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Dushka is the last Assault Linker and was a player of Accel Assault. She searches for opponents to fight in the now-abandoned virtual reality fighting game one last time before finally moving on.


Dushka is a lonely person who only wants to enjoy the game that is no longer popular with someone else one last time. After she was defeated by Black Lotus/Silver Crow in battle, Dushka thanked them and aided in their escape from Accel Assault's breakdown.


Her history is unknown, but it is shown that Dushka was a player of Accel Assault until the game lost popularity and shut down with many of her fellow Assault Linkers leaving for a new game. However, she persistently remained behind as the last Assault Linker and became lonely in a now-abandoned virtual reality world.



Plot Outline[]


Desperately searching for opponents most likely Burst Linkers, Dushka trapped unfortunate students in school networks after school and stripped off their avatars' clothes and items on Umesato Junior High and other schools. Her activities were caught noticed by the Red Legion, Prominence who then shared info with the Black Legion, Nega Nebulus to deal with her.

Dushka found Kuroyukihime and Chiyuri in the school network's virtual reality, intending to do the same thing to the two girls like the previous attacks but failed to realize that she fell into their trap to capture her but nevertheless managed to shoot them, revealing that her shots were meant to identify Burst Linkers, and send them to Accel Assault.

Now in her world, Dushka reveals her name and status as an Assault Linker and activates a new Assault Link command which transforms her into a new avatar and begins attacking the group. Seemingly appeared to overpower them in terms of great speed, strength and firepower, Dushka was soon defeated by Black Lotus and Silver Crow who briefly merged together to combine their respective Abilities.

After defeat, her Fluctlight appeared before them and thanked them for spending time with her in Accel Assault one last time as the virtual reality world collapses. Dushka then led the Nega Nebulus out of the game safely and returned back to reality.

Her current status is unknown.


Dushka's avatar is a small petite blonde girl. She wears a tube top dress and also a Pumpkin mask and armor. She wields a Scythe that can be used for melee and turn into a cannon that mark and identifies Burst Linkers but disintegrates clothes and items of non-Burst Linkers.


This is Dushka's Accel Assault character. Her resembles that of a queen with a large dress. Dushka has a disproportionate pink and golden metallic body type that possess heavy arsenal of drone-like blades that can attack an opponent in sheer numbers and has a large Scythe for melee combat. The jet boosters allows Dushka to travel on great speeds. Her avatar is purely offensive-type as Dushka was able to be on par with Black Lotus who is a Level 9 Burst Linker and a veteran deadliest fighter in the Accel World for a long period of time before eventually being defeated by Black Lotus merged with Silver Crow.