The Red Storm Princess (紅の暴風姫, Kurenai no Bōfūki) is the 2nd volume of the Accel World light novel series, published on June 10, 2009.


Since meeting Kuroyukihime, Haruyuki has managed to grow up a bit. But suddenly this mature Haruyuki is confronted by Tomoko, an elementary school girl he's never met before--who calls him "big brother"?! When Kuroyukihime sees the two of them flirting, the look she gives Haruyuki is like a cold knife stabbing him in the gut! Meanwhile, in the Accelerated World, something very mysterious is taking place...

A cursed piece of Enhanced Armament called the Armor of Catastrophe is making the rounds, polluting the minds of the Duel Avatars that don it and causing those avatars to attack at random with no regard for friend or foe. Only Silver Crow, the sole duel avatar with the power of flight, can apprehend the relic. Is Haruyuki up to the challenge on this mission to subjugate the Armor?!



In a male toilet's stall, he was practicing his dodging skill with a training application to cover his weakness against a long-range red avatar. The application creates a virtual reality space with a plain white room and a gun model with random gun parts also spawning Haruyuki 20 meter away. It is designed to start shooting randomly for 30 minutes 5 seconds after app initiation. As it was installed with an illegal patch, it disabled the default pain absorber, causing high-level pain when a bullet punctured. Every time, the abnormal brainwave from the pain activated Neuro Liker's safety feature. He always threw up due to the pain, which the reason he practiced in a stall. Although the training was not proven effective, he is still determined to improve strengthen himself for Kuroyukihime.

Chapter 1Edit

Haruyuki arrives home and hears "Big Brother. Welcome home". He immediately and unintelligibly mutters, "Thanks". After taking a few steps, he stops and realizes he's an only child. There's no way he is a brother, especially not to a girl with a cute voice like that. He even smells something sweet. Hallucination is possible... but with scent? He stumbles clumsily into the kitchen and sees an angel in the living room. She is making cookies! He concludes she isn't malware and she is actually in front of him. Even when he squeezes her cheeks, the illusion feels perfect.

Haruyuki listens to a voice message left by his mom explaining that a relative's (Saitos in Nakano) daughter would be staying with him for a few days. His mom is rarely home and it is unclear how much of her travel is work or how much it is getaways with the man she is dating. Haruyuki often stayed at the Kurashima's, if he ever noticed the slightest hint they were feeling inconvenienced, he would be crushed.

The girl introduces herself as Tomoko Saito and offers Haruyuki cookies. His heart melts as she dips her head neatly and hopes they can get along together.

Chapter 2Edit

Haruyuki could not fall asleep as Tomoko or the Red King is sleeping in the living room. He couldn't stop thinking what the Red King objective was, what was this act and other questions. The scene in the bath also keeps repeating in his mind. The dawn broke and he left for school, where he manages to stay awake due to his excitement to meet Kuroyukihime. During lunch break Haruyuki went to the cafeteria where he saw Kuroyukihime and was fascinated by her beauty unable to properly return her greeting. She asks him about last night call and his mentioning of the Red King and having no other option, Haruyuki explains everything from "Big Brother. Welcome home" to how he battled with the Red King. Kuroyukihime was a bit angry, but they continue talking about the Red King and her ability allowing her to not move during battle. Haruyuki says he should have given up at the start of the battle, if he knew how strong she was. Kuroyukihime says he needs to do more research and then mentions the Red Rider, which reminded her of a painful memory of how she killed him and decided that every Burst Linker would be an enemy to her. Haruyuki assures her that they are family and he would not fight her. Kuroyukihime smiles a bit and wants they to go somewhere else as just the two of them can't properly decide how to handle the Red King ability and go meet Takumu, another legion member with who they continue the discussion.

Chapter 3Edit

Neither Haruyuki or Takumu understood what the Red King Yukino talks about, but Kuroyukihime reacts to Yukino's words. She says the armor was destroyed and Haruyuki then wonders what the Armor of Catastrophe was, was it a thing or a person. Kuroyukihime gives Ash Roller and his chopper motorcycle Haruyuki had fought before as an example of how its both and how such type of external item is called Enhanced Armament. Haruyuki felt down a bit that he doesn't have an Enhanced Armament, but Kuroyukihime comforts him by saying she doesn't have one either. Haruyuki realizes that Red King also has laser Armament and Kuroyukihime starts explaining the four ways you can get one. The first is if you have one from your initial equipment. The second if you obtain one as level-up bonus. The third you spend points and buy one from the shop, but refuses to tell Haruyuki where is the shop, knowing he will go crazy with his points. Yukino then joins and explains the fourth way is to kill someone and take it. They theorize that's actually a low chance you get the Armament transferred to you upon defeating the enemy, but Yukino wonders if the armor is 100% transferred. Kuroyukihime denies it again, as she had seen it being destroyed with the end of Chrome Disaster. She then proceeds and tells the story of Chrome Disaster and how he perished, how the armor transferred and in the end how it got destroyed.

