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Tezcatlipoca is the God of the Apocalypse, the most powerful entity in the Accelerated World, created specifically for the purpose of ending the world.[1]


When the Accelerated World was first created, the Artificial Intelligence administrator realized that there was a problem. In the event that one of the three trials of Accel Assault, Brain Burst, or Cosmos Corrupt was deemed a failure and terminated, it was standard protocol to expel the players from the world, deleting the program and suppressing their memories. However, the AI administrator did not have the power to do this.

Nevertheless, the devious AI found a solution: to create an entity powerful enough to do the job for it. And so, the God of the Apocalypse Tezcatlipoca was born: the most powerful entity in the entire Accelerated World, created for the sole purpose of ending the world. Once Tezcatlipoca is unleashed upon one of the games AA, BB, and CC, the end of that world would begin, initiating the Apocalypse.

The first and third trials, Accel Assault and Cosmos Corrupt, have already been destroyed by the hand of Apocalypse God Tezcatlipoca.


As its sole purpose is to end the world, the Apocalypse God Tezcatlipoca has a rather simple design, possessing a humanoid body with a cylindrical body, egg shaped head, and joint-less limbs. This alien-like design creates the impression that it is some kind of nightmare creature existing beyond the rules of the Accelerated World.

Standing at over a hundred meters tall, Tezcatlipoca is a true titan.[2] In spite of its height, however, the Apocalypse God loses none of his mobility.

Plot Outline[]

White Legion Arc[]

The Sword Sage of the Blue Flower[]

After the army of the Six Great Legions successfully defeated the Sun God Inti, the particles of flame that rose into the sky began to condense. After twenty whole minutes, the cloud of flames rained down, 3D printing a hundred-meter-tall red giant. As such, the God of the Apocalypse Tezcatlipoca was summoned into Brain Burst.

However, as soon as the giant appeared, the White King White Cosmos descended from the sky with Platinum Cavalier. Using six crowns from The Luminary, White Cosmos somehow managed to enslave Tezcatlipoca.

Under the command of the White King, Tezcatlipoca turned his attention to the army of the Six Great Legions. With a single wave of his hand, several black circles appeared on his palm, and an immensely powerful gravitational field was created, crushing the highest level Burst Linkers of the Accelerated World to the ground with ease. Now with the army immobilized, Tezcatlipoca turned his attention to the Budokan, awaiting the moment the Six Kings would dive into the Unlimited Neutral Field.

The God of Demise[]

As soon as the Kings appeared, they were immediately swallowed by Tezcatlipoca’s incredible gravitational force. Even the strongest of the Kings, Blue Knight and Green Grandé, were helpless to resist. Using only one hand to maintain the gravitational field, the Apocalypse God turned his other hand towards the Kings. Immediately, several red circles began appearing on his palm.

If the Kings were killed by Tezcatlipoca, then the system would register their deaths under White Cosmos. By the Level Nine Sudden Death rule, all six Kings would be permanently removed from the Accelerated World. Realizing this, Haruyuki knew that the situation must be prevented at all costs.

Using his newly learned “Synthesis” skill of Centaurea Sentry’s Omega Style, Haruyuki manages to disappear from the system’s view for a split second. Taking advantage of the split second of free movement, he invents a new Incarnate skill which he dubs “Light Shell”. Creating a massive barrier of light, Haruyuki freed the army of the Six Legions along with the Six Kings from Tezcatlipoca’s grip for a moment. Taking advantage of this momentary freedom, the hundred Burst Linkers launched a barrage of ranged attacks at White Cosmos. Forced to cease his attacks on the Kings, Tezcatlipoca raised his hand to defend Cosmos.

The combined power of the hundred Burst Linkers manages to destroy part of Tezcatlipoca’s hand. Taking advantage of the distraction, Yellow Radio uses “Clown’s Last Resort” to teleport the Kings out of the Budokan. With the gravitational field nullified and the Kings temporarily saved, the army of the Six Legions prepares an attack on Tezcatlipoca.

However, unexpectedly, yellow circles now appeared on Tezcatlipoca’s chest. Using the new ability, Tezcatlipoca pulled Haruyuki into the air with an invisible force. Activating the boosters on his feet, the God of the Apocalypse captured Haruyuki and flew away. Under the command of the White King, Tezcatlipoca was instructed to stand guard over him, essentially keeping his avatar within Infinite Enemy Kill.

