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Lorde Kata Lorde Kata 31 August 2019

Which arcs of the Light Novel does the manga cover?

Hello everyone,

I've watched the movie Infinite Burst recently and I can't ignore the feeling that there must be something more to see. I've tried to read the light novels but I discovered that this kind of writing is not my thing. So I thought I could read the manga and I was able to find some chapters online, but I don't know exactly which arcs of the light novel the manga cover. The last volume was published only in Japan 2 years ago, so that's kinda disappointing. In the last chapter that I could find, the first page says: "This is the last chapter of the 'Floating Starlight Bridge' arc of the original novels..." After researching this fandom, I found out that this is the arc of the light novel's volume 5, and there are up to 24 volumes…

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Oasis9867 Oasis9867 4 June 2017

Kuroyukihime (Insight Into Real Name)


At the end of episode 24, Kurasaki Fuuko addresses Kuroyukihime as "Sa-Chan"

From this we can deduce that Kuroyukihime's first name begins with 'Sa'. Examples would be Sachi, Sachiko, Satsuki and Satori.

We also know that at the end of episode 5, Kuroyukihime says that her real name is similar to her nickname (reffering to 'Kuroyukihime').

Because 'Sa' doesn't appear in 'Kuroyukihime', we know that it's her last name that is similar to 'Kuroyukihime'. For example, her last name could be or could include (or could be similar to) Kuro or Yuki.


We know that Sword Art Online and Accel World are in the same universe. We know because in episode [being filled in] of Accel Worl…

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Qunow Qunow 11 May 2015

Text transcription of AW 16 intro from the back of SAOP2

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Qunow Qunow 11 May 2015

Character article name

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GanicoGSx GanicoGSx 16 November 2014

First Blog on Accel World wiki

Well, this is my first blog post on this wiki(a).  Just so you know, this post are about some things in the back of my mind, at the moment, with Accel World and other things relating to it like the voice actors/actresses of the characters in the anime series for example.

First off: Are the Accel World Specials, that happen to be based on (some parts of) "Acchel World" gag series, really included when buying either DVD and Blu-ray sets or is it exclusive on Blu-ray sets?  I honestly wanted to see how the specials are with the english dub cast.

Next: As for the whole "want a season two" situation I've been hearing about, I, myself, do want to see how the characters' exploits based on Volumes 5 to 8 of the light novel being animated.  I recentl…

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Qunow Qunow 17 August 2014

So this is what this wiki using before current admin adopt it...

wikipedia:Semantic MediaWiki

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Qunow Qunow 6 July 2014

To those who want Accel World to have Second season:

See this link for detail:

In short, that mean the sunrise studio 8 that responsible for producing AW season 1 is now occupied with Love Live and they cant have enough resource to produce another season of AW by now. Both the series' author Kawahara Reki and the series' editor from the series' publishing company have a high desiration on producing another accel world season but there simply don't have enough people and money and such in the production company.

See for more info.

And see for auxiliary source I used to make the above summary

new accel world ani…

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D3kuda D3kuda 20 February 2014

Request a Second Season of Accel World


With a group of friends, we have this spreading the idea of making a massive request through twitter to have a second season of Accel World.

We planned that from Saturday night we can Tweet with the hashtag # accel_world the phrase アクセル ワールド の ファン が セカンド シーズン の 望む, バースト リンク (Fans of Accel World want a second season, Burst Link!)!.

Would appreciate that could help with the tweets and of course spreading the idea.

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Darkslime Darkslime 20 February 2014

Accel World 16 - Bonus

Was bored so I decided to translate some 2ch comments listed on one of those 2ch news aggregate sites, regarding people's thoughts about 16. A lot of it has to do with Metatron's breasts, so if you're turned off by that sort of thing you may want to stop reading

Source is wannabenews

Also, "mossaki" is the JP nickname for Kuroyukihime

Also, only half of it makes sense, I wasn't trying particularly hard

366        Burst Link!

367        Metatron-sama's heroine powers know no bounds!
But Synchro-Crow was way too powerful, having Meta-sama's armor upgrade, 7 HP bars & Toris'agion is totally cheating
Though I do kinda want to see a combo of this + calamity in the last volume... lol   
I wonder if they'll do a Four Gods vs Four Divinity Avatars after t…

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Darkslime Darkslime 19 February 2014

Accel World 16 - Other Info

Here's some general stuff.

  • 1 Events
  • 2 Colors
  • 3 Avatar Creation Nightmare
  • 4 The Seven Arks
  • 5 Scarlet Rain's Enhanced Armaments
  • 6 Acceleration
  • 7 Enemies
  • 8 Dungeons

  1. The Armor blows up the school with its cannon
  2. Kuroyukihime is attacked by the last remaining strength of the ISS Kit
  3. The ISS Kit is deactivated
  4. Kuroyukhime's group heads for Haruyuki's group
  5. Haruyuki achieves the next level of Acceleration and learns some of the truth behind BB's world
  6. The Armor is defeated and Metatron is destroyed
  7. 3/4 Enhanced Armaments from the Armor are returned to Scarlet Rain
  8. White Comsos appears to everyone
  9. Metatron is revived

We learned some more about colors and color selection today. Previously, during the Calamity Armor arc, Takumu had a theory that red colors are for people who…

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Darkslime Darkslime 19 February 2014

Accel World 16 - Summary part 3

Okay, here's the last part.

