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Accel World Episode 05
Released on May 4th 2012

Aviation (Hishō 飛翔) is the fifth episode of the Accel World Anime. It aired May 4th 2012 in Japan.


As Haruyuki learns that Takumu is actually «Cyan Pile», he starts to run away from Cyan Pile's attacks, losing one of Silver Crow's arms in the process. Haru initially gets the advantage thanks to his speed, but is soon hit by Cyan Pile's special attack and loses a foot as well. As Takumu vents his anger on how Chiyuri is always thinking about Haruyuki, he hits him with a powerful attack that slams him through the roof of the building that they're on top of and leaves him with a fraction of health. Haruyuki then finds himself in a basement where he finds Kuroyukihime's sleeping avatar, whose beating heart reminds him how strength isn't always about winning. As Haruyuki is thinking this, he gains a new power in the form of wings, making him the first flying Duel Avatar and allowing him to fly back up and overcome Cyan Pile's attack. With Haruyuki now having the ability to defeat «Cyan Pile», he starts to attack him, finally lifting him into the air, where if he dropped Cyan Pile, he would lose all of his points. However he refuse to do so knowing it would cause him to lose all his points and his Burst Linker status. Haruyuki then asks him to become one of his allies and start over again. As he lowers Cyan Pile to the ground, Kuroyukihime appears and decides to reveal her avatar's true form, «Black Lotus», announcing her goals and the reformation of Nega Nebulus, her legion to the spectators. Everyone was shocked to see that Black Lotus is still alive. Later, as Haruyuki visits Kuroyukihime in hospital, she asks him to call her by her first name.


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