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Black Twin-Bladed Swordsman (黒の双剣士, Kuro no Sokenshi) is the eighteenth volume of the Accel World light novel series by Reki Kawahara. It was released on June 10, 2015 in Japan.


For the sake of opposing the White Legion, Oscillatory Universe, a meeting between the Black and Green Legions has been called. But any longtime player of Brain Burst knows that no meeting is complete without a fight! With negotiations underway and the battle set to begin, everything seems to be progressing smoothly...until a mysterious jet-black avatar falls from the sky and lands between the two parties! The newcomer carries two swords-each as black as his armor-and reveals a piece of information that raises the stakes of the match exponentially! Now it's all or nothing in the Battle Royale between Nega Nebulus and Great Wall. But these two Legions will have more than just their powerful opponents to worry about, because the arena for this high-stakes battle is the newly implemented Space stage!

Continuity Errors[]

  • In chapter 10, it was stated that when Silver Crow left the Imperial Palace, the Unlimited Neutral Field was in the Purgatory stage. However, at the time, it was the Demon City stage. Afterwards, the Unlimited Neutral Field transitioned to Deadly Sin, another Dark stage, rather than Purgatory.[1] This was later fixed in volume 19.[2]
  • In chapter 3, Ardor Maiden uses Superluminal Stroke, a light-based attack. However, it was stated in volume 11 that there is no one in Nega Nebulus who uses light attacks.[3] While it is possible that she selected her level 7 level-up bonus in those 20 days, 3 years after she has levelled up to level 7, it is highly unlikely that this is the case.


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  • Accel World Light Novel Volume 18