Reincarnation (Saisei 再生) is the twenty-fourth episode of the Accel World Anime. It aired September 21st 2012 in Japan.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As Black Lotus deals with Black Vise, Silver Crow equips the «Gale Thruster» and engages in an aerial battle with Dusk Taker, managing to deal a strike before it runs out, Lime Bell then uses her Citron Call on Dusk Taker again, healing him, Dusk Taker's wings suddenly disappear and return to Silver Crow. Using the combined power of his wings and the «Gale Thruster», Silver Crow deals the finishing blow to Dusk Taker. After the battle, Lime Bell reveals her ability isn't healing but is in fact the ability to reverse time, which she used to return Silver Crow's wings to their rightful owner, revealing she only sided with Dusk Taker in order to level up her ability to pull it off. As Dusk Taker becomes desperate, Black Vise reveals to Dusk Taker that his brain implant chip will disappear once Brain Burst is removed before taking his leave. With nothing left to save him, Dusk Taker is finished off by Silver Crow and loses his Brain Burst. Afterwards, Chiyu reveals it was her who told Kuroyukihime about their situation and decides to join their legion. After Kuroyukihime returns from Okinawa, she visits Haru, who explains everything and wishes for her to stay by his side. Back at school, Haru is cleared of suspicion whilst Seiji has lost all of his memories relating to Brain Burst. Afterwards, Haru takes Kuroyukihime with him to return the Enhanced Armament that he borrowed from Fūko and to reunite Kuroyukihime and her.

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