Chrome Disaster, also known as the Armor of Catastrophe (災禍の鎧, Saika no Yoroi), is a sentient armor that was created by Chrome Falcon by combining two Enhanced Armaments: «The Destiny», one of The Seven Arcs, and «Star Caster», a high-ranking sword drop, via the Incarnate System. It is the main antagonist of the second arc of Accel World.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The appearance of the Armor varies from user to user.

History[edit | edit source]

In the early days of Accel World, there was a tyrant named Chrome Disaster who terrorized the Accelerated World. When the Seven Kings of Pure Color put an end to him, as Brain Burst uninstalled, Chrome Disaster proclaimed that his legacy would return to haunt Accel World. His words proved true, as his Enhanced Armament, the Armor of Catastrophe, remained intact despite his losing of Brain Burst and came to possess the next Burst Linker it came into contact with, creating even more carnage. The Armor possessed four different Burst Linkers before finally being destroyed by Black Lotus. Unbeknownst to everyone, Yellow Radio secretly acquired the Armor for later use.

In 2047, Yellow Radio gave the Armor to Cherry Rook, the Parent of Scarlet Rain, the current Red King, who was desperate to level up because he was leaving Tokyo in the real world. This new Chrome Disaster began causing the same level of chaos, threatening to break the truce all legions abode by. It was Yellow Radio's intention to have Chrome Disaster attack his legion. By the terms of the truce, if the offender was not dealt with by their respective legion, the victim could choose a substitute from said legion as penance. It was suspected that Yellow Radio was going after Scarlet Rain to get to Level 10. At the same time, Scarlet Rain sought out the aid of the Nega Nebulus, specifically Silver Crow, to contain the monster, as the current Chrome Disaster was capable of leaping great distances. It was defeated, however, a part of the Armor was embedded in Silver Crow's back.

The Armor manifested itself partially during Silver Crow's second match with Dusk Taker. After the match, the Armor's consciousness infiltrated his dreams in an effort to corrupt him.

In Volume 5, it fully manifested itself during the Hermes Cord Race. It went on a rampage while slowly corrupting Silver Crow's consciousness. Lime Bell used her Citron Call ability to forcefully remove the Armor. However, it still remained in Silver Crow's inventory.

In Volume 7, Silver Crow learned the full history of the armor via a dream sequence while stuck inside the Imperial Palace in the Unlimited Neutral Field. It was created by Chrome Falcon's despair when his lover, Saffron Blossom, died due to a betrayal orchestrated by the Acceleration Research Society.

In Volume 8, Silver Crow managed to equip the original form of «The Destiny» during his fight with Cyan Pile, who was infected by the ISS Kit. However, the Beast stopped the process midway. As a result, «The Destiny» only covered his right arm.

In Volume 9, Silver Crow managed to bond with the Armor while fighting Green Grandé and Iron Pound, after saving Ash Roller. Believing that he had become one with the Armor, he believed that purification would be useless and planned to run away, but was stopped by Black Lotus. After a two-versus-one fight against Black Vise with Black Lotus, he reunited Saffron Blossom and Chrome Falcon. The hatred, anger, and violence diminished, causing the Armor to split into the two original items, destroying the cycle of disaster. Later on, Silver Crow, along with the rest of Nega Nebulus, went to the site where Saffron Blossom had died and where the first Chrome Disaster was born. They found a key to the house belonging to the couple and left «The Destiny» and «Star Caster» there as a proper burial and storage site. Before leaving, Silver Crow gave thanks to Chrome Falcon and Saffron Blossom, promising to carry on their will before saying goodbye.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Chrome Disaster's abilities

The Armor possesses numerous abilities, including the use of the Incarnate System, that were made apparent when it possessed Silver Crow.

  • Health Absorption, from «The Destiny»
  • Future Prediction Calculation, from «The Starcaster».
  • Flash Blink, the ability of Chrome Falcon
  • Flame Breath, the ability of Magnesium Drake
  • Swordsmanship, the ability of Centaurea Sentry
  • Wire Hook, the ability of Cherry Rook
  • Aviation, the ability of Silver Crow
  • Strength Berserk ability

Users[edit | edit source]

Fourth Chrome Disaster

The Chrome Disaster possessed a total of six Burst Linkers.

  1. Chrome Falcon
  2. Magnesium Drake
  3. Centaurea Sentry
  4. Unnamed Burst Linker
  5. Cherry Rook
  6. Silver Crow

Consciousness[edit | edit source]

The Armor's consciousness, referred to as the Beast by Silver Crow, is the amalgam of the personalities and experiences of all the users of the Armor, using Chrome Falcon's consciousness as a base. It is aggressive and bloodthirsty in nature, continually corrupting any user it possesses. Its means of communicating to its users is telepathy.

It disappeared when the Armor was finally purified back to its original components by Ardor Maiden, however, Silver Crow noted that it might return.

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