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Ash Roller (アッシュ・ローラー, Asshu Rōrā) is a burst linker and was Haruyuki's first opponent in the Brain Burst program. He also currently depends on Rin Kusakabe to log in to Accelerated World.


Ash Roller was initially shown to have a violent nature and uses profane actions. He is very arrogant and cocky whenever he has the upper hand in battle although it can quickly change to frustration and more profanity if his enemy changes the situation.

However, during the first meeting of Silver Crow and Sky Raker, his guardian, Ash Roller's personality changes drastically, surprising Silver Crow. He acts more diligent and polite when addressing his guardian as boss as a sign of respect. Raker claims that underneath Ash's arrogant personality is a good guy.

Despite belonging to rival Legions, he still values Silver Crow as a friend, to the point where he has told Sky Raker about every single duel they've had since their second fight. Also, he had no problem with revealing a rival from another Legion the limit of his «Wall Climb» ability and aiding him in his recovery, claiming it to be a "secret operation so that he will eventually betray the Black Legion" when questioned.


Although Rin is Ash Roller's real-life counterpart, Ash Roller's persona appears to be that of Kusakabe Rin's older brother, Rinta, who is currently in a coma.

When Rin was working in a cafe, she encountered Kurasaki Fūko, who offered her the Brain Burst application at a later date. Out of the two criteria for installing Brain Burst, Rin did not meet the first (having worn a Neuro Linker since shortly after birth); she then tried using her brother's Neuro Linker, which was given to her by the doctors treating him. Because she had worn the Neuro Linker shortly after she was born, Brain Burst was successfully installed. During Rin's first battle, her brother Rinta watched her fight as a sort of "ghost" without a physical body. Watching her flawed technique on handling the bike, his pity and temper flared and he went closer to Rin. At that instant, Rinta combined with the Ash Roller avatar and gained control. From that point on, although Rin is aware of how Ash Roller spends level up bonuses and is the one in charge of real-life matters, she has no control over Ash Roller's actions inside the accelerated world in any way.

Rinta was formerly a professional motorcycle racer before his coma, which explains his prowess in using his bike-type Enhanced Armament from the very start, thus making him one of the few Duel Avatars whose abilities match their real-life field of expertise — a so-called "perfect match."

Plot Outline[]

Return of the Black Snow Princess Arc[]

In 2046, Ash Roller challenged Silver Crow and was elated to see that he was a newbie and quickly floored him. Silver Crow challenged him later that same day. However, Ash had upgraded his motorcycle to climb buildings when Crow retreated to the rooftops and proceeded to run him over. Crow figured out that the bike was Ash's weakness and managed to lift it from the rear. Given that the rear tire was what was propelling the bike, Ash was effectively powerless. He gave his opponent a rude hand gesture and leaped off his bike to attack, only to meet Crow's headbutt, causing him to lose the duel.

Dusk Robber Arc[]

Sometime after Crow became Accel World's first flying avatar, he challenged Ash randomly while wandering into Green Legion territory. Ash then took note that Crow lacked the motivation to fight due to the loss of his wings to Dusk Taker. Out of pity, Ash decided to let the match time-out draw and told Crow to meet him in Unlimited Accel World. There, Ash took Silver Crow to meet his guardian, Sky Raker, the only person in the world he shows respect towards. When Crow asked Ash why he's helping him, the latter stated in broken sentences about how everyone looks up to him. Crow points out that he's in the Green Legion, to which Ash claimed that this was part of his plan to boost Crow's popularity and get him to join the Green Legion. Receiving a gentle admonishing from Raker, Ash quickly apologized before departing via Leap Point.


Ash Roller[]

Ash Roller and his motorcycle.

Ash Roller is based off an actual motorcycle biker. His helmet is a skull, and he wears a jacket with shoulder pads with two protruding spikes on each one. Underneath his skull helmet is a somewhat nerdy looking avatar. He also wears long red pants with yellow flames on the front side. His motorcycle is based on the same appearance of a regular motorcycle but with large spikes on each wheel and two large thrusters on the back of his motorcycle.

