Araya (荒谷, Araya) was a student of Umesato Junior High School. He had a gang and bullied Haruyuki Arita until he was expelled for hitting and injuring Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime.


Araya's Personality

Araya becoming angry.

Araya was very laidback and used intimidation to get what he wanted. Whenever he and his gang would go and bully Haruyuki, he would act as if he was superior than anybody else he knew. He is prone to get angry very easily whenever someone would affront him or refuse to listen to him.


Araya attended the same school as Haruyuki and decided to bully him into buying him snacks whenever he wanted because he thought of Haruyuki as a pig, someone lower than him.


Araya has a tall stature and has spiked up red hair. He also has his ears pierced. His attire is the usual school uniform that consists of a white dress shirt with a light blue blazer on top with a green tie.

Plot OutlineEdit

Return of the Black Snow Princess ArcEdit

In 2046, Araya had secretly began bullying a short fat boy named Haruyuki Arita, regularly extorting his lunch via text messages and in the blindspots of the school's social cameras. Haruyuki was hesitant in reporting Araya for the fear of retribution.

One day, Araya learned that Haruyuki had missed their latest meeting and found him in the student lounge with the 2nd and 3rd year students. Haruyuki had responded to the invitation of Student Council Vice-President, Kuroyukihime, who purposely provoked Araya. Enraged, Araya aimed a punch at Haruyuki, unaware that he was in the view of the Social Camera, causing Haruyuki to collide with Kuroyukihime and bruising her with a small cut. Having made a hostile action in plain view of social cameras and witnesses, Araya and his gang were arrested.

Sometime later, Araya attempted to get revenge on Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime by driving a car at them, only managing to injure Kuroyukihime due to her use of the Physical Full Burst.

Araya was later arrested and sent to prison for reckless driving and two counts of attempted murder.


  • It is revealed that the reason Haruyuki uses a pig avatar is because Araya stole his original avatar for himself.
  • In the manga, Araya has blond hair.[1]


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