Chapter 4Edit

Kuroyukihime left Niko with specifying the position and time of Chrome Disaster's appearance. In the next morning, Haruyuki headed towards school, but unlike every other time, this one time Kuroyukihime was with him. It was exciting and dream like for him, making him fantasy if she was his big sister, but thought that could only happen in a video game. While in the elevator and still thinking about it, two floors down the elevator stops Haruyuki's childhood friend Chiyuri Kurashima enters. She cheerfully greets his, but then sees Kuroyukihime and her mood quickly changes and with eye twitching she asks Haruyuki whats this about? But before he can answer, Kuroyukihime greets Chiyuri back. They reach the first floor and Haruyuki quickly grabs Chiyuri, telling her its not what she thinks and just wants they continue normally and she will soon forget about this. Chiyuri isn't buying it, but then Takumu arrives, he understands the situation and gives Chiyuri an explanation, how they used Haruyuki's place for a meeting last night and how Kuroyukihime was forced to stay for the night. Chiyuri wonders what kind of they can spend hours of talking and Haruyuki explains its not just a game and how it creates another world you "accelerate" into. Now really understanding any of this, Chiyuri then decides to install and play that game too. Everyone got surprised and as they discuss, Haruyuki tells Chiyuri its not possible for her, which only annoys Chiyuri who decides to practice at the game and beat both Haruyuki and Takumu. As Chiyuri left, Haruyuki apologize to Takumu for making him lie, as his explanation about last night wasn't 100% accurate. Kuroyukihime wonders if Takumu and Chiyuri were still together, but Takumu explains that what he did, they can no longer be boyfriend-girlfriend, but as long as their current situation makes Chiyuri happy, he is fine with it.

Chapter 5Edit

Haruyuki shouts "Unlimited burst!" and in that moment acceleration noise twice as loud as normally slams his consciousness and his vision blacks out. But then a silver light cuts thorough the darkness, transforming his body into metallic steel. In normal acceleration, he usually goes through his pink pig avatar, but this time transforms directly into his pure silver duel avatar, Silver Crow.

As the darkness in the area is blow by a rainbow-colored light, he sees that his living room has transformed into a cold, metallic corridor almost like a castle from a fantasy film. Moments later, he sees three duel avatars close to him: Cyan Pile, Scarlet Rain and Black Lotus. Haruyuki then wonders if this is the Unlimited Neutral Field and Kuroyukihime confirms. They go thought the corridor and then a light shines upon it. Haruyuki quickens his pace unconsciously going ahead of everyone, but as he reaches the end of it, the sight makes him think this is a city of evil. He wonders what attribute the field had and Kuroyukihime replies its Chaos. She tells him he will understand what it means sooner or later and that there was something else he should have noticed first. Haruyuki then notices that only his HP is seen and no there is no time counter. Niko then says that's why it called "Unlimited". Haruyuki then started counting how much time spend in the real world, would equals in the time in the accelerated world. Takumu then tells him to give up, as he too got excited the first time he went there, but after spending three days in it, returning to the real world made him forget everything he planned on doing. Kuroyukihime confirms it, saying that spending there a month or six, people end up being changed when they return. As they decide to continue, Haruyuki wonders how will they travel, but they tell him, he can just carry and fly them. After a bit of arguing and after Takumu's suggestion, Haruyuki managed to get everyone and lift off towards their destination.

Chapter 6Edit

As the Yellow King took down his hand, a torrential rain of distance attacks come pouring down. The majority of the attacks were aimed at Niko, the Red King, but she dashes back avoiding them easily. However, one attack that was targeted or misfired came for Haruyuki who was holding Kuroyukihime. As he couldn't avoid it properly it gazes his shoulder, the pain of it was bigger than normal due to the Unlimited Neutral Field. A small missiles then rushes at Haruyuki, but Takumu come standing in front of them and takes on the missiles, but few survive and struck his body. Still standing, Takumu tells Haruyuki to run with Kuroyukihime and as Haruyuki does he opens his wings and tries to jump the crater, but the Yellow King smoothly and cool says "Silly Go Round!" and in a moment, Haruyuki realizes that the inside and outside of the crater started to turn in different directions. Haruyuki loses his sense of balance and drops on one knee, thinking the field is rotation, but Niko tells him nothing is moving and to close his eyes and run and points him the direction. Instantly another attack came, not being able to avoid it, Haruyuki decides to protect Kuroyukihime, but Takumu comes and protects both from the ongoing attacks. Knowing the pain from just one, Haruyuki tries to stop him, but Takumu continues to hold and protect them. At some point the attacks stops, but then Takumu gets lifted and Haruyuki sees a massive duel avatar with large hand who had pierced Takumu's avatar from behind. The avatar introduced himself as Saxe, but Takumu didn't care about his name and unleashes a bluish-white flash of light from the end of his cylinder, but at the same time a bolt of lighting pierce Takumu's chest and both duel avatars fell on the ground. With the little strength he had left, Takumu pressures his body at the enemy avatar, telling Haruyuki its up to him now and unleashes another attack, making Takumu and the enemy burst and scatter.

