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Beryllium Coil (ベリリウム・コイル, Beririumu Koiru) is a Burst Linker who leads Helix.


Beryllium Coil is the Legion Master of Helix. With his excellent strategic capabilities, he has led the small legion to great success.

Plot Outline[]

Prominence Trajectory[]

Beryllium Coil led a team against Prominence territory Nerima 2 in a Territory Battle, copying Sky Raker's ICBM strategy with Chili Powder. Unfortunately, Nerima 2 was guarded by Blood Leopard, who had ample experience fighting against the strategy.


Beryllium Coil[]

Beryllium Coil is a Duel Avatar made of the metal beryllium and is a bluish metallic gray. He has a triangular visor, and powerful springs in his forearms and calves.

Enhanced Armaments[]

  • Jackknife – Two large spring-loaded jackknives, one on each arm, that can almost double his range.


  • Spring Dash – Beryllium Coil's level 5 level-up bonus, which granted him springs in his calves. This ability allows him to dash by releasing the springs.
  • Judgement Blow – An ability given to all Legion Masters that allows them to instantly uninstall Brain Burst from one of their legion members.


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