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Brain Burst

Title screen of BB2039

Officially Brain Burst 2039 (ブレインバースト2039, Burein Bāsuto 2039(Nī Zero San Kyū)), also known by its filename, BB2039.exe, Brain Burst is a secret application which allows a person to make time seemingly stop by "accelerating" their brainwaves.

The creator of the Brain Burst program is still unknown, but it is widely believed by many Burst Linkers that once a player reaches level 10, they will be introduced to the creator and will learn all the secrets about the Brain Burst program.

Install Brain Burst[]

In order to install Brain Burst, the person needs to be invited by another Burst Linker and be sent an invitation through their Neuro Linker. Each Burst Linker can only invite one other person to the game, and if the installation fails, they cannot invite another person.[note 1] There are some specific conditions for the installation to be completed successfully, which are having the Neuro Linker on starting shortly after birth, and certain brain speed reaction. If all of the conditions are not met, then the installation fails. The Burst Linker who invited the person becomes their guardian and usually has a close connection with them.

Burst Points[]

The times a person can accelerate are limited and depend on the number of Burst Points they have. When Brain Burst is installed, the player, known as a Burst Linker, starts with a total of 100 Burst Points (BP). Each time the Burst Linker accelerates, they lose 1 Burst Point. There are also other abilities that can be used in the real world, such as Physical Burst, which also use up Burst Points.

Once a Burst Linker reaches enough points, they can choose to level up their avatar. This consumes a number of points that varies with each level.

Burst Points are mainly earned by fighting and defeating other Burst Linkers in the program’s online multiplayer fighting game, but can also been earned by defeating Enemies in the Unlimited Neutral Field, a space that only players of level 4 or above can access.

Brain Burst Matches[]

Brain Burst Match

In order to connect to the online multiplayer fighting game of Brain Burst, the person has to be connected to a network via their Neuro Linker. After connecting, they are automatically added to the matchmaking list of the network where they were connected to, where other Burst Linkers also appear on it if they are in the vicinity. Burst Linkers can then challenge others by choosing their name on the list. The fights there can be either between individuals or between pairs and teams. One may also choose to spectate matches. While normally spectators cannot enter a 10-meter radius of the combatants, this is disabled by default for Parents and Children, and there is an option to turn it off entirely.[1] Players may also choose to challenge a spectator after a battle. This does not offer any benefits, however, as it also requires the challenger to use up 1 BP.[2]

Each Duel Avatar has an energy gauge that is lowered when receiving damage and is represented in blue. The special gauge that is used for special moves, which is filled when receiving damage or delivering damage or damaging field objects, is represented in green. Each battle has a time limit of 1800 seconds unless they are in the Unlimited Neutral Field. The goal is to decrease your opponent's energy gauge down to zero to win the match. If time runs out, whichever of the two combatants has the higher health points is declared the winner. If the two Burst Linkers are at the same level, the loser loses 10 points and the winner gains 10 points.

Uninstallation of Brain Burst[]

Brain Burst will be uninstalled when any of the following conditions are fulfilled:

  1. When one's burst points were depleted to zero under any conditions.
  2. When one manually uninstalls the program from their Neuro Linker.
  3. When Judgement Blow is used on a Burst Linker by their Legion Master. Any linker that is not in a Legion cannot be ousted this way as they do not have any Legion Master (however, the Judgement Blow is still effective for one month after a member leaves their respective Legion).

When Brain Burst is uninstalled, the person's memories pertaining to it are completely erased. In addition, Brain Burst cannot be reinstalled once uninstalled as Brain Burst recognizes players by their brain waves, not by their Neuro Linker.


  • Brain Burst requires that any potential Burst Linker must have been wearing a Neuro Linker since as soon as one month after birth. It has been stated that Neuro Linkers have existed for about 15 years now. This means that there are no adult Burst Linkers. Kuroyukihime stated that this is the reason why Burst Link remains a secret.
  • Kuroyukihime tells Haruyuki that Brain Burst crushes your reality and reconstructs it completely.[3]
  • The novel states that there are around 1000 Burst Linkers.
  • A Burst Linker can only give Brain Burst to one other person, regardless of the installation's success or not.
    • This limitation did not exist at the game's inception. At that time, the Originators were given the privilege to recruit as many potential players as they wished in order to expand the player base. As such, many of the Originators, notably Saffron Blossom, had dozens of Children. However, this also resulted in cases where an Originator would give the program to random kids, then defeat them over and over again until Brain Burst is uninstalled, aiming to farm the 100 starting Burst Points.
  • A level 9 Burst Linker must defeat 5 other level 9 Burst Linkers in order to level up to level 10. When a Level 9 Burst Linker is defeated by another Level 9 Burst Linker, all of the loser's Burst Points are lost and Brain Burst forcefully uninstalls itself from the loser's Neuro Linker.
    • The sudden death rule can be applied to Burst Linkers level 4 and above through an obtainable item in the Unlimited Neural Field.
  • Once Brain Burst is uninstalled or erased, it also erases the memories of the player associated with it. That's one of the biggest reasons why the existence of the Accelerated World remains hidden.
  • There is a command for Level 9 or higher Burst Linkers called "Physical Full Burst" which allows them to move many times faster than normal, however at the cost of 99% of their BB Points, and is considered forbidden by Kuroyukihime.
  • A copy of the Burst Linker's Fluctlight is stored in Brain Burst's main server.
  • Brain Burst 2039 is considered Trial #2, while Accel Assault 2038 is Trial #1 and Cosmos Corrupt 2040 is Trial #3. And out of these 3 games, only Brain Burst 2039 is still in operation in the current storyline. This has changed as of Volume 26.
  • Accelerating from a VR space makes the VR space appear blue, but when the match begins, their Duel Avatar appears from the Burst Linker's real-world location.[4]


  1. This rule only came into play 2 years after Brain Burst's existence. In the first two years, Burst Linkers could invite as many players as they wished.