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Haruyuki's duel avatar, Silver Crow

A duel avatar (デュエルアバター, Deueru Abatā) is a virtual avatar that represents a player in Brain Burst.


Duel avatars come in many shapes and sizes, but on the whole tend to be either humanoid or animal-shaped. Each duel avatar is named with a color and a noun, such as Lime Bell or Peach Parasol. Both the color and the noun designate the duel avatar's general abilities. Rarely, a duel avatar will be created with a so-called "metal color", which gets its properties from the metal it's named after instead of a color, such as Silver Crow or Nickel Doll. On some duel avatars, the first prefix may not appear to be a color, such as Ardor Maiden, but "ardor" refers to a blazing flame and is used as a color to mean red and white.

The duel avatar itself is made of an inorganic crystal that is neither metal nor plastic nor glass, even though metal duel avatars may be wrapped in metallic armor.[1]

Duel Avatar Creation[]

A duel avatar is created when the Brain Burst program is installed on someone's Neuro Linker. It used to be thought that the program would scan a person's mind and learn their fears and desires, and from their trauma it creates their Avatar. However, it appears that the vivid nightmare a new Burst Linker has is actually the person's own Incarnate projection of their desire. However, in many cases, a Burst Linker forgets about the contents of the dream but knows it was a nightmare. Regular duel avatars practically display their traumas on the outside, however, if the trauma is unknown even to the Burst Linker, the duel avatar formed will be metallic, as explained by the mental-scar shell theory.

A duel avatar's name is made of two parts, a color name and a unique name. The color name, as the name suggests, is the name of the color, and forms the first half of the avatar's name. The unique name is the second half of an avatar's name, and is often named after an organism, an equipment, a phenomenon, or a verb, though exceptions are easy to find.[2]

Abilities and Enhanced Armaments[]

Duel avatars have access to both Abilities and Enhanced Armaments, which are generally unique to the Avatar and represent their main characteristic. There are several different kinds of Abilities, and Enhanced Armaments can take on any form, not only that of weapons.

A duel avatar is always created with either a passive/active Ability, a Special Move, or an Enhanced Armament. For example, Silver Crow had the passive Abilities Punch and Kick as well as the Special Move Headbutt, and Iris Alice gained access to the Two Face ability by shattering the glass flask she holds.

Leveling Up[]

Duel avatars start at level 1 when born, and can get up to level 10, though no one has reached level 10 yet. Each level up grants the Avatar more maximum HP (according to Nickel Doll) and gives them a choice of what Level Up Bonus they would like to choose.

Level Up Bonuses can be acquiring a new Ability, Special Move, Enhanced Armament, or somehow powering up those three. For example, Silver Crow chose to increase the flight speed of his Aviation Ability when he first leveled up, and Iris Alice chose a new Enhanced Armament, Queen's Astrology.

Burst Points[]

Burst Points are the main form of currency in Brain Burst, and each duel avatar starts with 100. These points are used to level up, to execute special commands while outside the virtual world such as Physical Burst, and to buy various items at Shops. They are exchanged after Duels; the loser(s) give Burst Points to the winner(s). They can also be acquired by defeating Enemies in the Unlimited Neutral Field.

Avatar Death[]

In the Unlimited Neutral Field, if a duel avatar's HP reaches 0, they disappear in place of a Death Marker, which shows the Avatar's name and shines a beam of colored light into the sky. For sixty minutes, the Burst Linker can travel around in "ghost" form as an observer, and when the time is up, that player is reborn.

Point Depletion[]

There are two main ways a duel avatar can "die" permanently. The first is if the Burst Linker dies in the real world, and the second, more common way is to lose all Burst Points. This is referred to as Point Depletion, and will result in not only Brain Burst being forcibly uninstalled from the player's Neuro Linker, but also their memories relating to Brain Burst disappearing along with it.

Burst points can be lost in 4 ways: losing duels, PK or physical kill, sudden death, and unlimited EK (unlimited enemy kill). Physical kill refers to stealing a player's points in a direct duel. Sudden death refers to when both sides charge all their points onto a Sudden Death Duel Card and the winner receives all the burst points. As seen in Volume 4 between a duel with Silver Crow, Cyan Pile, and Dusk Taker. Sudden death also occurs between level nine players. Unlimited Enemy Kill occurs in the Unlimited Neutral Field where a player is trapped in a cycle of life and death until they lose all their burst points such as the death of Saffron Blossom. [3]

However, an Avatar can only die when the "defeated" screen appears after a Duel. Seiryuu's special Level Drain Ability cannot cause Point Depletion by itself; Aqua Current, who was trapped under Seiryuu at the Imperial Palace and forcibly disconnected from the Unlimited Neutral Field, was able to stay alive at level 1 with zero Burst Points.

