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Avocado Avoider is rather naïve with a good heart. He is friendly to others and enjoys duels. However, in spite of his innocence, he has a surprisingly large amount of willpower, being able to resist the commands of the ISS Kit.[1]

He looks up to Magenta Scissor, his Brain Burst partner, as she was the only one who accepted him when everyone else shunned him because of his appearance. The way he wishes to remain by Magenta Scissor's side is similar to how Haruyuki initially felt towards Kuroyukihime.


From a young age, Avocado was admitted to the National Center for Child Health and Development because of a non-life threatening disease. One day, he received the Brain Burst program from his unnamed parent, who was part of a small-scale Burst Linker community based in the hospital.

Avocado's duel avatar had the appearance of a huge, egg-shaped giant - a huge avocado. Because of his unusual appearance, the other Burst Linkers of the hospital community began to bully him, regularly stealing his points. In the end, he was almost driven to total point-loss. Only one member of the hospital community, Rui Odagiri, accepted Avocado despite his appearance.

One day, Rui came into contact with the ISS Kit. Using the Incarnate abilities given by the Kit, Rui drove all of members of the hospital community who had picked on Avocado to total point-loss. Avocado, who was given the ISS Kit by Rui, joined her on a mission to spread the ISS Kit throughout the Accelerated World, hoping to settle the power disparity between Burst Linkers.


Avocado Avoider's real life appearance is unknown.

Plot Outline[]


Avocado Avoider[]

Avocado Avoider's duel avatar

Avocado Avoider has the appearance of a large, dark green egg with a height of two and a half meters. His appearance, as his name suggests, is similar to that of a giant avocado with eyes, a mouth, and stubby arms and legs. However, his immense bulk is actually mostly his armor; his true avatar body is only a tiny seed in the center of the avocado flesh.[2]


  • Attack Resistance: Avocado's soft, fleshy armor provides near perfect resistance to most piercing, slashing, and blunt damage. The avocado armor will simply absorb the attack and fill in the gashes created with new material immediately afterwards. Unless an attack can pierce through the deep layers of armor to damage the seed inside, Avocado will not take damage.[3]
  • Consumption: Avocado has the ability to eat duel avatars. While inside of his mouth, duel avatars will take continuous acid damage. Avocado can also consume the possessions of other duel avatars, shown through his interactions with Chocolate Puppeteer.[3]
  • Void: The inside of Avocado Avoider's mouth, as his name suggests, is a void. Since there is no space within his mouth, an infinite number of objects can fit within. Furthermore, any duel avatars inside of his mouth do not feel the passage of time. This unique ability can be used to set ambushes in the Unlimited Neutral Field. However, Avocado alone will still feel every second that passes.[4]


  • Avocado's relationship with Magenta Scissor is strikingly similar to Haruyuki's relationship with Kuroyukihime. Just like Haruyuki, Avocado wishes to always remain by Magenta Scissor's side, helping her through her difficulties.
  • Avocado's real life persona suffers from an unknown disease that forces him to stay in the hospital. However, this disease is not life-threatening.
  • Avocado can only be damaged by flame, ice, or especially strong piercing attacks.
  • Avocado's body, although seemingly huge, is actually extremely small. Most of his bulk is mainly the flesh of his armor; his real avatar-body is simply the tiny seed in the center.
  • Although Avocado has informally joined Nega Nebulus, Kuroyukihime has not yet had the time to induct him into the legion system-wise.



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