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Cerulean Runner (セルリアン・ランナー, Serurian Ran'nā) is a promising member of the Blue Legion, Leonids.


Cerulean Runner is a very ambitious person, who has his eyes on becoming a sword master. However, his voice betrays his youth.

Plot Outline[]

Sword Sage of the Blue Flower[]

Cerulean Runner was part of the six-legion army attacking Inti to save the Kings. He used the opportunity to get an autograph from Heliosphere.


Cerulean Runner[]

Cerulean Runner is a cerulean Duel Avatar, who has Japanese-style armor. However, he wears jingasa, a conical hat that makes him look like a standard foot soldier.

However, he is the fastest member of Leonids, and Cobalt Blade believes he can utilize this to create an interesting sword style.

Enhanced Armaments[]

  • Unnamed Japanese sword – This Enhanced Armament is Cerulean Runner's main weapon, and takes the form of a small Japanese sword, probably a wakizashi.


  • Cerulean Runner is a fan of Heliosphere, and Blaze Heart in particular.


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