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The Acceleration Research Society is a mysterious organization led by the White King, White Cosmos. A few of its members use illegal Brain Implant Chips that allow them to appear in Brain Burst without having their names appear on the matching list. They are responsible for many of the Accelerated World's tragedies, such as:

Their goals and intentions are still largely shrouded in mystery. However, the creation of the Armor of Catastrophe Mark II, as well as the release of the Apocalypse God Tezcatlipoca, seem to have been done in order to consolidate power for an attack on the Imperial Palace.[1]

The base of the Acceleration Research Society base is located in Minato Area III at the Eternal Girls Academy where six of the legion's prominent members — including Cosmos herself — attend school.


Name Duel Avatar Rank Status
Unknown White Cosmos President Active
Unknown Black Vise Vice-President, Fourth of the Seven Dwarves Active
Unknown Argon Array Member Active
Seiji Noumi Dusk Taker Member Defeated
Unknown Rust Jigsaw Member Active
Unknown Sulfur Pot Member Active
Unknown Wolfram Cerberus Member Absorbed into the Armor of Catastrophe Mark II
Unknown Platinum Cavalier First of the Seven Dwarves Active
Unknown Snow Fairy Second of the Seven Dwarves Active
Koshika Tsubomi Rose Milady Third of the Seven Dwarves Resigned
Unknown Cypress Reaper Fifth of the Seven Dwarves Active
Unknown Unknown Sixth of the Seven Dwarves Active
Unknown Glacier Behemoth Seventh of the Seven Dwarves Unknown