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Accel World Episode 15
Released on July 20th 2012

Destruction (Hōkai 崩壊) is the fifteenth episode of the Accel World Anime. It aired July 20th 2012 in Japan.


Although Haru seemingly dominates the match to begin with, Seiji manages to trap him and use his «Demonic Command» ability to steal Haru's flight ability, leaving Haru devastated as he boasts that he won't return them until he graduates. Seiji then proceeds to win the match and takes Haru's point, reminding both him and Chiyu about the power he holds over them, forcing them to keep it a secret from Takumu and Kuroyukihime. As Haru tries to keep what happened a secret from Takumu, their friendship is put under pressure. As Haru falls into depression, uncertain about what to do, he enters another match with Ash Roller but ends up feeling useless without his wings. Taking pity on his lack of motivation, Ash takes Haru to a green place in the Unlimited Neutral Field to meet his guardian, Sky Raker.