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Accel World Episode 20
Released on August 24th 2012

Domination (Shihai 支配) is the twentieth episode of the Accel World Anime. It aired August 24th 2012 in Japan.


Having been fully healed by Chiyu, Noumi makes short work of Takumu and defeats him in horrific fashion. As Haru is overcome with anger, he is overcome by a dark power urging him to destroy Noumi, displaying a similar power to Dusk Taker, though the timer ends the battle before it can escalate any further. Upon returning to the real world, Haru and Takumu confront Chiyu, who claims she has joined up with Noumi of her own will. Believing there is something more to this, Haru tells Takumu about the Incarnate System, suggesting they should find a way for him to learn it before facing Noumi again. As Haru grows fearful of the dark power inside him, he calls up Kuroyukihime for a little bit. As Haru and Takumu believe they may be able to learn something about the Incarnate System from Yuniko, Scarlet Rain. Haru finds himself under suspicion over the camera found in the girl's shower room.