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Amaterasu (アマテラス, Amaterasu) is a Legend-class Enemy who guards over the Tempest in the Ama no Iwato, also known as the Tokyo Station Underground Labyrinth. As one of the Four Saints, she possesses a high degree of self-awareness.


As the Sun Goddess, she speaks in a regal manner, normally requiring Burst Linkers to refer to her as "my lord Amaterasu", and using the royal we.


She was once the guardian of the Tempest, one of the Seven Arcs located in the Ama no Iwato in the Unlimited Neutral Field. If the setup of her ally Metatron's dungeon is any indication, her first form was defeated by Purple Thorn, who now owns the Tempest.

Ama no Iwato[]

The Ama no Iwato is located in Tokyo Station, which is permanently in the Crimson stage, the highest-tier Fire stage.[1] It once held the Tempest, and presumably has its pedestal in its boss room, where Amaterasu's first form resides.


Amaterasu has two forms.[2]

First Form[]

Amaterasu's first form is just as difficult to defeat as Metatron's, but much like her counterpart, her boss room has mechanisms to make it easier to defeat. However, defeating her this way will not summon her second form.[1]

Should her second form be desired, one would have to defeat her first form without the assistance of her boss room's mechanisms, which is about as difficult as Metatron's first form.[1] Metatron's first form is invincible apart from her laser emitter.

Second Form[]

Her second form is a female humanoid in ancient Japanese clothing. She is slightly shorter than Metatron's second form. A disc with rays coming off it, resembling the Sun, is on her forehead. Her straight hair is very long, reaching her feet. She normally holds a fan with which she covers her mouth.

Plot Outline[]

Snow White's Slumber[]

After Metatron sacrificed herself in the fight against the Disaster Mk. II, Amaterasu hinted to Silver Crow that it was possible to revive her through their link.[3]

Sun God of Absolute Flame[]

Amaterasu led Rose Milady into contact with Silver Crow.


  • Highest Level – Amaterasu can freely navigate the Highest Level, though she rarely does so.


  • Her name is based on the Japanese Sun Goddess with the same name.
  • Amaterasu rarely enters the Highest Level, once every century of accelerated time, leading Metatron to call her a "shut-in".
  • Amaterasu seems to have a connection with Rose Milady.


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