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Cypress Reaper (サイプレス・リーパー, Saipuresu Rīpā) is the sixth of the Seven Dwarfs, the executive team of the White Legion, Oscillatory Universe.


Cypress Reaper is in charge of training new members of Oscillatory Universe, along with Glacier Behemoth.


Cypress Reaper[]

Cypress Reaper is a "special color" Duel Avatar, and specializes in close-range combat. He wears a torn cloak and has a scythe.

He is a senior Burst Linker, having enough experience to be an executive of Oscillatory Universe.

Enhanced Armaments[]

  • Unnamed torn cloak
  • Unnamed scythe


  • Cypress Reaper's only appearance is as a mention by Rose Milady. When asked whether she knows any low-ranking members of Oscillatory Universe, she mentions that Cypress Reaper and Glacier Behemoth are the ones in charge of training.
  • As the Seven Dwarfs of Oscillatory Universe take their nicknames from the seven dwarves of Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cypress Reaper's nickname is either Doc, Happy, or Dopey.


  • Cypress Reaper (サイプレス・リーパー, Saipuresu Rīpā)


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