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An Enemy in the Unlimited Neutral Field

Enemies, or Beings, are powerful non-player characters, typically wandering around in the Unlimited Neutral Field. They can take on various forms. With some exceptions, they take the form of modified animals. When defeated, they give Burst Points, and very rarely, Enhanced Armaments. While they give very small amounts of BP, they are one of the few sources of BP outside duels, and their ease of access led to Enemy hunts becoming one of the major sources of BP in Brain Burst.


Enemies are typically classified into four main classes. However, it should be noted that there are Enemies who do not fit into the four classes.

Lesser-class Enemies are the weakest Enemies. However, they are about as powerful as a level 7 Duel Avatar. As such, one-on-one battles with Lesser-class Enemies are often used as a trial for Burst Linkers to prove their seniority.[1]

Wild-class Enemies are are typically around 5 meters in size, and are the typical target for Enemy hunts. However, even experienced Burst Linkers would find it hard to defeat Wild-class Enemies solo, especially since they often cluster together, and one may find themselves facing multiple.[1]

Beast-class Enemies are typically around 7 to 8 meters in size, and can be found along bullet train tracks. It is possible for around 20 Burst Linkers to defeat one, but this requires a high degree of coordination. Green Grandé hunts this type of Enemy for Burst Points to sustain the Accelerated World.[2][1]

Legend-class Enemies are typicaly found in the centers of mazes or other famous landmarks, and require dozens of highly-experienced Burst Linkers to defeat. Even then, one small mistake could cause the deaths of the entire contingent. It is said that only one who has defeated a Legend-class Enemy alone is Blue Knight, thus earning him the title "Legend Slayer".[1] Four Legend-Class Enemies, those guarding the dungeons housing four of the Seven Arcs, have been named the Four Saints, and all four presumably have a beast-like first form and a human-like true form.

Other classes of Enemies include Devil-class Enemies, which only appear in the Hell stage and take the form of huge demons and other monstrosities.[3] They are as powerful as Legend-class Enemies.[4]

Super-class Enemies, also known as the Four Gods, are powerful Enemies even stronger than Legend-class Enemies, and guard the four bridges leading into the Imperial Palace. They are highly connected, and while inactive, can heal any active member, making it necessary to attack all four of them at once to defeat them and access the interior of the Palace. They take inspiration from the Four Gods of East Asian mythologies.


Enemies mainly drop Burst Points. Burst Linkers will often organize hunting parties to hunt Enemies for BP.

Very rarely, certain Enemies will also drop Enhanced Armaments, such as Jormungandr's Star Caster.


Enemies are typically hostile towards Burst Linkers, attacking duel avatars they detect. The method of detection depend on their species, but it can also be determined based on their morphology. Humanoid Enemies typically use sight and sound to detect their surroundings, beastlike Enemies detect smells, and insectoid enemies detect vibrations. However, there are some Enemies which are able to detect duel avatars directly.[5] Their hostility is often a result of Burst Linkers intruding upon their territory, and experienced Burst Linkers know to avoid their territories.

Duel avatars who die in the territory of an Enemy will respawn within it, and if they cannot escape in time, the Enemy will attack them once again. This can lead to what is known as an Unlimited Enemy Kill, or Unlimited EK, wherein the duel avatar will be attacked when they respawn, causing them to die within the Enemy's territory again, repeating the cycle. This can cause the Burst Linker to lose all their Burst Points and have Brain Burst uninstalled.

However, there are exceptions such as the Four Saints in their second forms, who have human-like degrees of sentience and are able to refrain from attacking duel avatars. Other exceptions exist, such as Coolu, a Lava Carbuncle belonging to Petit Paquet.