A few days later, a team consisting of Metatron, Graphite Edge, Cyan Pile, Azure Heir, Centaurea Sentry, and Lavender Downer attempted to save Haruyuki from his perilous situation. Believing that freeing Tezcatlipoca from the Luminary would stun him, giving Haruyuki a brief window of time to escape, they cut the crowns of the Luminary, freeing the Apocalypse God from the Arc's control. In the brief stun period that followed, Haruyuki and the attackers attempted to fly away.

However, Tezcatlipoca recovered from the stun period and began a counterattack. With a great roar, a black mouth formed on his face and released a massive shockwave. The wave, tearing down the buildings in its path, reached the escaping Burst Linkers in an instant. Haruyuki's armor and wings were shattered, robbing him of flight and launching him to the ground. The shockwave reached Metatron, who was carrying the rest of the assault team, and ripped off her wings at their roots, knocking her out of the sky along with her payload.

Haruyuki, pinned between the crumbling sections of a building, attempted to distract Tezcatlipoca with Laser Lance, but the Apocalypse God simply ignored him and directed his attention to the six swordsmen lying on the ground. Red circles appeared on his hands, and jets of flame, which were as strong as — if not stronger than — Suzaku's breath shot out at the immobilized Linkers, preparing to incinerate them. However, Graphite Edge recovered and blocked the flames with the Ain Style's "Spinning Shield" defense technique. At the same time, Tezcatlipoca released a trembling purple ball out of his stomach — a level-draining ability similar to that of Seiryuu. Cyan Pile arose and intercepted it, leveling down from Level 6 to Level 4 in the process.


While suppressed by The Luminary, Tezcatlipoca is a Super Class Enemy, the same class as the Four Gods of the Imperial Castle and a whole class above Metatron and the Four Saints. However, while Metatron only has four health bars and the Four Gods each have five, Tezcatlipoca has twice as much – a whole ten health bars.

However, when Tezcatlipoca is freed from the reigns of The Luminary, he gains a myriad of new abilities and powers, rising far above the rank of a mere Super Class Enemy.

According to White Cosmos, at his full potential, Tezcatlipoca is far more powerful than even the Four Gods and the Four Saints combined. Furthermore, even with all of the Burst Linkers in Brain Burst attacking him at once, they would not be able to deplete even half of the Apocalypse God’s health.


Tezcatlipoca has a myriad of different abilities suited for all types of situations. However, the abilities are unlocked only as his health bar drains. In other words, the less health he has, the more abilities he gains. At the moment, the following abilities are known:

  • Tōxcatl – Named after the fifth month of the Aztec calendar, Tōxcatl is characterized by black circles appearing on Tezcatlipoca’s palms. The ability creates an immensely powerful gravitational field that crushes any Burst Linker affected, immobilizing them while slowly draining their health. However, it is one of Tezcatlipoca's weakest attacks and is available even at full health.[1]
  • Tlaxochimaco – Named after the ninth month of the Aztec calendar, Tlaxochimaco is characterized by red circles appearing on Tezcatlipoca’s palms. The ability creates an incredibly powerful continuous spiral of fire. Nevertheless, it is still one of Tezcatlipoca's weakest attacks and is available even at full health..
  • Unnamed Force Ability – This ability, characterized by yellow circles appearing on Tezcatlipoca’s chest, allows him to pull affected targets towards him. This ability is available after Tezcatlipoca loses a small amount of health.
  • Unnamed Wave Ability – This ability, characterized by the appearance of a black mouth on Tezcatlipoca’s face, sends out an immensely powerful shock wave radiating out in all directions. This wave is powerful enough to tear off the Archangel Metatron’s wings from the roots in a single hit.[1]
  • Level Drain – Tezcatlipoca sends out purple pulsating orbs out from his stomach. Sharing the same mechanics as Seiryu’s Level Drain, the orbs possess the ability to reduce a target’s level.
  • Flight – By activating rockets on his feet, Tezcatlipoca can fly at incredible speeds. Furthermore, the exhaust created is powerful enough to incinerate even Beast Class Enemies in a split second.

It is important to note that Tezcatlipoca surely possesses many more abilities than the ones that have been described thus far; after all, the most his health gauge has plummeted is less than 1% of its total. In fact, an unnamed ability characterized by white concentric circles has been mentioned, but has not been described as of yet.


  • Tezcatlipoca is based off of the Aztec God of the same name
  • His attacks Tōxcatl and Tlaxochimaco are named after the fifth and ninth months of the Aztec calendar respectively.