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The color of a Duel Avatar is a unique characteristic to Brain Burst 2039. As observed by the players, each color has its own characteristics, and knowledge of these traits can help a Burst Linker get a feel for an enemy's statistics and abilities just by looking at them.


Kuroyukihime explaining the color system to Haruyuki

The names of Duel Avatars are constructed from two things: a color and a noun. The color can apparently be anything, and the noun can also be any of a great number of things. A Duel Avatar's actual color is not changeable, though their appearance may change color slightly in extraordinary circumstances, such as that of Ardor Maiden.

It also appears that a Duel Avatar's color is completely unique; according to Scarlet Rain, she has never seen this happen, and is thus suspicious of Black Vise's name. However, when Aqua Current selected Sand Duct & Nickel Doll in the list, the above tag team was Platinum Ribbon & Blood Love,[1] while there are already Duel Avatars with those colors, Platinum Cavalier and Blood Leopard respectively. Since the rule of avatar colors being unique was not mentioned in the light novels until after the episode was produced, these avatars should not be considered canon. However, in the spin-off series Accel World dural: Magisa Garden, Maroon Balloon and Glacier Tiger are of the same color as Maroon Motor of Prominence and Glacier Behemoth of Oscillatory Universe respectively. Whether this means the events of Magisa Garden are non-canon is unknown.

Primary Colors[]

Color Wheel

The players of Brain Burst have divided the color spectrum into five main colors: red, blue, green, yellow, and purple. This is likely due to the Seven Pure-Colored Kings, whose Duel Avatars were of these colors (in addition to black and white), being the first to reach Level 9 and being widely known throughout the Accelerated World.

However, in Volume 16, it is revealed that red, green, and blue are likely the three primary colors used by the game system, and all intermediate colors have combinations of their traits.


Blue-colored Duel Avatars are characterized by strong close-combat abilities, and their Burst Linker's fundamental desire is the strength to overcome one's obstacles through one's own might.[2] This often manifests itself in strong feelings towards a single person.

Their names often take on the names of weapons or people or animals that are generally associated with melee combat.

Known blue-colored Avatars:


Scarlet Rain's "Immobile Fortress"

Red-colored Duel Avatars are generally characterized by strong long-distance combat abilities, and their Burst Linker's fundamental desire is the strength to reach faraway places.[2] This often manifests itself in strong feelings towards the world around them.

Their names often take on the names things that move fast or that imply a slant towards ranged combat of some sort. Animal-type Avatars generally fit into this category because of their ability to span long distances in a short amount of time, even though they lack strong ranged combat traits.

Note that brown is generally either a dark red or a dark yellow. As such, some brown Avatars are in this category.

Known red-colored Avatars:


Lime Bell's Citron Call

Green-colored Duel Avatars are characterized by high defense, and their Burst Linker's fundamental desire is the strength to protect oneself those important to them.[2]

Known green-colored Avatars:

Secondary Colors[]

In Brain Burst, purple and yellow are generally accepted to be the two "secondary colors", going by the revelation in Volume 16 and the player base's own opinion. In the RGB color model, cyan, magenta, and yellow would be the three secondary colors, but this is never referenced in the book.


Purple-colored Duel Avatars are characterized by strong melee and ranged combat abilities, resulting in their position between blue and red on the spectrum; however, they sacrifice any kind of defense to do so. Not many purple-colored Avatars are known, but they tend to utilize mid-range weapons quite effectively.

Known purple-colored Avatars:


Silver Crow trapped in the Yellow King's illusion

Yellow-colored Duel Avatars are characterized by strong indirect attacks, such as jamming and illusions. This likely results from their position between red and green on the light color spectrum; by utilizing missile jamming or illusions, for example, they are able to defend others even at a distance.

Known yellow-colored Avatars:

Other Colors[]


White-colored Duel Avatars are characterized by a balance between the abilities of all elementary colors, placing them in the center of the color wheel. Few white Avatars are known, and are often tinted with another color.

Known white-colored Avatars:

Black appears to be a special case in the world of Brain Burst. Only Black Lotus and Graphite Edge appear to have these colors as their only color, and their specific traits are unknown. However, Black Lotus appears to have the ability to change her own characteristics at will.

In addition, Glass Monarch and Aqua Current are examples of Duel Avatars whose color is unknown.

Metal Colors[]

Silver Crow

Metal colors are a special case in Brain Burst, and lie on their own "metal color spectrum". The Duel Avatar's characteristics will be that of the metal. They tend to lack weapons, but generally have decent defensive capabilities. They generally excel in unarmed combat.

Unlike the "desires" that define red, green, and blue-colored Avatars, a Burst Linker of a metal-color does not desire strength, but rather a shell to protect one's heart from harm.[2] Argon Array is famous for having theorized that metal-colors are created from having strong walls around one's heart, an idea known as the mental-scar shell theory, and this has led to the the possibility of "artificially" creating metal-colors by manipulating someone's environment in the real world before installing Brain Burst.

Known metal-colored Avatars:

Two-Toned Avatars[]

Two-toned Avatars appear to be characterized by a very strong "mental divide" in the Burst Linker's mind - for example, Ardor Maiden's consciousness of who she is and who her family will allow her to be. Only two of these Avatars have been known to exist in Brain Burst.

Known two-toned Avatars:

Color Saturation[]

A Duel Avatar's color's saturation indicates how specialized their abilities are. For example, Red Rider and Scarlet Rain, both very highly saturated colors, are fully specialized in ranged combat, but Ash Roller, a green-colored Avatar with low saturation, is instead very versatile.