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Chrome Falcon (クロム · ファルコン, Kurōmo Farukon) was of the first generation Burst Linkers. As such, he was one of the Originators. He was also the first Chrome Disaster


Nothing much is known about his personality except that he has self-esteem issues, similar to Haruyuki.


As one of the Originators, he was present from the very beginning of Brain Burst. He was in a relationship with a fellow Originator, Saffron Blossom.

Using his ability, Flash Blink, and one of the Imperial Palace stage exploits, he managed to get one of the Seven Arcs, the Destiny, 11 months into the game. He gave it to Saffron Blossom as a gift to help her in her goal to create a legion that would provide free points to those in need. The purpose of the legion was to ensure that everyone can accelerate forever. After they barely defeat one of the emerging Pure Colored Kings, they announced this goal to everyone. However, they did not agree due to the fact that she had «The Destiny» and feared they would rule the Accelerated World with an iron fist. As a result, they asked Black Vise for his assistance. He, along with 30 other burst linkers, trapped them in the lair of a Legendary Enemy called Jormungand. Saffron Blossom was crucified right next to Jormungand and went into Endless Kill Mode while Chrome Falcon was trapped by Black Vise's Static Pressure. Due to The Destiny's defensive properties, he warded off Jormungand's acid attack due to the fact Saffron Blossom was a non-metal avatar. To speed up the process, he had a healer resurrect her immediately. It was confirmed that the healer was White Cosmos, The Transient Eternity. Another member of the Acceleration Research Society was also present. Her name was Argon Array, the Quad-Eyed Analyst. The 30 burst linkers that were present just watched. And after a struggle, Chrome Falcon managed to free himself and went to Blossom's side. Blossom then used her «Petal Shelter» to shield them from Jormungand. She then asked Falcon to kill her since she only had 7 points left. Under her request, he did so reluctantly and as Blossom died, she told him to continue living even after she is gone. Right after her death, Falcon acquired «The Destiny» as a drop from killing Blossom, and used it and due to his intense feelings of grief and anger, managed to rip Jormungandr in half with his bare hands. After its death, he got a high ranking sword called «Star Caster». Mad from grief, he subconsciously used the Incarnate System and fused both weapons into The Disaster and lost himself in his own despair. He targeted Black Vise, Argon Array, and White Cosmos, but they escaped after they assessed that capture would not be possible. He then turned on the 30 burst linkers who betrayed him and Saffron Blossom and then killed them all again and again. One of the linkers escaped and told the Six Kings of Pure Color, who along with more than 30 of the top burst linkers at the time, managed to defeat Chrome Falcon by challenging him countless times until he was cornered and could no longer fight back.

However, at this point, Chrome Falcon's feelings had become strong enough to give birth to an existence separate to his own, The Beast, which would continue to dwell inside the Disaster, carrying on Falcon's grudge towards the Accelerated World even after his retirement as a Burst Linker.


Chrome Falcon[]

Chrome Falcon is a metal-colored Duel Avatar. His appearance is unremarkable, and looks like a generic underling, much like Silver Crow. The only difference, apart from the armor color, is the face-shield, which ends in a beak-like point, and his clawed feet. His armor, being chromium, is almost exactly in the center of the metal spectrum, and has only mediocre defence against both physical and special attacks. However, it is almost entirely immune to corrosive attacks.

Enhanced Armamanets[]

  • The Disaster – Made by combining the Destiny and Star Caster with negative Incarnation. It took on the properties of Chrome Falcon himself, granting the user near-immunity to corrosion. It is also parasitic, and has been transferred from its previous wearer every time without failure.


  • Flash Blink – Chrome Falcon's Level 5 Special Move. It allows him to teleport to places connected to his current location within his line of sight, by transforming his body into a collection of massless particles. This renders him immune to physical and gravitational attacks. He can travel up to 100 meters with a full Special Gauge. After turning into Chrome Disaster, he seems to be able to activate this ability without saying it out loud.


  • He and Saffron Blossom have beaten one of the Kings with the Destiny


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