle's egg in the Primeval Forest stage.


  • Frost Horn is a fan of Heliosphere, and of Freeze Tone in particular. He has also attended their first concert.[3]


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