Everyone wakes up in the student council lounge, and Haruyuki immediately tries to get up - he's eager to go see Rin, since she was basically the reason they did all this in the first place. Fuuko holds him down and removes his cable first, which is a good thing since that would have hurt quite a bit. He and Fuuko leave to go to the infirmary by themselves, and when they get there, the doctor was like "Wow, that was quick." Ha ha ha...

They go over to see Rin, who is sleeping. Fuuko gently wakes her up, and she starts saying she had a dream about everyone and stuff. It seems she's been cured, as the ISS Kits had been deactivated by Red Rider's ghost. The three of them are extremely happy, and Fuuko and Rin embrace…

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Darkslime Darkslime 19 February 2014

Accel World 16 - Summary part 2

Summary was getting a little long so I split it into three posts. I forgot about Leopard helping out during the battle with tank-mode Calamity Armor; she does use Bloodshed Cannon at one point to save the two of them, but is too damaged to do much else as Crow and Rain get captured.

Summary - Chapters 5 through 6 or something

As soon as Haruyuki comes to, he recalls Metatron having told him that the way to combat Void-attribute energy is to counter it with Light-attribute energy, which is essentially his Incarnate. Though he initially thought he had no time to do any of his attacks, with his newfound courage and power he blocks the Armor's cannon blast with his hand and eventually drives it away. As Crow's power proves superior, that arm of …

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Darkslime Darkslime 19 February 2014

Accel World 16 - Finished reading

Finished reading Volume 16 last night so I thought I'd jot down a basic summary and information that has been revealed. Spoilers for those of you following the translation on BT!

At the end of 15, we saw the birth of the Calamity Armor Mk-II. It was created using Wolfram Cerberus's third personality (Noumi/Dusk Taker) to steal away Scarlet Rain's Enhanced Armaments, in addition to the ISS Kit main body's negative energy being transferred to it. However, they didn't manage to steal ALL of Scarlet Rain's "Invincible". "Invincible" is made up of four parts: the cockpit block, around which the other parts are mounted; the thrusters on the back; the main cannon; and the missile pods. As Yuniko says later on in the book, she can still summon Invi…

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Hunter89 Hunter89 17 December 2013

Give us a sign!!!!PLZZZ!

Awasome video from Accel fun- Beautifull song with some precious moments of Accel world!

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Qunow Qunow 4 December 2013


Is everyone happy with the current forum design or if someone think that we should enable the experimental new forum module?

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Hunter89 Hunter89 4 December 2013

Can an1 explain that " 2 cour show"?

Hello guys!I am annoying with my posts with any question that i have and for that i'm asking sry! After searching for some information about animes (including AW) i saw the phrase "2 cour show" and also the phrase " AW is a 2 cour show". I searched it a little bit and i saw two versions of that  as :

First I heard that the AW is a 2 cour anime and that 2 cour animes have a small break of 1-2 years before a second season. Depending on that they wrote that AW 24 episodes was season 1 and now we are waiting for season 2.

Second and last i heard a different opinion that AW 24 episodes was the 2 cour : 1-14 episodes season 1 and 14-24 season 2. Cause it aired in different seasons in TV. I wanted to ask :

1)AW has fullfilled his 2 cour "contract" (…

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Hunter89 Hunter89 1 December 2013

When the novels will end?

Hello again guys!I heard that Volume 15 will be the last is that true? An1 knows? Som1 post e in a previous question about the sales of the Dvd/Bd but for the more recent how we can know? (26 November accel release dvd/bd)

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Hunter89 Hunter89 30 November 2013

Sales of the Dvd/Bd ?

Hello evr1!At 26 of November Accel released inDvd/Bd! Does an1 know where we can check the sales-rankings?

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Hunter89 Hunter89 29 November 2013

Hello guys!Just wanted to update u there is a fixed site for Accel World!

Here it is a very quicky fixed site for Accel World! For an1 who wants to see it the link:

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Hunter89 Hunter89 27 November 2013

Will be continued?

Hello ever1 I'm new here and i wanted to ask if an1 knows that Accel will be continued?I saw in one site a post from a subscriber that they won't do second season cause of the money. Althought som1 replyied to the "reply" that there isn't any proof of that with a link of an official site that neither says that it will be continued neither that it won't! Accel is pretty much new anime i think and it would be a shae if it won't be continued! In conclusion does an1 have any source official-unofficial about something news-announcement-posts for continuation?

Thanks for any answer!

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TotallyNotBaka TotallyNotBaka 24 September 2013


Hey guys n gals im new here looking for people who share the same passion as i do about accel world ;)

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ChiyuKurashima ChiyuKurashima 6 May 2013


If you need a hand i'll help.

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RedLotusScarlet RedLotusScarlet 4 November 2012


Hello folks..

I get to create a avatar.

I want it to look like my sisters...

But.. bad news.

They have added glasses to it without my permission...

Now I look like nothing but ugly!

Ugh I hate creating new avatars!

I want to stick with me old avatar...

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