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Accel World Episode 13
Released on July 6th 2012

Violation (Shinnyū 侵入) is the thirteenth episode of the Accel World Anime. It aired July 6th 2012 in Japan.


Chiyuri gets Takumu to install Brain Burst for her and becomes a Burst Linker, gaining the Duel Avatar, «Lime Bell». The next day as a new school year comes and Haruyuki, Chiyuri and Takumu are in the same class, Haruyuki notices some odd behavior from Kuroyukihime during assembly, believing there may be another Burst Linker among the new students. Whilst checking out to see if any new Burst Linkers are around, with no such luck, Haruyuki and Takumu help get a grasp of Lime Bell's abilities, deducing that she's a healer type. As Haru reports this to Kuroyukihime, she explains that she is likely to be scouted, as the only other healer in Brain Burst is one of the Six Kings of Pure Color. Kuroyukihime then reveals she is going on a school trip to Okinawa, tasking Haruyuki and the others with defending her territory. Later, as Takumu participates in a kendo tournament, Haruyuki discovers that his opponent, a freshman named Noumi Seiji, is using some sort of Brain Burst ability, but doesn't appear to be a Burst Linker upon inspection.