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Accel World Episode 03
Released on April 20th 2012

Investigation (Chōsa 調査) is the third episode of the Accel World Anime. It aired April 20th 2012 in Japan.


Chiyui and Kuroyukihime arguing with Haruyuki watching.

Kuroyukihime tells Chiyuri that she is dating Haruyuki and drags him to a cafe. While there, Kuroyukihime explains her problem to Haruyuki, before which she then explains to him the origin of Brain Burst. Brain Burst was anonymously created seven years before the current time which allows acceleration only to those who were born with the Neurolinker. Therefore, all Burst Linkers are children age 15 and younger, allowing its existence to be concealed from the public. Kuroyukihime then explains to Haruyuki that she wants to meet the creator to learn the purpose of the program, and why it was created in the first place. To do that, she needs to reach Level 10, which requires five wins over Level 9 Burst Linkers and one defeat results in the permanent uninstallation of Brain Burst.

Black Lotus beheading the Red King.

Two years ago, Kuroyukihime was one of the Kings of Pure Color, the Black King, a group of level 9 Burst Linkers that agreed to not fight each other, but she did not agree to the treaty and beheaded the Red King, «Red Rider», who insisted on preserving the peace among the Kings, causing her to be branded a traitor in the Accelerated World and leading her to seal away «Black Lotus», her true Brain Burst avatar. Since then, she has stayed offline, only logging on to the school's local net with her global net avatar. Recently, she has been challenged constantly to a duel by a Burst Linker named «Cyan Pile», which could lead to her identity as «Black Lotus» being exposed. She talks to Haruyuki about possibilities of finding out who it is, to which he comments about finding out during a school assembly, which Kuroyukihime says that she tried, but was unable to find them, meaning they must be hiding their identity somehow. Kuroyukihime then states that the Burst Linker must be low on points, being as desperate as they are to duel her, and that she must find Cyan Pile's identity. Kuroyukihime then shows Haruyuki the person whom she suspects, which turns out to be \ Chiyuri, which is why she provoked her, although Haruyuki doubts it because Chiyuri is bad at games.

Haruyuki discovering the backdoor program on Chiyu's Neurolinker

Haruyuki begins the investigation by going to Chiyuri's home under the pretense of apologizing for knocking the basket of sandwiches out of her hand, and how he acted the other day. On his way to Chiyuri's house, he sees Takumu, who was exercising before heading home, where he and Haruyuki talk about how Takumu has a National Kendo Tournament soon, to which Takumu states that he doesn't know whether he'll do as well in the tournament as he normally does. As Haruyuki gets to Chiyuri's, he explains that he wants to apologise by cable cord, which she then agrees to and invites him in. Chiyuri then pulls out a short cable, and The two link up with each other with a short cable and reconcile with each other, with Chiyuri letting Haruyuki know that Takumu was not told about the bullying, but told that she was going to be making Haruyuki lunch the next day. During the conversation, Haruyuki goes through Chiyuri's files, and discovers that while Chiyuri is not Cyan Pile, there is a back door program that allows someone to connect through her Neurolinker that explains how they are getting into the Schools Net, and that could lead to finding Cyan Pile's identity.


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