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Cassis Moose (カシス・ムース, Kashisu Mūsu) is one of the Triplex, the executive team of the Red Legion Prominence.


Cassis Moose is overly serious, thinking through both his recent physical and mental issues before answering Blood Leopard's "'Sup?" While he seems well put-together, he is easily flustered, especially when interacting with Thistle Porcupine, who had almost revealed his real-life identity to Scarlet Rain and Blood Leopard.[2]

He is also the calm analyst of the Triplex.[3]


Cassis Moose in real life is a large and artless boy.[1]


Network Avatar[]

Cassis' net avatar has a dark red suit and a deer's head with antlers.[4]

Cassis Moose[]

Cassis Moose is a large avatar the color of blackcurrants. He is tall, greater than 2 meters when including the horns, and has strong limbs. Unlike his real-life counterparts, he has no fur.[2]


  • Shape Change – This Special Move allows Cassis Moose to transform into a big moose, and can raise his speed to at least 1.3 times his base speed.[5]


  • Dozer Blade – This Incarnate skill causes a metal plate to appear to block attacks. The plate has spikes on its top and bottom edges which secures it in the ground.[6]

Unknown Abilities[]


  • Cassis Moose (カシス・ムース, Kashisu Mūsu)
  • Shape Change (シェイプ・チェンジ, Sheipu Chenji)
  • Dozer Blade (掘削壁刃(ドーザー・ブレード), Kussaku Kabeha (Dōzā Burēdo))



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