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Accel World Episode 09
Released on June 1st 2012

Escalation (Gekika 激化) is the ninth episode of the Accel World Anime. It aired June 1st 2012 in Japan.


After discussing with Takumu, Kuroyukihime agrees to meet up with Tomoko, whose real name is Yuniko Kōzuki. Yuniko explains how she wishes to borrow Haru's power of flight to destroy the Armor of Catastrophe, an external item that turns Burst Linkers into Chrome Disasters which Kuroyukihime had thought was long destroyed. After Kuroyukihime explains to everyone about how she had fought the last Burst Linker who was possessed by the armor, Yuniko reveals that the current Chrome Disaster is from her own legion, explaining how she needs Haru's flight to get close enough to use an ability to instantly defeat him. After agreeing to the terms, Kuroyukihime becomes jealous of Yuniko, who happenends to be staying at Haru's house, and decides to also spend the night at Haru's home.