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Abilities are techniques or moves that a Duel Avatar can use in battles within the Brain Burst program in the Normal Dueling Field or in the Unlimited Neutral Field. Many abilities are unique to each Duel Avatar and vary in effects or power.

Normal Activation[]

Normal Activation-type Abilities are passive skills that don't consume any of the Duel Avatar's Special Gauge. These include moves inherent to a Duel Avatar, such as Silver Crow's «Punch» and Black Lotus' Terminate Sword's brandish.

Certain Enhanced Armaments may have this type of Ability as well. For example, Cyan Pile's ability «Perforation» is a fuel system for his Pile Driver.

These can be learned via level-up bonuses or in the midst of combat.

Limited Activation[]

Limited Activation-type Abilities are the classic Abilities that Duel Avatars have. While one of these abilities is active, it steadily consumes Special Gauge. For example, Ash Roller's «Night Rocker» possesses the Ability «Vertical Climb», and Silver Crow has «Aviation»; these Abilities will function until the Duel Avatar's Special Gauge runs out.

Special Move[]

Special Moves (必殺技, killer move) are exclusively activation-type abilities that consume a fixed amount of Special Gauge upon use. These Special Moves are the Duel Avatar's trump card in battles, as they are extremely powerful and can change the tide of battle. However, due to being supplementary to the Duel Avatar's ability or Enhanced Armament created from the Burst Linker's scars, they tend not to be quite as useful and highly situational.

Typical close-range special moves cancel out any damage caused by recoil.[1]

Gaining Abilities[]

As stated, abilities can be gained either through level-up bonuses or in the midst of battle. However, it is extremely hard for a Duel Avatar to pull off the latter; Kuroyukihime states that the main requirement for doing so is "enduring great suffering". Silver Crow's «Aviation» Ability is an example of an Ability gained in this way, as his helplessness and anger over not being able to save Black Lotus unlocked it.

There are very few Duel Avatars that have acquired two Abilities this way; Silver Crow is the only one to do this, to Kuroyukihime's knowledge, when he acquires the «Optical Conduction» Ability.

They can be obtained either passively as one levels up, as Black Lotus did, or purchased as Level Up Bonus.