Enhanced Armaments[]

  • Night Rocker – The official name of Ash Roller's motorcycle. While riding on his motorcycle, he can damage his opponents by ramming them. It has two major weaknesses. Its first weakness is his motorcycle's loud sound which is loud enough for enemies to pinpoint his position. Its second weakness is that most of his battle potential lies in his motorcycle which leaves him with little to no battle power by himself.[1] In addition to his two weaknesses, Ash Roller's motorcycle also has a flaw that was exploited by Silver Crow. His motorcycle is based off bikes of the previous century, which use internal combustion engines and rely on a rear-wheel drive. As a result, if one can lift the rear-wheel of his motorcycle, it will render it useless. Recently, Ash has acquired missile launchers via Level Up Bonus to use against Silver Crow.
  • ISS Kit (formerly) – This Enhanced Armament was implanted into the Night Rocker, causing physical changes to the bike. Its tires became much wider, with fang-like spikes along the centers. Its front fork and fuel tank were covered in silver scales, and its motor and pipes looked like various organs. The ISS Kit itself replaced the headlight, emitting a blood red glow, and was surrounded by black flesh. Its acceleration was also higher than the Night Rocker by itself. It was much more maneuverable, having been able to jump. It could also stick to walls without moving, likely due to an enhanced Vertical Climb, something that is normally impossible. It also formed a cocoon of metallic scales around Ash Roller himself. Silver Crow remarked that it looked more like a beast than a motorcycle.[2]


  • Vertical Climb[3] – Ash Roller's level 2 ability. It allows Night Rocker to climb up vertical surfaces. It is not foolproof, as a strong wind can blow it off the surface. It does not allow the Night Rocker to park on walls.[2] Its two large thrusters lean downwards, an electric joint occurs from the mid-edge before igniting a blazing thruster motion.
  • Flying Knucklehead – A Special Move which fires anti-air missiles from Night Rocker,[4][5] likely Ash Roller's level 4 level-up bonus.
  • Howling Panhead – A special move that fires guided anti-ground missiles after a beeping noise,[6] and are directed by Ash Roller's sight. The missiles glow red. This move uses up a lot of SP.[7]


  • V-Twin Punch – Ash Roller delivers a high right kick against his opponent while his motorcycle is in motion which he sets on the steering once performed. This was a new technique Ash Roller came up with after his defeat against Silver Crow to allow him to fight & not be knocked off his bike by others.
  • Max V-Twin Punch – Ash Roller stands on his motorcycle with the right leg on the steering and his left on the seat and leans forwards and to his right, causing the bike to lean over and spin as it moves forwards.[8]
    • Jackknife Guillotine – The bike spins vertically rather than horizontally. It then collapses onto Ash Roller.[8]


  • Dark Blow (formerly) – As opposed to other ISS Kit users, Ash Roller's Dark Blow causes void-type Incarnation to surround his wheels.
  • Dark Shot (formerly) – As opposed to other ISS Kit users, Ash Roller's Dark Shot is fired from two orifices that open up next to the headlight.[2]


  • Sky Raker has given Ash Roller a few hints about the Incarnate System but has left him to figure it out in his way.
  • Ash Roller's motorbike is revealed to be a girl in the real world and her name is Kusakabe Rin.
  • Rin makes a cameo appearance at the end of Episode 24 carrying fruits in a bus. She also makes a minor appearance in Vacation, the second OVA.
  • Ash Roller also appears in the spin-off manga Magisa Garden.
  • He considers Silver Crow to be his eternal rival and a sentiment Crow seems to reciprocate. Duels between the two have become famous to the point where when Silver Crow requested a closed duel to talk to Ash Roller about Bush Utan, the onlooking gallery cried out in disappointment at being unable to witness another "Ash-Crow Matchup".[9]


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