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Blaze Heart (ブレイズ・ハート, Bureizu Haato) is a Level 5 Burst Linker who belongs to Prominence. She, along with Peach Parasol and Ochre Prison, attack Nega Nebulus during a Territory Battle after their King, Scarlet Rain, is attacked by someone who looked like Black Lotus.


Blaze Heart is a member of the newly formed Prominence and is fiercely loyal to Scarlet Rain. Her personality is as fiery as her name suggests. She continues to hold a grudge against the Black King for killing the previous Red King.


Blaze Heart used to belong to the former Prominence before the Red King's assassination. After Scarlet Rain became the new Red King, reforming Prominence, Blaze Heart became part of the newly formed Red Legion.

She is part of the three-member idol group of the new Prominence known as Heliosphere, together with Freeze Tone and Cream Dream.

Plot Outline[]

ISS Kit Arc[]

On Friday, June 28, 2047, the members of Prominence were hunting Enemies in the Unlimited Neutral Field for a long while. However, they were attacked by someone who looked like Black Lotus, though whoever it was, they left a legend-rank Enemy to prey on them. The Enemy was too much for the Legion to handle, so Scarlet Rain ordered a retreat, and was forced into showing her trump card – the Invincible's transformation into its vehicle mode.

The next day, Blaze Heart led Peach Parasol and Ochre Prison in a Territory Battle against Nega Nebulus. The three of them face off against Silver Crow, Ardor Maiden, and Aqua Current in the sewer system of the Sewage Tunnel stage. Their strategy is to imprison the three of them using Ochre Prison's special move while defending with Peach Parasol's parasol, and then have Blaze Heart bombard them with ranged attacks. Unfortunately, the members of Nega Nebulus break free of the prison and ultimately defeat the members of Prominence.

During the battle, they explained what had happened, and despite Nega Nebulus having no idea what they were talking about, were still furious with them.

The Rivalry of Black and White[]

In the Nega Nebulus-Prominence Merger Meeting, Blaze Heart agreed to the merger unconditionally.[1]

Kuroyukihime's Confession[]

While planning to rescue the Kings, Blaze Heart asked why members of other legions were not invited, and why they must defeat Inti rather than move it. She then suggested dousing the Enemy.[2]


Network Avatar[]

Blaze Heart's network avatar is extremely well made, wearing a fiery red bolero jacket with a miniskirt that catches light to produce complex glossy patterns. Furthermore, the avatar body is adorned with numerous ruffles and ribbons, each incredibly detailed. Her hair is done up in a double ponytail. The amount of detail and information encoded into the network avatar rivals that of even Kuroyukihime.[2]

Blaze Heart[]

Blaze Heart is a petite female Duel Avatar colored in a fiery red. She has a blazer and a necktie, while her lower body has a miniskirt, as well as two long pigtails decorated with large ribbons. Her similarity to Hatsune Miku has been noted in-universe.

Enhanced Armaments[]

  • Unnamed microphone – Presumably Blaze Heart's Starter Armament, this microphone is summoned with the command "Mic on", causing red light to gather in her hand in its shape. All her abilities are activated by singing or calling their names into this microphone.


  • Searing Note – This Special Move allows Blaze Heart to shoot sparking eighth notes made of flames out of her microphone in an arc. When the note hits something, it splits into four thirty-second notes that explode into a flaming vortex.
  • Burning Heart – Presumably a special move, Burning Heart creates a flaming heart with a strong glow that covers her microphone. It then explodes, igniting Blaze Heart in a fire and changing her eyes from green to red. Her microphone can be ignited to enhance her melee attacks. She is not immune to the flame, however, and takes damage while burning.



  1. While Wolfram Cerberus is Kawahara Reki's own creation, a fan coincidentally submitted a very similar design named Tungsten Wolfram, and some of their ideas have been used.


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