Accel World Wiki

Accel World has a variety of commands:

  • Direct Link
    • Command to Full dive into the usual LAN environment.
  • Burst Link
    • The most basic acceleration command that is unlocked upon installation of the game, costing one Burst Point. By using it, the thinking processes of the user can be accelerated 1000 times. At the same time, the user enters the initial acceleration space. Can be used online or offline.
  • Burst Out
    • Used to exit the Accelerated World.
  • Physical Burst
    • Costing 5 Burst Points and being unlocked at Level 1, this command accelerates the mind by 10 times while allowing the user to retain control of their physical body (note that the body is not accelerated). The effect lasts for 3 seconds in reality and 30 seconds in acceleration.
  • Unlimited Burst
  • Physical Full Burst
    • A level-9 exclusive command, this command accelerates both the mind and physical body by 100 times, lasting for 3 seconds in reality and 300 seconds in acceleration. However, this power has a steep cost of 99% of total Burst Points possessed, while also putting extreme strain on the user's physical body.