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The Fifth Dwarf is an unknown Burst Linker of the White Legion, Oscillatory Universe.


The Fifth Dwarf is a senior member of Oscillatory Universe.


Duel Avatar[]

Nothing is known about the Fifth Dwarf's duel avatar, apart from the fact that they are not a whitish color.


  • As the Seven Dwarfs of Oscillatory Universe take their nicknames from the seven dwarves of Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Fifth Dwarf's nickname is either Doc, Happy, or Dopey.


  • Accel World Volume 24 Chapter 11 (p. 206): 'Was this the fifth or sixth of the Seven Dwarves [sic], who so far had not shown themselves? But he [Arita Haruyuki] was pretty sure their color names were not in the "white" line... [sic]'

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