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Accel World Episode 08
Released on May 25th 2012

Temptation (Yūwaku 誘惑) is the eighth episode of the Accel World Anime. It aired May 25th 2012 in Japan.


As Kuroyukihime's team attempts to claim more territories, Haru finds his tactics are becoming easily read by his opponents. He returns home to be greeted by Tomoko Saito, who is allegedly his second cousin who is staying with him whilst her parents are away. Haru soon deduces that she is in fact a Burst Linker known as Scarlet Rain, revealed by Kuroyukihime to be the Red King of Prominence. Following a mishap in the bathroom, Tomoko challenges him to a Brain Burst match, proving to be too powerful for him. As Tomoko wins the match, she requests a real life meeting with Kuroyukihime. As Haru discusses the matter with Kuroyukihime, she reveals she had been close to the previous Red King, Red Rider, who she had beheaded when she betrayed the other Kings.