An Enemy in the Unlimited Neutral Field

Enemies are non-player characters, usually taking on the form of some kind of animal, that wander around the Unlimited Neutral Field at will. When defeated, they give a small amount of Burst Points - usually less than are earned from winning a normal duel. Because of this, Burst Linkers often form parties of players to hunt Enemies for long periods at a time.

Types of EnemiesEdit

Enemies are separated into four distinct classes in order to denote their level of power:

  • Lesser-class
  • Wild-class
  • Beast-class
  • Legend-class; eg. Though there are four classes, even Lesser-class enemies are difficult for mid- to high-ranking Burst Linkers to defeat alone. Some use Enemies as a "rite of passage" for Burst Linkers to move into a ranking position within the Legion.

Enemy DropsEdit

Enemies drop Burst Points by default, but in rare cases, they have been known to drop Enhanced Armaments. This seems to be limited to very powerful enemies, however. Jormungand dropping the Star Caster on its defeat is one example of this.

Enemy InteractionsEdit


When a Duel Avatar uses an Incarnate ability of some sort in the Unlimited Neutral Field, nearby Enemies will detect it and attempt to converge on that location.

Acoustic SummonEdit

Lime Bell's natural Ability, Acoustic Summon, has the single purpose of drawing nearby Enemies to her location. No other Abilities that manipulate Enemies are known to exist.

The Four DeitiesEdit

The Four Deities (四聖) is the name given to the "second form" of the four bosses of the four main Dungeons. Their normal form as the boss are classified as powerful Legend-class Enemies, while their second, or "true", forms, are the Four Deities. The only ones known so far are the Archangel Metatron and Amaterasu. There are also several entities of comparable power - Nyx is considered "Fifth Deity" and was sealed in her dungeon at the dawn of Accel World by linkers, and mindless Inti holds title of "Sun God".

The Four GodsEdit

The Four Gods (四神, shishin) are powerful legend-class enemies that guard the bridges to the Imperial Castle. In addition to having game-breaking mechanics and ridiculously strong attacks, they will heal and buff each other if left alone. They are:

  • Genbu of the North
  • Seiryuu of the East
  • Byakko of the West
  • Suzaku of the South
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