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Accel World Episode 12
Released on June 29th 2012

Absolution (Shamen 赦免) is the twelfth episode of the Accel World Anime. It aired June 29th 2012 in Japan.


As Yellow Radio retreats, Black Lotus fights off against Chrome Disaster but is suddenly attacked by Scarlet Rain, claiming that they aren't allies. Despite her supposed betrayal, Kuroyukihime assures Silver Crow that she is just being stubborn and asks him to help save their friend. As Chrome Disaster attempts to escape the Unlimited Neutral Field, Haru manages to use his gadgets against him and defeat him, allowing Scarlet Rain to administer the Judgement Blow to remove him from Brain Burst. Afterwards, Scarlet Rain laments how, after Cherry Rook had introduced her to Brain Burst, she became ignorant to his problems after becoming Level 9. After checking the Armor of Destruction was completely destroyed, Silver Crow hears a voice a strange voice, though passes it off as his imagination and logs out, unaware that something has lynched onto his back. Later, Yuniko once again at Haruyuki's place, explaining the reason Cherry Rook was so desperate to become stronger was because he was about to move, but she managed to assure him there are more ways than Brain Burst to stay in touch. Afterwards, Silver Crow duels a Burst Linker who has a rifle. Not wanting to get shot down again in front of Black Lotus, he "brilliantly" dodges by focusing on the avatar rather than the gun and delivers a punch to the face. Later, at school Kuroyukihime congratulates Haruyuki on his victory, and reveals that the precise reason Silver Crow always got shot down was because he focused on the gun, putting Haruyuki in a bad mood. After Haru gets home, he finds yet another voice mail from his mom, saying that she had to leave, and finds Yuniko messing with his prized video game collection again. Yuniko says that the reason Cherry Rook had been led to Chrome Disaster was because he was moving away and was afraid the only connection between him and Scarlet Rain was Brain Burst and desperately tried to get stronger. She continues and tells Haruyuki that things are back to normal now between Cherry Rook and her. When all of the talk about Cherry Rook ended, she gives Haruyuki some homemade cookies as a "thank you". When Haruyuki mentions that the cookies were really good, and starts crying while eating the cookies, Yuniko angrily yells at him to stop out of embarrassment.