A female member of Aurora Oval, working under the Purple King: Purple Thorn.

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Aster Vine[edit | edit source]

Her avatar form displays some human-like female skin color & not entirely a metallic humanoid. She has blond hair with a single length stretch down on her right side to her stomach. She wears black leg boots, a red over-coat with a black belt attach around her waist, a black waist going up the stomach, black chest pads, shoulder pads and wrist guards hidden beneath the long sleeve coat. She wears a large red cape hat with black design marks on the edge of the hat & pointy edges by the ear spots. She appears to wear a pink visor which covers her eyes. On a first look of her figure feature & outfit style, she's could be portrayed off as a domineering copper woman. [1]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

So far based on her appearance & her weapon being a whip, may involve the actions of character with a domineering performance.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Base on her Duel Avatar's appearance, it does have the style & theme of a domineering & sadist type fit for woman cosplaying as such seen in different animations & anime series.

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