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Accel World: INFINITE∞BURST (アクセル・ワールド インフィニット∞バースト, Akuseru Warudo Infinito Bāsuto) is an Accel World movie that was released in Japan on July 23, 2016. The movie is set after the main events of the Accel World light novels and is an original story written by the author, Kawahara Reki.[1] The theme song of the movie is PLASMIC FIRE , a collaboration between artists ALTIMA and KOTOKO.[2]



A stage event at the 2015 Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival event revealed that Kawahara Reki's Accel World light novel series inspired a new anime project titled Accel World: Infinite Burst. Kawahara wrote an original story for the new anime, and it features new characters. The event showed footage for the new anime but did not specify its format.

Later, it was revealed that this new anime project would be a movie. The movie was released in Japan on July 23, 2016.


The Characters

The story starts off with a 40-minute recap of what happened on the TV anime, with Sachika Misawa (voice of Kuroyukihime) narrating the recap.

Then, the original story begins by showing a new character in what appears to be a gymnasium. She had an accident that caused her to be hospitalized. The scene shifted off to a territory battle between Nega Nebulus and Great Wall, where Sky Raker and Ardor Maiden were fighting against two Burst Linkers. Meanwhile, Scarlet Rain and Blood Leopard were also battling against multiple Linkers.

The scene shifted again to a battle between Silver Crow and Ash Roller. Black Lotus and Green Grandé appeared as each Legion's leader. But, before they could even battle, a huge storm appeared and destroyed the battlefield and immediately disconnected all the Linkers from the Accelerated World. Back in the Real World, Shinomiya informed everyone that the Brain Burst Application didn't work as the icon was grayed out, rendering every Linker unable to Burst Link.

Staff and Cast[]

  • Original Creator: Kawahara Reki
  • Original Novel Illustration: HIMA
  • Director: Masakazu Obara
  • Character Design/Animation Director: Aikei Yukiko
  • Duel Avatar Design/Action Director: Kabashima Yousuke
  • Animation Production: Sunrise

The returning cast includes:

New characters



A novel titled Accel World: Leap to Infinity (アクセル・ワールド -無限への跳躍-, Accel World -Mugen e no Chōyaku), written by Kawahara Reki, was given to those who watch the film within the first week of its premiere in Japanese theaters.

Another special novel, titled Accel World: Return to Eternity (アクセル・ワールド -永久への帰還-, Accel World -Towa e no Kikan), written by Kawahara Reki, was attached to the Limited Edition of the movie's Blu-Ray disc release.


The smartphone game, Accel World: End of Burst (アクセル・ワールド エンドオブバースト), is set in the stage after the movie.