Enemies hear the use of the Incarnate System as a distinct sound, which attracts them towards the source.[5]

List of Known Enemies[]


  • Lava Carbuncle – An armadillo-like Enemy with a particularly large forehead, on which is a large red oval gem. The Lava Carbuncle can fire a powerful laser out of the gem, capable of cutting through structures in the Ancient Castle stage. It has an aggro range of approximately 30 meters. One individual has befriended the Burst Linker Chocolate Puppeteer, who she has named Coolu.[6]


  • Unnamed scorpion-like Enemy – Its armor is fire-resistant; it can be heated until red-hot without visibly damaging the Enemy. Its venomous tail is guided, and aims accurately at a Duel Avatar's chest even when the Enemy is blinded.[7]


  • Grada – This Enemy has a segmented body with 8 legs. It is extremely durable, functioning normally even with a meter-long sword in its head. If damaged, it bleeds a blue-black body fluid. It growls.[8]
  • Varangian[9]
  • Flame Blower – This Enemy looks like a giant isopod 7 to 8 meters long, with many sturdy legs. Its slender compound eyes are black, with glowing lines. Beneath its eyes are its jaws, between which are its nozzle-like mouthparts. It can blow orange flames out of its mouthparts, hence its name. It is mainly a pale red, with the exception of its shield-like head armor, which is a red so dark that it almost looks black. Beneath the head shield is the nucleus of its nervous system, which looks like a jellyfish and glows purple. When destroyed, the nucleus bursts, possibly giving Enhanced Armaments and rare materials in addition to large amounts of Burst Points. If its exoskeleton is broken carelessly, the large amounts of fuel inside the Flame Blower ignite, causing a large and very noticeable explosion. It has a conch-like roar. It has a three-level HP gauge.[10]


  • Jormungandr
  • Einherjar – Einherjars are found in the Valhalla Dungeon. They wear dark armor, and have blue eyes that look like will-o'-wisps. They carry damaged kite shields and longswords with chipped blades.[9] As Einherjars are meant to be the spirits of the dead, they are actually fragile "souls" possessing a suit of armor. If one could bypass the armor, this Enemy is extremely easy to defeat.[11]
    • Einherjar Commander – Einherjar Commanders carry spiked flails instead of shields and wear a cape. Their longswords are also larger.[9]
  • Sun God Inti
  • Rudra – Rudra seems to be able to use water attacks.[9]

Four Saints[]

  • Archangel Metatron – Metatron resides in the boss room of the Contrary Cathedral, also known as the Shiba Park Underground Labyrinth, where The Luminary was found. Her first form is invincible apart from her laser emitter or unless she is in the Hell stage. Her second form resembles a female angel.
  • Sun Goddess Amaterasu – Amaterasu resides in the boss room of the Ama no Iwato, also known as the Tokyo Station Underground Labyrinth, where The Tempest was found. It is unknown what her first form looks like, but her second form resembles a woman in ancient Japanese clothing.[12]


  • Unnamed demon-like Enemy – This is a large Enemy 10 meters tall. It has long arms and by default leans forwards. Two spiral horns come out of its head, and it has red eyes. It also has various special moves which cause lightning to crackle from its horns and form a ball, from which a dark laser shoots out with a wail.


  • Seiryu – Seiryu guards the East Gate of the Imperial Palace. It takes the form of a blue dragon, and has the signature ability Level Drain, which is able to reduce a Burst Linker's level.
  • Suzaku – Suzaku guards the South Gate of the Imperial Palace. It takes the form of a large fiery bird, and has extremely strong flames.
  • Byakko – Byakko guards the West Gate of the Imperial Palace. It takes the form of a white tiger, and moves with such high speed that it can be considered pseudo-teleportation.
  • Genbu – Genbu guards the North Gate of the Imperial Palace. It utilizes gravitational attacks.
  • Night Goddess Nyx – Nyx resides in the boss room of the Yoyogi Park Underground Labyrinth. She was once considered the Fifth Saint, despite being a whole level higher.

Unknown class[]

  • Hydra – A Beast- or Legend-class Enemy, it has a round body with multiple heads coming out of it, each with red eyes. It is almost 10 meters long.[13]
  • Principality – An Enemy found in the Contrary Cathedral. It has bluish metal armor, a pair of white wings, and a crucifix-like sword. It communicates in broken Hebrew.[14]
  • Virtue – 30 of these Enemies are found in the Contrary Cathedral's boss room. Metatron's first form can order them around to some extent.[14]
  • Burlone – Burlone is a huge tortoise-like Enemy with a long neck, a long tail, and paddle-like limbs. It has dark markings behind its eyes, as well as a jagged mouth. It is very strong. Its most unique feature is that it has a shop on its shell, also named Burlone.[15] Its movements seem to be predictable enough that Hoori Yuuko was able to predict when it will appear near her location even in the real world.[16]