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Chigira Souya (千明 宗弥, Chigira Sōya) was a Burst Linker with the Duel Avatar Glass Monarch (グラス・モナーク, Gurasu Monāku), who led the Colorless. He was the brother of Chiaki Chigira.


Souya hailed from a rich family. He had been afflicted with an unknown disease since a young age, and is always seen bedridden. He died at least 3 years prior to the beginning of Accel World dural: Magisa Garden, before his family left for the United States for business reasons.

While alive, he told Chiaki many stories about the Accelerated World, especially those of Snow Black, in the form of fairy tales, precipitating her wish to become stronger.


Souya had short black hair and gray eyes. He is always seen in a light blue duffel coat with toggle fasteners.[3] He was bedridden in all his appearances in real life.


Glass Monarch[]

Souya's Duel Avatar is glass, a near-transparent blue. His properties are close to that of glass, meaning his Avatar is fragile. True to his name, his Avatar has a regal appearance, with a crown, a staff, and a long flowing robe.[4]

Glass Monarch's Child is Aluminum Valkyrie, his younger sister – the Brain Burst program was given to Chiaki at the hour of his death.


  • Centurion March – A special move that uses surrounding materials to create AI soldiers called Centurions.[4]
    • Centurions – Semi-humanoid soldiers made of glass whose lower bodies are spheres. They wear circular masks topped with a spike and are destroyed when the mask is shattered. The different types of Centurions include Swordsmen, Pikemen, Bowmen, Shieldsmen, and Yeomen.[note 1] Orange Raptor and Rubber Dresser consider them cute.
      • Maturity Level – An ability of Centurions that allows them to level up while active, by defeating enemies. The amount of experience gained scales with the difficulty and number of enemies. Their maximum level is 18, but resets upon logging out. Souya claims one level 10 Centurion is as strong as a Lesser Enemy. They are able to reach level 4 to 5 in typical Territory Battles or Enemy hunts.
  • Castling – A Special Move that allows Glass Monarch to swap places with a specific Centurion. The Centurion made for Castling looks just like one of the Pikemen Centurions, holding a pike and a shield.[5] This move can only be used once per battle; it will not be available again until the duel ends or he exits through a portal.[4]
  • Judgement Blow – As the Legion Master of the Colorless, Glass Monarch had the ability to uninstall Brain Burst from any of its members.


  • Chigira Souya (千明 宗弥, Chigira Sōya)
  • Glass Monarch (グラス・モナーク, Gurasu Monāku)
  • Solitary Legion (ソリタリー・レギオン(孤独な軍隊), Soritarī Region (Kodoku na Guntai))
  • Centurion March (センチュリオン・マーチ, Senchurion Māchi)
  • Swordsman (剣兵(ソードマン), Kenhei (Sōdoman))
  • Pikeman (槍兵(パイクマン), Sōhei (Paikuman))
  • Bowman (弓兵(ボウマン), Yumihei (Bouman))
  • Shieldsman (盾兵(シールドマン), Tatehei (Shīrudoman))
  • Yeoman (側近(ヨーマン), Sokkin (Yōman))
  • Maturity Level (マチュリティ・レベル, Machuriti Reberu)
  • Castling (キャスリング, Kyasuringu)



  1. A yeoman is a historical term for a servant in a royal or noble household. The four Yeoman Centurions serve as Glass Monarch's bodyguards.


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