Chapter 7Edit

Haruyuki and the rest wonders who would jump in the clash between Kings and even get behind the Yellow King. They notice it was a dark gray silhouette with blackened silver armor. He had a hood-shaped helmet with long horns, but they couldn't see his face. In just a few moments, they realize its The Armor of Catastrophe, Chrome Disaster. It was still to early for Cherry Rook to appear, but they realize he must had accelerated in the train. They wonder why the Yellow King haven't moved, but Haruyuki then realizes it as black fangs appear around the hood and a mouth opens. Soon the Yellow King starts to struggle wanting to pull away the sword, but the mouth gets his shoulder. He then uses an ability, creating a yellow smoke and managing to escape. The Yellow King then ask Chrome Disaster if he had forgotten his master and if he is now in the way of the program. He then suggests to eat the Black King if he is so hungry. Chrome Disaster then looked at the Yellow King and Black King, wondering who to attack. He then moves his gaze upon the Red King and then upon Haruyuki, who then hears a voice "get eaten. be eaten, be meat". Haruyuki then realizes that this is a game, and even if they lose, they can continue with their normal lives, but the voice saying that, the boy Cherry, no longer existed. But Niko tells him to not say it out loud and that if they destroy the armor, there is still a chance. Chrome Disasters then turns towards the Yellow King and stretches out his hand, sucking in the red avatars around him and then chewing them. The Yellow King then having no choice, cancels the program and tells everyone to retreat. Haruyuki was frozen, unable to do anything, but using the opportunity, Kuroyukihime quickly got behind the Chrome Disaster and launched an attack, but the Chrome Disaster managed to dodge it.

Chapter 8Edit

Haruyuki still had 20% of his HP even thought he got swallowed up in a pillar of fire and jostled by a shock wave, because he had taken almost no damage in the impact himself. Chrome Disaster's armor was finally completely destroyed. The armor broke into thousands of metal fragments and went flying, and from its core, particles of thick darkness jetted straight up. In the middle of the blast, he see a small avatar lying. The cherry-pink armor was completely scorched and absent its left hand and right foot. He found it incredibly hard to believe that this was the avatar that had put on the evil armor and slaughtered so many so ruthlessly. The Red King then steps forward telling Haruyuki to leave the rest to her and goes into the crater. Haruyuki decides to not go with her, as he felt the final conversation between those two is not something he needs to overhear. The Red King then lifts the light peach boy-shaped avatar and hugs him. Then lifts his right hand holding and gun and shoots him in the chest, making the boys avatar disassemble into countless ribbons. Haruyuki then goes to Niko, who tells him that she and Cherry didn't had parents in the real world. She then talks about her past and how she met him and he introduced her to the game, protecting her and helping her. But one day she passed his level and she didn't notice or cared how he started acting weird, as he tried to chase her in power to stay her "parent" and she his "child" and that led to him lost to the temptation of the Armor of Catastrophe. Haruyuki tries to comfort her, and tells her they can still be friends in real life, like he and Niko. Moments later as she wiped her tears, she tells Haruyuki he is her subordinate at best. In that moment, Kuroyukihime and Takumu gets behind them and wonders who's who subordinate. Haruyuki quickly went to them and as he wonders how Takumu was there, he realizes Takumu had told him that Burst Linkers who die in the Unlimited Neutral Field resurrect in the same place one hour later. A wind then blew, bringing the "change", turning the blue-black steel desolate land into a elf-like fantasy world.

Chapter 9Edit

Haruyuki was in the middle of public Territory Battle to protect Suginami Area No.3, controlled by Nega Nebulus. A three-person team with a balance of blue, red and purple had come to challenge them. A lineup that was often coming to challenge them and to whom Haruyuki had repeatedly lost to. He was particularly bad at a sniper-type avatar who was always shooting him from a distance. Since the other members are close-combat and Haruyuki having high maneuverability, he had to take down the sniper, but in previous Territory Battles, Haruyuki was always shot down by the sniper. He wonders if he could take it down and even starts to anticipate his defeat, awaiting to be shot. Yet he bring himself up and decides to not just give up. He focuses more and in the end managed to dodge the sniper bullet and then quickly knocks out the sniper. As he returns in the real world, Kuroyukihime pats him on his shoulder and congratulates him. Haruyuki explains how he managed to do it and Kuroyukihime guesses the sniper had eye-tracking ability and since every time he had glared intensely at the sniper, he got shot because of that. Hearing about the training Haruyuki went through, she got angry, but quickly assures him that no matter what happens, she won't harm the relationship they had, and that he needs to get stronger little by little with no need to push himself that hard.

Haruyuki went to his condo, where he listened to another message from his mother, informing him she will be late and that they are babysitting again. Haruyuki froze for a moment and starts looking around, but can't find anyone. He then hears a distant laugh and follows it to his room, where he sees a girl in pure red outfit, reading his manga. As she greets him, Haruyuki quickly questions Niko why she was there, but she didn't want to explain the whole thing again. She thanks him and explains she told the Five King that she executed the Chrome Disaster and in the real world Cherry had been contacted by some distant relatives, who would be taking him. And since he can't play this game anymore, she may be exploring other VR games so they stay connected.


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