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Kuroyukihime and Takumu starting their duel

A Burst Linker is a player of Brain Burst. There are roughly 1000 burst linkers existing when the series began.[1]


When the Brain Burst program is installed, it creates a Duel Avatar. A person can use that avatar after the creation nightmare occured. Burst Linkers exist to battle other Burst Linkers in the Accelerated World.

A Burst Linker must say "Burst Link" or be connected to another Burst Linker who would say the command to start the game. It consumes 1 Burst Point. To exit from the game, simply say "Burst Out".

To enter the Unlimited Neutral Field, a Burst Linker must be Level 4 or above and say "Unlimited Burst" or be connected to another Burst Linker who will say the command. It consumes 10 Burst Points. To exit from the Field, a Burst Linker must find a save point to log out.

When a Burst Linker says 'Physical burst', they will be accelerated by 10x while still maintaining control over their body for 30 subjective seconds, or 3 seconds in normal time. This acceleration does not extend to movement speed, unlike Physical Full Burst

The Physical Full Burst command is a level 9 or higher exclusive command that uses up 99% of the users burst points. It accelerates both the users consciousness and body by 100x. The only usage of it seen so far is by Kuroyukihime.


These are the requirements to become Burst Linker:

  • The person used a Neuro Linker shortly after birth and uses it very often.
  • High neural reaction speed.


When a Burst Linker loses all their Burst Points, not only will they be banned from the Brain Burst program, but they will also lose every knowledge, interaction memory, and powers of using the Brain Burst. Their memories are replaced and rewritten with something else for the defeated user to prevent information leak. There can be a change in personality for the defeated users who have no memory of being a Burst Linker.

Known Burst Linkers[]