List of Known Duel Avatars[]

Duel Avatar Burst Linker Color First Appearance
Silver Crow Arita Haruyuki Metal Volume 01
Black Lotus Kuroyukihime Volume 01
Cyan Pile Mayuzumi Takumu Volume 01
Ash Roller Kusakabe Rin (Kusakabe Rinta) Volume 01
Scarlet Rain Kōzuki Yuniko Volume 02
Cherry Rook Unknown Volume 02
Yellow Radio Unknown Volume 02
Red Rider Unknown Volume 02
Lime Bell Kurashima Chiyuri Volume 03
Dusk Taker Noumi Seiji Volume 03
Sky Raker Kurasaki Fūko Volume 03
Blood Leopard Kakei Mihaya Volume 04
Slate Bolt Unknown Volume 04 (mention)
Rust Jigsaw Unknown Volume 04
Black Vise Unknown Volume 04
Frost Horn Unknown Volume 05
Tourmaline Shell Unknown Volume 05
Bush Utan Unknown Volume 05
Blue Knight Unknown Volume 06
Cobalt Blade Takanouchi Koto Metal Volume 06
Manganese Blade Takanouchi Yuki Metal Volume 06
Green Grandé Unknown Volume 06
Purple Thorn Unknown Volume 06
Aster Vine Unknown Volume 06
Ivory Tower Unknown Volume 06
Ardor Maiden Shinomiya Utai O Volume 06
Olive Glove Unknown Volume 06
Chrome Falcon Unknown Metal Volume 07
Saffron Blossom Unknown Volume 07
Azure Heir Unknown Volume 07
Cocoa Cracker Unknown Volume 09
Iron Pound Unknown Metal Volume 09
Aqua Current Himi Akira ??? Volume 10
Nickel Doll Unknown Metal Volume 10
Sand Duct Unknown Volume 10
Crimson Kingbolt Unknown Volume 10
Coral Merrow Itosu Mana Volume 10
Lagoon Dolphin Asato Ruka Volume 10
Sulfur Pot Unknown Volume 10
Orchid Oracle Wakamiya Megumi Volume 10
Argon Array Unknown Volume 11
Wolfram Cerberus Unknown Metal Volume 11
Mirror Masker Shinomiya Kyōya Metal Volume 11 (mention)
Magnesium Drake Unknown Metal Volume 11 (mention)
Chocolate Puppeteer Nago Shihoko Volume 12
Mint Mitten Mito Satomi Volume 12
Plum Flipper Yuruki Yume Volume 12
Magenta Scissor Rui Odagiri Volume 12
Avocado Avoider Unknown Volume 12
Blaze Heart Unknown Volume 13
Peach Parasol Unknown Volume 13
Ochre Prison Unknown Volume 13
Jade Jailer Unknown Short Story 1
Beryllium Coil Unknown Metal Short Story 2
Azalea Baton Unknown Short Story 2
Rutile Check Unknown Short Story 2
Verdant Colossus Unknown Short Story 2
Chili Pepper Unknown Short Story 2
Mustard Salticid Unknown Short Story 2
Cinnamon Raccoon Unknown Short Story 2
White Cosmos Unknown Volume 16
Viridian Decurion Unknown Volume 17
Graphite Edge Unknown Volume 17
Lignum Vitae Unknown Volume 18
Suntan Chafer Unknown Volume 18
Cassis Moose Unknown Volume 18
Thistle Porcupine Unknown Volume 18
Tin Writer Unknown (voiced by Kawahara Reki) Metal Accel World anime Transformation
Amber Penguin Unknown Accel World anime episode 6
Powder Bear Unknown Accel World anime episode 6
Saxe Lauder Unknown Accel World anime episode 11
Nitride Uncia Tsukiori Risa Metal Accel World: Infinite∞Burst
Aluminum Valkyrie Chigira Chiaki Metal Magisa Garden Chapter 1
Orange Raptor Hoori Yuuko Magisa Garden Chapter 1
Violet Dancer Kuruma Kurumi Magisa Garden Chapter 1
Zircon Paladin Unknown Metal Magisa Garden Chapter 1
Iris Alice Lilya Usachova Magisa Garden Chapter 5
Vanilla Slicer Unknown Magisa Garden Chapter 6
Ruddy Raccoon Unknown Magisa Garden Chapter 8 (mention)
Maroon Balloon Unknown Magisa Garden Chapter 32
Brass Eagle Washizuka Noriko Metal Magisa Garden Chapter 35
Pyrite Jabber Unknown Metal Magisa Garden Chapter 36
Glass Monarch Chigira Souya Non-color Magisa Garden


  • Duel avatars do not need to breathe, which is how they can survive in stages like Ocean or Space.[4]