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Argon Array (アルゴン・アレイ, Arugon Arei) is a member of the Acceleration Research Society. She is also implied to be an Originator.[1][note 1]


She speaks with a heavy Osaka accent and enjoys 'playing around' with her opponents.


Argon Array has been a member of the Acceleration Research Society most likely since its inception, as she is revealed to be an Originator. She was the first one ever to theorize that metal-colored Duel Avatars were a result of Burst Linkers that had great emotional scars, and attempted to build a "shell" around their heart to protect it. This theory was called the "Scar Shell Theory". Her abilities granted her the nickname "Quad-Eyes Analyst".

She and the Acceleration Research Society later use this theory to create 'artificial' metal colors. Magnesium Drake is speculated to have been their first attempt at this and Wolfram Cerberus is likely one as well.

Silver Crow's vision of the past through Chrome Falcon's eyes while he is in the Imperial Palace reveals that Argon Array was present with Black Vise and another Duel Avatar (likely White Cosmos), and had a hand in the creation of Chrome Disaster.[2]

Plot Outline[]

ISS Kit Arc (Books 11-16)[]

During the third meeting of the Seven Pure-Colored Kings, she is summoned to verify that the Calamity Armor (The Disaster) is no longer in Silver Crow's inventory. After inspecting it, she confirms that his inventory is empty, and that he doesn't currently have any Enhanced Armaments equipped or any buffs or item effects active. She then looks deeper in, confirms his health gauge and special move gauge are both full. Silver Crow then starts hearing broken voices from the memory he had of Chrome Falcon, where Argon Array and Black Vise are discussing the effects their plan is having on Chrome Falcon and Saffron Blossom; it is here that Argon Array confirms her Scar Shell Theory, and where Crow realizes her true identity.

After that vision, Argon Array assures him that he's fine and doesn't need to worry about having a bounty on his head anymore. Suddenly, she suspects that Crow knows who she is, but forgets about it. She then leaves the meeting.

A few days later, during Silver Crow's battle royale with Ash Roller and Wolfram Cerberus, Argon Array arrives to mess things up and to bring Cerberus, who doesn't want to fight just to save up points anymore, back with her. She uses her lasers to decimate Roller and Cerberus, but is eventually forced to retreat after the appearance of Aqua Current.

The following Sunday, she finally appears along with Black Vise with Wolfram Cerberus when they capture Scarlet Rain. Argon Array flees in another direction, but is chased by Blood Leopard. The two do combat, and appear to be evenly matched. She begins explaining all sorts of random things in an effort to stall; it works, and a laser blast (possibly a special move) cripples Leopard. With this opportunity, she manages to make her way back to Black Vise via his tunnel network, and observes Cerberus III stealing Rain's Enhanced Armaments. However, when the ISS Kit Main Body is destroyed by the high-ranking members of Nega Nebulus and the Calamity Armor Mark II is created, she cries out that it was far too soon for this to happen, and she and Vise hastily retreat to unlink Cerberus from the Unlimited Neutral Field.


Argon Array[]

A light purple avatar with average height. She wears goggles and has a large hat that contains another set of eyes, which she can use to inspect another Duel Avatar or fire lasers from them. It is from this hat that her nickname, the Quad-Eyes Analyst, was derived.

She is also a very experienced Incarnation user, casting Infinite Array in half a second.[3]

Her Child is Wolfram Cerberus.[4]


  • Unnamed laser ability – This ability is Argon Array's main attack. She fires lasers from her eyes, the ones on her face and on her helmet. They require 3 seconds to recharge, but she can alternate their fire.[5]
  • Transcend Ray[6] – Transcend Ray allows Argon Array to use the lights on her hat to analyze the status, ability, and inventory of any Duel Avatar.
  • Razzle Dazzle – Razzle Dazzle is a Special Move that uses the lights on her hat to blind a large area around her with a powerful strobe light. It is used for confusion and escaping.[5]


  • Infinite Array – Eyes open up all over her body and fire thin lasers in every direction. It is extremely hard to dodge. Kakei Mihaya considers it a perfect Incarnate attack, having no downsides.[3]
  • Unnamed laser – An Incarnate technique that fires a huge laser strong enough to ionize the air around it, coating it in a reddish-purple plasma. When it hits a target, it rapidly explodes into a fireball, destroying a large area. However, according to Argon Array, it requires an hour to "recharge".[7]


  1. The identity of Argon Array's Parent is unknown, she took part in very few normal battles, and it is unclear how she reached such a high level. She has also been present since very early on in the Accelerated World. Taking into account the fact that some Originators farm Children for Burst Points, it is possible she is an Originator.


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